Vocabulary List for Next Week’s Corporate Shenanigans

Well, here we are. Four weeks after I find lacy, sexy, and thong underwear for sale at Kohl’s Department Store within inches of the training bras….after examining Candie’s history of overtly sexual and suggestive advertising……to talking with dozens and dozens of parents about their thoughts it has come to this….

To convey the risks of hypersexualizing and exploiting our daughters to corporate marketers in a retail environment, I find myself speaking to the following people: parenting expert who specializes in children’s psychological development, exotic dancers, a panel of parents, and a District Attorney.

Where am I going with this? You’ll find out next week. But first, I’ll need you to brush up on your vocab.

1. Sexualization: act or process of making a person, group or thing to be seen as sexual in nature or a person to become aware of sexuality.

2. Hypersexualization: To make extremely sexual or to accentuate sexuality

3. Tween: stage between middle childhood and adolescence in human development, generally 7-12 years old.

4. G-String: Since the mid 1920s, female strippers and exotic dancers in the West have been referring to the style of thongs they wore for their performances as g-strings.

5. Training Bra: a girl’s first trainer bra, usually worn between ages of 8-13 years old.

6. Bottom Line: Net income equal to income that a firm has after subtracting costs and expenses from the total revenue.

7. Shenanigans: To “call” shenanigans is to rhetorically label something as officially deceitful, improper, or otherwise incorrect.

8. Childhood: the time during which one is a child.

"Kohl's will continue to be the exclusive retailer for Candie's. Bottom line, it sells."-Kohl's Rep


  1. That photo makes me sick to my stomach. I won’t be shopping at Kohl’s ever again.

  2. I found this from American Psychological Association today:


    Their conclusion:

    The proliferation of sexualized images of girls and young women in advertising, merchandising, and media is harming girls’ self-image and healthy development. Sexualization of girls is linked to common mental health problems (eating disorders, low self-esteem and depression).
    .-= Chris (@tessasdad)´s last blog ..The Evolution of Dad – DVD Release May 1st!!! =-.

  3. I think this is more than harmful for little girls. I wonder how men think when they see these thongs dressed up on little girls. I’d think this world has enough wrongs going on it. Kohls just added a new and sickly dimension to it. I agree with Chris (@tessasdad) I have three grand girl’s, and no purchases of thong’s will be made by myself for thong’s – that’s just sickening to me. I just finished reading that there’s thong underwear now for dolls, too. What’s going on in our society, have people lost their senses of proper and not proper things for children, and teens? Shame on Kohls, for advertising that bras and thongs go together like peanutbutter and jelly. I think Kohls had better think again and get rid of thongs for children and teens.
    Barbara Lucker
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..Kohls Thinks Thongs and Training Bras Go Together Like Peanutbutter and Jelly =-.


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