Are Your Germs Pink or Blue?

Medicine droppers my children received today.

The following happened today at my pharmacy while I picked up prescriptions for my sick kiddos. Nothing offensive or over the top, just yet another reminder of how deep the gender stratification nonsense goes for parents:

Me: “Thanks for the info about their antibiotic. Anything else I need to know?”
Pharmacist: “You should be all set. Do you need dispensers? For a boy and a girl?”
Me: “Oh, sure. Yes, please. Two different colors would be great so that I can tell them apart.”
Pharmacist: “Well, yes. For a boy and a girl.”
Me: “Just whatever you have is fine. Or maybe two of the same color so they don’t fight. I’ll just put their first initial on it with a marker.”
Pharmacist: “Well, no. For a boy and a girl.”
Me: “I’m sorry, what?”
Pharmacist: “You have a boy and girl.” Handing me a pink and blue medicine dropper.
Me: “Are you kidding me?”
Met with blank stare.
Me: “Well, this is great. My daughter’s favorite color is blue. She’ll like this. Thank you.”
Pharmacist: “Oh dear. I don’t have any other colors. For your son, I mean.”
Me: “Wha? Oh, he’ll just use the pink. I’ll write his name on it. He loves letters.”
Pharmacist: “But it is pink. I don’t have any other colors. I’m so sorry.”
Me: “Well, he can just use the pink. He’s an easy going fella.”
Pharmacist: “But it is pink.”
Me: “Well, do you carry ointment in case he sprouts a vagina?”
Blank stare #2.


  1. OH.MY.GOSH.

  2. OK, first. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA on the ointment comment.
    Second… I’ve been giving my kid meds for a loooong time and I’ve never come across pink or blue medicine droppers. That is quite possibly one of the dumbest things I have ever seen gender colored.

  3. Hats off to you, for quick on your feet thinking!
    And a big WTF?? to that pharmacy/pharmacist!

  4. A. Warped, Knitter says:

    Soooo funny but so sad. Congrats for your quick thinking!

  5. LMAO

    You are awesome!

  6. Excellent comeback! To the rest … just … wow!

  7. That’s hilarious.

  8. LOL!!!!!! For goodness sakes.

    Good last call.


  9. For what it’s worth, I’ve never seen gender-stratified medicine droppers in my years as a pharmacist. I had no idea they existed. It’s hilarious and sad. To tell medicine droppers apart, we’ve just labeled them with a marker. It would be great to hand out blue to girls and pink to boys though, with a straight face of course, and then walk away as if nothing was amiss. That, I would enjoy. Especially to parents buying gender specific disposable diapers.

    • jjkaufhold says:

      Accidental Pharm, I did buy gender specific training pants for that reason – they put the absorbsancy where it is most needed for each gender. My daughter picked out the boys one which I was fine with but then they leaked each time she had an accident. Her favourite colour is orange and one of her little friends who is a boy LOVES pink. His parents are apologetic but I told them that colours are for everyone and its awesome that he likes pink even though you can bet at least several people have offered blue or said that’s agirls colour.

  10. So ridiculous. I have two daughters. One happens to love blue as her favorite color, and one pink. I often have salespeople comment – “oh one of each” when I’m buying them each something in their color. Nope, two girls. Just indulging their faves.

  11. this me me snort ocffee out my nose!! i’m not yet a parent but whenever i buy gifts for friend’s/relative’s kids i purposefully buy green/yellow/white/red/black/orange basically ANYTHING but pink or blue and when i find stupid crap like this i make sure the shop staff can hear me as i wail to my husband about the stupidity of it all. i just don’t buy into it. that gender specific diapers exist makes me want to facepalm myself back to the 1800’s. i’m so happy i found your blog!

  12. I just laughed so hard that I got a stomach cramp. You are so fantastic there are no words. I am dying to know what the response of the pharmacist was to THAT!

  13. I enjoy your stories, it’s just that most of them seem fabricated.

  14. Oh, for heaven’s sake! I toured a preschool for my daughter the other week and it was the last day of school so they were having little parties. The teacher pointed out that they were having cupcakes, “with pink frosting for the girls, and blue for the boys.” I said, “oh, how unfortunate.”

  15. Holy hell.

    That is all.

  16. Uggghhh something like this happened to me at McDonalds. I just wanted the car toy for my daughter so I kept referring to it as the “car toy” because I don’t want her hearing the terms “boy toys” vs. “girl toys”.
    Them: Is the toy for a boy?
    Me: Does it matter?
    Them: Well the boy toys are the cars and for the girls we have the dolls.
    Me: Ok…well I want the car toy.
    Them: For a boy?
    Me; *sigh. Can I just get the car toy please?

    Like really? Just give me the car! My daughter would snap the dolls neck! She likes to race toy cars. So I wanted the car toy.

  17. I will never forget when a lady asked me when I was due with my baby boy – I stared at her confusedly for a minute and let her know I was expecting a girl, only to have her exclaim she must have accidentally purchased something off the wrong registry because the bath items she bought were blue!

    No, I informed her, we are having a girl and we asked for the blue. It matches our bathroom better than hot, hot pink (not to mention it’s my favorite color and matched our nursery theme of turquoise and coral). This was my introduction to the deep consumer buy-in to the pink/blue dichotomy and my child wasn’t even born yet!

  18. “Do you carry ointment in case he sprouts a vagina?” I laughed so hard at this. When I have kids, I wam going to have to remember this one.

  19. There are so many other colors out there, why can’t American explore them? What’s wrong with orange, purple, or green droppers for the kiddos? Target used to use colors to tell family members apart, they had to use different colors then! Mine was purple.

  20. HAHAHAHA Nice! Our pharmacy has pink, blue and WHITE. And when I asked for some droppers, they just gave me one of each!


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