An Open Letter to TLC: Cancel Toddlers & Tiaras

Recent beauty pageant contestant. She is two years old.

Dear Producers of Toddlers & Tiaras, TLC, and Discovery Communications LLC:  

It is an extremely thin veil that hides the atrocious “Toddlers & Tiaras” as a documentary-style show for your network. For the past four seasons the show has done a good job, not so much with teaching, but of giving viewers a voyeuristic peek into the children’s beauty pageant world. We don’t need to see anymore. As Season 5 reaches its midpoint, the show now continues to do little more than become complicit in the exploitation of the little girls at its center. At best, it is now a mockumentary of the visibly unbalanced mothers (and a few fathers) who force their children to spend long and uncomfortable hours participating in these expensive pageants. Many of these children are too young to say whether or not they want to participate. When these children act out and demonstrate they do not enjoy what is happening, or do not want it to happen any longer, they are still made to participate by their pageant moms. Let us be clear from the outset that after this season it is time to cancel the show.  

I’m sure inside your producer heads you think this is crazy, especially as the show has received some buzz-worthy, controversial attention recently and continues to pull in advertisers and an average of 1.3 million viewers each week….but as your mission statements goes, it is the job of the Discovery channel family to satisfy curiosity. TLC has done its job with this show, as almost everyone who has been exposed to the program finds it distasteful and widely condemns the child beauty pageant circuit. Our curiosity has been satisfied – as demonstrated with the several thousands of negative and disapproving comments left in the last couple of weeks alone. We’ve seen it. We don’t like it. We’re over it.  

The idea of two year old girls strutting around with cones protruding out of her bustier and five year olds who sit trembling and screaming in a chair at a salon as she is enticed into a painful beauty treatment will tend to leave a bad taste in our mouth. It leaves us less interested in the pageants themselves, but more interested in gawking at and judging the deranged mothers who subject their poor daugthers to this twisted world of judged fake beauty. That might make for good ratings, but it doesn’t make for a happy and healthy childhood of the young girls who hold the title of this show. Just like their overbearing mothers, you exploit these children. A shameful act on both parts.  

The duration of this show has coincided with a large effort by a small group of dedicated experts to raise awareness to the general public about the sexualization of girls. The parents we have reached now understand the emotional, psychological, and physical harm a young girl is exposed to when she is sexualized.  As the 2007 American Psychological Association’s task force report showed us, early sexualization can lead to self-esteem issues, depression, eating disorders, and early promiscuity.  

Contestant on the children's beauty pageant circuit.

“Toddlers & Tiaras” is a petri dish of sexualization. Little girls are taught, often times forced by their domineering mothers, to act coquettishly, learn suggestive dance routines, wear sexualized costumes and bathing suits, endure hours of hair and make-up, and are even put on restrictive diets in order to lose weight for competition. This is perverse. While TLC continues to air “Toddlers & Tiaras”, the network becomes an agent of this sexualization.  

The toxic culture of the pageant world, the judging of beauty, is confusing to young children who have not yet reached the emotional-intellectual milestones of understanding reality and competition. These little girls become infantilized women as their parents and coaches do whatever it takes to win that crown and of course, the money. The time alone spent prepping for pageants robs girls of their childhood, time that should be spent learning and playing and socializing with friends. Teaching young girls a very narrow version of beauty, transforming their bodies so that their beauty can be measured and judged, or to use their sexualized bodies to earn money for the family is disgusting. I take great offense to this. When you add to this the chemically dangerous spray tans, butt glue, nail glue, eyelash glue, hairspray, and cosmetics applied to these tiny, developing bodies, it is not a stretch to say these pageant programs are both emotionally and physically abusive.  

The content of the show is reprehensible and the time has come to stop being a complicit entity to the unfair and unhealthy treatment of these little girls. Surely the world holds more intersting storylines than overdone, unhappy toddlers wearing hair pieces and sequined Vegas showgirl costumes while their obnoxious mothers puppet unimaginative talent routines as they pathetically live vicariously through their very young daughters.  

TLC and Discovery’s decision to not renew the show certainly won’t stop these families from exploiting their daugthers, but we don’t have to give audience to it. Please cancel “Toddlers & Tiaras”. 


Melissa Wardy  

owner, Pigtail Pals LLC  

 Its time we change the way we think about our girls.  


Want to contact the show? Have at it:  


Owners: Discovery Communications, LLC     Viewer Relations   1 Discovery Place, 5th Floor    Silver Spring, MD 20910  

Discovery Ethics Hotline: 1-800-398-6395


  1. as someone who does watch the show i clicked over to this post thinking, sure it’s trash, but who really cares if it’s on tv or not. i am now swayed to your way of thinking – the show is not ok. in addition to the other poor values it celebrates, to me the worst is the approval of the early objectification of girls. I agree this season should be the last for T&T.

  2. i stopped watching this show a looooong time ago because it sickened me to my core. unfortunately, given the trainwreck, rubbernecking mentality that reality shows are now taking, i have a hard time seeing this show canceled… as much as i would love it to be.

    that short video clip above made me turn away from my laptop.

  3. I honestly have never watched this show because I was always against pageants, and couldn’t understand parents who would put there kids in them. I also have seen news programs on this where parents say their children love doing this, even though they put them in these competitions at 2 months old! I saw that waxing video and I freaked out. How calm the mom was, and accepting of this beauty myth and pushing it onto her young daughter. I have large concerns for these girls, and their developing self esteem. Thank you for writing this, it had to be addressed.

  4. I think this is perfect. I don’t think anyone could have articulated it better.

    • Amy Jussel, Shaping Youth says:

      Ditto. Well said, and am with you 200% on throwing the brakes on such abhorrent sexploitation. Children are not props, or meal tickets, or salable commodities for fame and fortune…Enough!

  5. Well put, Melissa. There have been times when I flip through the channels, land on this show, and can’t turn away because of the horror of it. It’s a train wreck, and you’re right that TLC is complicit in the exploitation and sexualization of these girls. When my husband sees the commercials, he leaves the room because the images are so graphic and disturbing.

    Really, it needs to stop.

  6. AGREED!!! These mothers are creating little monsters and abusing their kids. They are entertaining pedophiles.

  7. Amen!!!

  8. Michelle F. says:

    I have never seen or even heard of this show before, and was on board from your extremely articulate and well written letter that if light has been shown on subject then the job of the show is done. And then I saw the video clip and I admit I’m still crying over watching that poor girl experience such fear and pain for no valid reason whatsoever. It was easily one of the most upsetting things I’ve ever watched in my life.

    Granted, as you state in your letter, canceling the show won’t cancel the ability of parents to torture their children this way, but if it in anyway sends a message about how monstrous this activity seems to the rest of us, then it is well worth it.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention and thanks for voicing your, and now my, opinion.


  9. I am a huge fan of TLC but can not stand some of their new shows like toddlers and tiaras, the tattoo show ink something. There are just some things that I don’t want to or need to learn. The toddlers show needs to be off the air and these Mothers need to be slapped for putting their daughters through this. Let them be little girls yes but please don’t pluck their eyebrows and put make up on them and fake nails and spray tans….c-mon Mothers wake up and realize what you are doing to your daughters. What are you teaching them? God created us and we should be loved for the way HE did it!!!

  10. What I want to know is where is a pageant child in 10-15 years. How has this experience benefited them? Or damaged them? This can’t be good for their self esteem. The parents need some mental health help.

  11. Well said Missy – I have never watched these shows as I dont want to condone these types of moronity (if thats a word). I cant even see a preview of those and not want to slap the parents. That clip you posted is SO ridiculous! Waxing that poor girls eye brows so that mother can parade her around is sickening. Seriously, why isnt someone telling off these parents?

  12. outstanding and well written. as a mother of a 3 year old daughter, it’s horrifying to imagine doing any of this to a child. you hit the nail on the head about the sexualization of the children. as if girls do not have enough to be cautious of when it comes to their bodies and self-esteem.

  13. This I have to say is sick! I agree little girls are too young and impressionable to be put into these “Beauty” Pageants just so they can strut in sexually appealing costumes, wear real makeup -which when I was a child I was only allowed fake plastic make up to play with thankfully- and be thrust into the judge’s spotlight to be viewed like a horse on display. I just hope they will not be so damaged for life that they will be unable to recognize real beauty comes from the heart and not from some $20 lipstick and a $2000 costume.

    When I saw that little girl scared, I teared. How could any mother do this to her girl? What happened to motherly instinct to protect one’s child? If they are distressed -and not for not wanting nap time or acting out in public- then it’s part of the mother’s job to protect her child. Also the fact the “beauty” woman stated ‘normally I would have just held her down and ripped it off” scares me. Seriously I have to ask, what kind of person are you that you would rip off a hot wax strip off a little child let alone subject any kid to that.

    What happened truly to the fun kids shows that were on early in the morning on TLC; ‘Lamp Chop’ ‘Shining Time Station’ ‘Allegra’s Window’ and other fun educational shows? Where did they go?

    TLC if you have any sense or “Family Values” left, you will cancel this show Asap and never show another of it’s like as long as your station continues to exist.

    • Sheila Kempster says:

      Kim, that beauty woman wasn’t a beauty woman. THAT ONE WAS HER MOTHER!!! I use the label loosely. What has hurt me most with this show is seeing little 2-4 year olds being deprived or woken from sleep, then their mother shouting because they aren’t doing a “good job.” I see the confused look on these little girls faces that can’t even say the word pageant but the know how to pout and shake their nappied/diapered bum at the judges.
      Some of the mothers, ludicrously jumping behind the judges, exploiting their children to increase their OWN self esteem. One woman, who entered the mother category was virtually competing with her daughter. Every sentence punctuated by a garishly false, practised smile. Nothing is done about this though. Why not? The real criminals are the pageant organisers. Remove them and there’s no pageant. America, if not banning them altogether, should be restricting times according to age, children are allowed to compete/allowed on the premises. I also agree it robs children of their childhood and sexualises them. The show must be a paedos dream.m

  14. Let’s call a horse a horse! Child abuse and bordering on pornography. Total exploytation of children! That was a great letter! I’m going to write one too and get everyone I know to write one.

  15. Beautifully articulated, Melissa. There is no make-up in the world that can glamorize abuse and objectification. There is nothing redeeming about beauty pageants for young children. It is developmentally inappropriate and very damaging on a number of levels. I can only imagine the horror that some of these girls will experience when they realize that their mothers (or fathers) have subjugated the needs of the child for their own gain. Exploitation pure and simple. It is reprehensible, and I cannot imagine that you could find one early childhood or mental health expert that would support any part of this virulent assault on our children.

    Wendy @Kidlutions

  16. THANK YOU for posting this and for sending this letter, Melissa. Melanie Klein and I were talking about how much we admire you and your work over the weekend. KUDOS. Let’s take this show down.

  17. BTW… Folks are calling for a petition to be started on to get the show taken off air. Might be time? I’ll help you.

  18. Melissa – this letter is perfect and exactly what I would want to say to TLC. I wonder if you would consider turning it into a petition – I think there are a couple of reputable online petition sites. I would happily sign and share it with my friends on facebook and twitter. I’m sure many, many other people would as well. Please take this into consideration. Thanks, Martha

    • Hi Martha –
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I think in some cases online petitions are great and meaningful. I think in this specific instance, flooding the production company and corporate offices with phone calls, emails, and letters from potential network viewers who will not watch (and affect ratings) might have more impact right at the time the powers that be decide if the show will be renewed.

      I appreciate you rising to the call for action, and encourage you and your friends to use this letter as a template or craft your own words into a powerful statement against the exploitatioin and sexualization of our girls.

  19. Thank you for this letter!! I’ve only seen the previews and those alone were enough to make me sick. I can’t imagine having to go through that. What happened to little girls playing with dolls and playing dress up, playing with friends and having a childhood?? I can’t imagine subjecting your daughter to that.

  20. I am absolutely horrified at this show, and just sent my own letter. Thank you, Melissa, for taking the plunge with such an eloquent, forceful letter!! You’re my hero!

  21. This is SUCH a horrible message to send to a little girl! First, she’s openly stating that she does NOT want this done to her – her wishes are clearly expressed, and then ignored by her mother – the person she is supposed to trust.

    WHY? What does this little girl learn from this? That her wishes are subjected to the whim of her mother – who, by the way, I’d like to SLAP for offering the child candy as a ‘reward’ – does anyone else see a potential problem coming in the child’s future with that?

    Whatever “benefit” the child can earn / recieve by taking part in the pageant activity is FAR overshadowed by the obvious message that she’s not ‘good enough’ or ‘pretty enough’ to participate just as she is. That she needs piles of makeup, pounds of extra hair and overly-sexualized costumes to be a “winner”.

    This is EXACTLY the wrong message to be implanting / forcing on this little girls at this age…

  22. Great post Melissa – really well written and I’m totally on board with all you say. Enough!

  23. Awesome job Melissa!!! I’m so glad there are women like you who speak their mind and take action!

  24. This is an extremely well written letter and demonstrates the opinion (hopefully) of most parents across America. Children should be outside playing, learning age appropriate socialization from peers. Three cheers to you Melissa. Now if you’ll excuse me, I promised my 11 year old daughter that I would watch while she plays football with her older brothers.

  25. Crafty Momma says:

    The amount of money these moms shell out in hopes of wining a cheap plastic crown blows my mind most of the moms say they put their girls in pageants to help build their self confidences but I think they do the opposite…
    if these parents put what they spend away for educational purposes or heck even family trips, I’m sure their children will be self confident and be successful member of society…
    The fact that they wax, and pluck, and paint and fluff and dye and “sugar” up their kids doesn’t seem to phase these parents…
    I’ve seen several episodes and they are all the same.. over weight moms painting and pressuring their little babies to be “perfect” makes me yell at my TV and change the channel.. I liked it when they showed a few episodes of the more natural pageants, I’d love to hear from these girls in 10-15 years .. I wonder what their parents have done to them…
    Poor girls..

  26. Cancel this horrible show that just feeds the pedophile’s mind. What garbage!!! The commercials alone are disturbing. What happened to you, TLC? The learning channel my butt. Try again.

  27. Shannon C says:

    I am a fan of TLC, and there are many shows that I love watching, but this show is just sick. Its child abuse, how can people do this? Unfortunately, we cant stop all thoses parents from doing that to their children, but we CAN at least take down the show so the rest of us don’t have to be reminded about it everytime we see a comercial. Cancel toddlers & tiaras please!
    those poor little girls 🙁

  28. I agree, and have been horrified by the publicity this show has gained. This is a show about glorified child abuse, where the bruises are covered in makeup and sparkles. I would be thrilled if it’s run was over.

    Next up, Bridalplasty.

    Thank you for this letter.

  29. A very well written letter Melissa. I took your call to action and sent an email expressing my feelings about what I read and watched here on your webpage. I was so sickened by that short video!! There are many sick people in our world and I just keep thinking of those watching these little girls for their own disgusting pleasure. How many pedophiles this show has influenced we will never know.
    Thank you for taking action and standing up for what you know is right.

  30. perhaps they should do a followup show about those who have grown up after being in the beauty pageant scene – see what impacts it’s had on them. that could fulfil their mission statement about satisfying curiosity while also offering a more balanced view about what’s really going on.

    • Ali –
      I think you make a good point that it would be extremely interesting to see these girls 10-15years from now. In my research I came across articles where several of the moms portrayed on the show complained the the producers had asked the parents to be overly dramatic for tv, and I’m sure editing has a large impact on the authenticity of the final product that we see.

      I do not think all pageants are like this, nor are all “pageant moms”this emotionally unhealthy. I think the viewer has to go into this knowing we’re seeing the extreme end of the spectrum.

      • Melissa & Ali,

        Let me just jump in here and say that I met 3 of the moms & kids featured on the show and they told me about TONS of editing for the “Reality” show! Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t the crazy extremists…I’m sure there are. (And have you ever been to a high level cheerleading or dance competition lately?!? There are moms there that can trump all these pageant moms!) One child in particular was also featured on “Outrageous Kid Birthday Parties” and racked up a bill of @ $34,000 for a circus party…Mom told me, “I’ll let ya in on a secret…it was FREE! I set it all up, and b/c of the publicity, all the performers, etc. were free!” The price calculated was how much it would’ve cost a normal, untelevised, person to throw that party for their child! Also, on one girl’s episode, she was acting like a silly 5 yr old (just kind of squirrelly) and then the camera panned down to 3 empty Red Bull cans in the garbage can, insinuating that the little girl had been drinking them. In reality, they belonged to the mother & “coach” who had been up MUCH later than the contestant the night before, getting everything ready for the next day.

        The best lesson my girls learned from meeting some of these kids personally was A) Never judge someone from what you see, and B) “Reality TV” is very rarely “Real.” They can take a perfectly wonderful child having a 5 minute tantrum, and turn it into an entire hour show with some editing! (Again, a lesson I hope my 10 yr old girls take to heart, so I don’t see them on Season 32 of the Bachelor in 15 yrs!!!)

        And I have to admit, I went to this “show” with hopes of seeing some diva-like meltdowns, and what I got to see were some sweet, normal, polite, outgoing, loving little girls, acting like, well – little girls! I was pleasantly surprised that my voyeuristic expectations weren’t met! 🙂

  31. LOVE this post, Melissa. Once again you’ve taken a sensitive, heated topic and articulated the issue perfectly. I love that rather than just bringing attention to the show and asking others to think twice before watching it, you’re calling for ACTION. It’s a great reminder that standing by and shaking our heads isn’t enough. Thank you for doing what you do! You inspire me!

  32. I have sent them a letter. Thanks for bringing our attention to this.

  33. How do we find out what state that mom & little girl live in? I certainly hope someone has notified the authorities in her jurisdiction because that is SICK SICK SICK!

  34. The video made me cry, in sympathy with that poor poor child, but also from pure anger. I have a three year old daughter and this sort of thing makes me so scared for her future. Keep up the good work. I will support you all the way.

  35. No joke. This show is an abomination. It’s bad enough young girls have horrible role models lately in celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and so many more who are famous for no reason other than that they were bred into it. These are the kind of people young girls aspire to be because the media shoves it in their faces. These people are immoral and not at all decent for today’s young girls to aspire to be. Parents need to step in more, naturally, but when the parents are just as bad and immoral…shows like this get made.

    If the parents are so adamant about throwing their kids to the wolves in the pageant world, why can’t they let their kids be kids first? Pageants for children this young with this kind of content is borderline pedophilia and blatant child abuse. The parents ought to be ashamed of themselves. You can’t tell me people sit down to watch this show because it’s good. If they aren’t pageant parents themselves, the people watching are either doing it out of morbid curiosity or to satiate their inner perversions. It’s appalling that this is on Discovery/TLC of all channels. The only thing I “learned” and “discovered” from this is that the only thing that matters is ratings and the networks are bigger whores than those these parents are creating. Shameful. Just shameful.

    Toddlers and Tiaras needs to go.

  36. Petition to END “T&T” RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIGN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I grew up in the pageant system. I competed in local baby pageants all the way through to Miss Teen and other national pageants. I competed in the glitz circuit pageants, natural pageants, etc. I had a very good experience and am no worse for having done them. I attended dance lessons and singing lessons and gymnastic lessons, and academic tutors. I worked hard and I won many of the pageants I competed in, but I didn’t internalize the losses the way most people think a child would. By end of day, I largely forgot, but I had very good parents who didn’t emphasis winning.

    My parents told me that if I tried my best, I won even if I didn’t the big trophy. I had GREAT parents. Some of these girls don’t. That’s a sad fact but because of shows like this, the public paints all mothers of daughters who compete in the pageantry system with villainy based on the sins of a few. The TLC show and others sensationalize the industry. They tend to pick the most extreme examples of Pageant moms. Not every pageant mom is a monster. Not every stage mom is living vicariously through her children. I don’t know anyone who had parents like the ones depicted on this show or the WE network show when I came through the pageantry system in the South not too long ago.

    Toddlers and Tiaras does bring to light the fact that some mothers abuse their children. The women depicted are living vicariously through their children. If not pageants, these women would have their children aggressively competing in some other form whether it be cheer leading, or music, or gymnastics or ballet. The pageant system doesn’t require this type of parenting in order for children to compete. These parents are already afflicted by their own insecurities and they bring that insecurity to any venue they inhabit. TLC is preying on these specific types of women for their show.

    The pageant system has not had a horrible effect on my life. I received scholarships, made friends and had opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I take pride in myself and I’m more outgoing than my non-pageant peers. I received validation at an early age, and am proud that my parents and coaches and trainers helped me become the person I am. The pageantry world rarely made me feel poorly about myself. That was largely done by other girls at school who were envious, or teachers, employers, and such who thought I must be trading on my looks because I competed in pageants.

    Place the blame on the insecure and abusive mothers and understand that not all pageant mothers are that way and not all pageant girls turn into insecure unhappy women.

    • Hi Khari –
      I appreciate you coming here to share your insightful experiences from within the pageant world. Your parents certainlly sound more balanced and caring than the parents we see depicted on the show. While your parents didn’t seem to emphasize winning, it sounds like much of your childhood was spent participating in an activity that involved age compression (Glitz), the judging of beauty, and placed emphasis on validating you for your looks. You seem to have a strong character that none of that took an effect on. I think that is wonderful and wish you much happiness.

      I just don’t think that is true of many of the girls who participate in this subculture. You can see it in the self-doubt reflected on their faces during the show.

      I really do appreciate you leaving your comment, and I do think it is fair to say not all moms of pageant girls are like the ones the TLC producers show us.

  38. May we use your letter as a template and send our individual voices to the producers?

  39. i couldn’t possibly agree anymore with your well-articulated point of view. 🙂

  40. By having this show on the air and by watching it, we support the exploitation of these little girls. I think it’s wrong. Like you say, most of them are forced to do something they don’t fully understand. They are dressed up and paraded around, and look 10 to 15 years older than their real age. It saddens me. Parents are stealing their child’s childhood away from them.

  41. I posted a short list of reasons why I could never be friends with Toddler and Tiara moms, and a commenter gave me your link.

    This show is atrocious. The parents are atrocious and I truly feel for the kids. They are pawns in this thing.

  42. Liz Powers says:

    I fully agree, how dare us exploit these girls and then be disappointed by the choices our young people make, these girls have not been given a healthy and stable foundation to grow from. Please cancel this show and take away the platform for their moms to be deceived into thinking this is acceptable or entertainment as it is neither!

  43. Totally agree – this sets the stage for much larger issues about self-worth, self-esteem, and body image issues in the tween and teen years. And for a network named “The Learning Channel” to glorify/celebrate it does a disservice to its name. I would add to your letter that parents can take positive action by calling their cable provider (Comcast, etc.) and demanding that TLC be removed. Thank you, Melissa, for shining a bright light on this topic!

  44. I too want to say I fully agree with your letter and if there is a petition or a way to sign this letter with you…. you have my signature!

  45. Dear TLC,

    This is child abuse. The fact that you are showing it on TV is outrageous. Your channel should be boycotted for exploiting little kids like this. This is child pornography, and you guys should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and all these kids should be reported to CPS. These ‘parents’ are losers.

  46. I saw something on this a while back and it made me sick. I have a little girl and she is so perfectly beatiful with out all the stuff they do to their children on this show. Not only putting on fake tans but shaving eyebrows, not allowing them to eat or play lke normal children, but they dress them in almost nothing clothing allowing open view of their daughters to pedophile minds to be able have access to the images of them. I think it can end up setting our little ones on higher chances for being hurt, kidnapped, and attacked. It is ot only about teaching a girl about being something more then just looks but about protecting them from preditors. It scares me to think that other parents could exploit their children like this, I fear for my own daughters safety because they make the image seem like it is ok to view our children as a sexual image.

  47. That show is appalling, you have my full support. Well articulated letter. You need to share via social media so it catches on.

    • HI Justyna –
      This post was widely circulated on both Twitter and Facebook, along with being cross-posted on Care 2. I’ll be doing a follow up next week with some updates. Until that time, I encourage you to contact the producers at TLC and let them know your feelings. You are welcome to use my post as a template.

  48. The photos of the two little girls were hard to look at, it is just wrong on so many levels and I don’t understand how any sane parent could want their little girl to look like that. These style of pageants are now coming to Australia, which I find very distressing. I have started a campaign suggestion against these glitz styled child pageants being brought over here, if anyone would like to help, please vote for my suggestion. The more votes, the better chance it has at getting off the ground. Thank you.

  49. Very very sad……

  50. I don’t think that some of you know anything about the pageant world if this is what you think it all is. I was a child beauty queen and i learned so many lessons that i would have other wise not learned. I was taught speaking skills, how to act like a lady, manners,and even how to interact with others. I also had myself a hefty college fund and even enough for my wedding fund too, i thank my parents daily for entering me in pageants. being debt free from school and having the beginning of the money to pay off my wedding is amazing. I will enter my daughter some day hopefully.

    • If this is what we think it all is??? If the abuse only 1% of the pageant world it is still 1% too much. No amount of good can outweight the distress it causes.

    • Which of those girls acts like a lady, speaks respectfully, have any manners, or aren’t bound for a life of shallow simple mindedness? And parents whoring their children out to the masses for personal gain is a pathetic waste of life. Also and I’m done ranting after this but also if u want a free ride to college for looking like a whore and are proud of it, why not just get under a street light and sell it all. Waste of life.

      • Oh Dan- you are my hero for saying the truth so plainly!

      • Only some look like whores, not all of them. Some do the pageants for the right reasons. You have to remember, everyone is different and everyone shoots for different goals.

        I just watch the show, I’ve never participated.

      • WHOA! Just because this woman has lived a different life than you does not give you the right to call her a whore! The show concentrates only on the extreme cases (do you really think everyone in New Jersey acts like the kids on Jersey Shore? C’mon, this is TV here) there are plenty of kids doing this that are treated fairly, but that doesn’t make for great TV. Who are you to tell her she’s wasted her life when she is college educated, debt free and starting a family? I’m sure she considers your time spent judging others online and being a complete a**hole a waste of life too but I don’t see her judging you…

    • M,
      so many things are wrong with what you wrote. First off, you are trying to defend these horrible pageants, yet you only use a single letter for you name. If you want to defend your idea, write your whole real name. This shows you don’t have the self confidence and strength to be “REAL.” This life these children are living is false. It does not prepare them for “REAL” world. It gets them ready for fear of failure and to be submissive. The outfits they wear prepare them to swing on a pole in Vegas, or be the center of a bachelor party. Layers of makeup prepare them to hide their flaws from everyone. So how do you prepare a child by throwing the fear “LOSING” in their face, or by downing children that are “not as pretty.” This behavior breeds bullying and low self confidence. In my opinion, these child pageants parallel dog pedigree pageants. Just like in a dog pageant the master (mom) walks the young child around and wants to force every move. Sad thing is, just like an old champion dogs, these children are abandoned by “REAL” friends and parents, if they can no longer compete. So M, what did you “honestly” turn out to be in life? how is the relationship with your loved ones? Read the research from Northwestern university. Little to none of child pageants contestants go on to be models or actresses. Many end up with emotional, sexual and physically destructive issues. One last thing… these dads need to step up and take their daughters back! As a man, how dare you let your daughters (any age) compete. All parents of these pageants must take your daughters back…end this F@#$ing show.

      • You said it Rodney!!

      • Rodney, you obviously don’t know much about the pedigreed dog world, So make a comparison with something you DO know about. The dogs are trained to walk on a lead and stand for an examination by the judge. I don’t know what’s FORCED about that. Unhappy dogs don’t win, and you can’t FORCE a dog to pretend it’s happy. Dogs that are no longer competing generally stay in their own homes, or are placed into loving homes. I know that my dog enjoys his time in the ring, and sleeping in my bed at night, and he is going NOWHERE when his show career is over, and it’s not because of the boatload of cash I will make from his stud career, as he has a heart defect that will keep him out of the gene pool. OMG, yes, there are lots of responsible dog show people out there, I am not the only one. Seriously, dude, get educated, AND STAY ON TOPIC!

      • Rodney, nicely said. I can’t get past the typos. Perhaps if the M paid attention in school, rather than worried about up-dos, we might have a different discussion. On second thought, the argument that she was somehow enabled to pay for her wedding is pretty weak. Yay, you. By the way M, you shouldn’t end a sentence with “hopefully.”

    • rousant says:

      So you love having a child that will be grown up in about 1 year of beauty pageants? All grown up big hair, heavy makeup, fake tans.. Who are you going to make better.. yourself to win all that money.. I’m sure if you gave your child candy or a hug she would be hella more happier than making her greedy and jealous and making her think she is better than the rest of everyone else. If I have a child ever (which I prolly won’t I can’t ever have a child in this screwed up world!)

      I’m highly HIGHLY confused why people think that pretty is putting on makeup and getting things waxed etc.. WHO or what did you watch on tv that made you think that YOU and our children aren’t beautiful the way they are????

      I’m deeply wondering what the father’s say about all this? I’ve yet to hear a father’s side.. Though there is no way in heck, I’m ever watching this show.. ahahah I’d be complaining to Discovery in person for sure!

    • I know there are other ways for a child to learn poise and proper speaking skills, self-esteem, independence, positive work ethics and competence. I do not see any way that making young children look like something most men would masturbate to is safe or healthy. I don’t see any way that teaching a young girl that she is only good enough if she has her developing eyebrows pulled out and her yet unbudded breasts made to look sexual with bustiers and cones is creating a healthy mind-set.

      • Girl Scouts can be a great place for this, or Girls Inc., Campfire, working with non-profits helping people and the environment, getting involved in UU youth groups (there are other religious groups, UUs are famous for helping kids grow up bold and thoughtful).

    • M.
      It is sad that you feel you couldn’t have learned basic social skills at home. If your parents had spent more time parenting, I’m sure you could have learned manners and self-confidence from them. My children are homeschooled by me and it is my responsibility to teach them to speak properly, act like ladies and have a good self-image. It is equally important (perhaps more so) to teach them they are created in the image of God and as such are special and they deserve respect. Never would I encourage my toddler to cover up her beautiful baby skin with gunk in order to look pretty. Beauty is fleeting. What is important is that my children’s souls are not lost. These “beauty” pageants are a disgrace and an exploitation of children and childhood. It is shameful to participate in any way in these events that rob children of their innocence.

    • I was also in many, many beauty pageants when I was younger, but they were Not the glitz pageants shown on “Toddlers & Tiaras” I agree that I too learned many things from pageants. I did learn to be a lady, and speak in front of a crowd. I learned good sportsmanship and teamwork. The pageants I entered always had a large choreographed group number.
      There were rules about how much makeup the girls were allowed to wear. There were rules about conduct. Rules about performance content and wardrobe.
      I enjoyed the pageants when I was in them. Sadly, pageants started to shift more towards the glitz pageants not long after I stopped entering them. I would have felt no hesitation if my daughter wanted to enter a pageant like those I was in. I would however NEVER subject any child to the glitz pageants. I do not see how glitz pageants teach a child anything good. They only teach that an unrealistic version of beauty is rewarded. Bad behavior is often rewarded or just ignored. They teach that sexually provocative behavior is acceptable, and even encouraged.

    • M:

      I’m certain that you are over 6, and since you mentioned college, over 16. Unfortunately, as my own parents are wont to say, ‘the world has changed so much since we were kids.’ I actually don’t doubt that ‘back in the day’ (even if you are closer to my age than my parents’) pageants were more like the final exam at a finishing school than the atrocity that they are today. Can you honestly look at a two-year-old in a Madonna-esque cone-bra and say that she is learning the same lessons that you learned?

    • I, too, was in pageants as a child and they WERE NOT like they are today. I am appalled at what these children are expected to do for these pageants and they certainly are not being taught how to behave like a lady in the current pageants…more like strippers.

    • Tyler Schmaltz says:

      All of which would be learned at a part-time high school job which normal people do and get and dont have to whore themselves out or prance around on stage. This show is just wrong and borders on child pornography.

    • Interestingly enough… I can understand to a degree the virtues and lessons that you state you received from entering pageants as a child. We all, specifically women, would like to enter our adult life with the manners and social skills you had, as well as the funds for college and a wedding. But for some of these girls, what’s the cost? What’s the “down payment” for those benefits? I, personally, was never entered into a pageant as a child. Yet somehow, I made it through college, speak and write VERY well, can manage my money in such a way that I don’t get into debt, and have a career as a nurse that allows me to pay off my college loans without much of a sweat.

      Many experiences in life give us tools to call upon later… I’m sure serial killers used that as an excuse when they were teenagers, dissecting their neighbors cats for fun. I mean, how else would they become an adult and know where in the body the liver is located???

    • “I was taught speaking skills, how to act like a lady, manners, and even how to interact with others.”

      Same here. But I learned these things in a safe loving environment that didn’t leave me emotionally stunted. I was in Girl Scouts. I was also required to do community service, which taught me responsibility. Did I mention this didn’t require makeup or choreography?
      As for college fund and wedding fund, I suppose I was lacking. But I was given access to scholarships and I don’t think that it is a bad thing for a person to be made responsible for paying their own way. It makes them tough. Also, we were never taught that we needed a wedding fund. We were taught to be self-sufficient and were never told that we really needed to get married at all.

      Which takes me to my point. If it was all about female empowerment and getting a head start on future expenses, why not have competitions based on intellect, and not just how well a 4yr old shakes her ass?

    • M,
      I just want to pipe in here, b/c you seem like a normal, level headed gal, and I wanted to give you some positive support…I recently went to a “live event” starring some of the girls (and their moms) featured on T&T. My girls and I watch the show fairly faithfully, and we think it’s a stitch! If you watch many episodes, you’ll see that they usually feature a bratty kid, a pretty balanced-down-to-Earth kid, and a kid with a super crazy parent. Now, it doesn’t always follow this line, but there is usually some sort of balance in the girls featured. I’ll admit, I went to this “show” with completely voyeuristic intentions, and my girls (4th grade) LOVE the sparkly outfits and wanted to see them up close. So, we had no idea what to expect… What we got was a super low-budget show in a coffee house, with fabulous costumes & kids that were having a blast. They looked like they were putting on a show in their driveway, and having a great time doing it – only with real microphones & make-up.

      Afterward, as we were leaving, I look over, and my girls are playing with their new BFF’s in the corner! These were the sweetest girls…they gave my kids many big hugs, were super polite and thanked us for coming. They shared their cupcakes with my daughters & let them play with one of the girl’s pet dove. The moms were frazzled, as they’d been driving around in a van together for a week, but the girls were having the time of their life! It looked like any group of girls on their way to a dance/cheer/skate competition. If anyone seemed like they were taking one for the team, it was the 3 mothers I talked to!!

      Bottom line: I met these girls, fully expecting to snicker at some diva-like tantrums, and was humbled by the reality that they are really lovely, NORMAL, polite little girls. It was also a GREAT lesson for my girls to not judge people & that “reality TV” is very rarely “real.” We learned about MANY things that are edited in and out, so THIS was the best lesson of all, and if that keeps my girls off Season 32 of the Bachelor, in 15 yrs, then I’ll have won!

    • M,
      I will just respond with asking, where were your parents to teach you those things that supposedly those pageants taught you? You do not need to dress your child up like bait for a pedophile to have them learn those lessons that you mentioned in your response. You know as well as I do that there are some nasty people out there that are downloading picures and performances of these girls as we speak, but if you want to condone that kind of behavior, go right ahead. And if you have a daughter and put her in pageants, don’t be suprised when she turns to drugs and alcohol so she can keep her “pageant” body. Beacause God forbid, you let your daughter grow up to have her own opinion or have to teach her values yourself.

    • All these people that are so against it yet still continue to watch this show. As far as saying that these children have no say in what they want if they even want to do it and that some dont but are forced by their parents- what about all the children that are forced by their parents to play football, baseball, cheerleading, gymnastics, softball, etc??!!! If you let your children quit everytime they want to then that’s all your teaching them is to quit when it’s get tough. What about all the girls that grow up feeling not pretty? They get to escape to this world wehre they can play the ultimate dress up and feel beautiful no matter what the age. I do agree when it comes to the outfit choices that some are more “risky” than they should be for some of the girls ages and that the parents should no better. But ou guys talk like the aprents are prostituting them out which is ridiculous and harsh. No one tells you how to raise your children so what makes all you better that you believe you know best?

    • OMG people it is a T.V. Show !!!!! They edit and TLC does a very good job of subtly pointing out how little attention many of these girls’ moms actually pay to their children’s desires to be in pageants (which, for the most part, is pretty non-existent). Mom: “My daughter loves pageants!” Next scene, daughter yelling, “I hate pageants, and I hate you, Mommy!” I know we don’t see everything that happens during these shows, but TLC shows us footage that would suggest these pageant moms are doing a horrible job of disciplining their daughters. I want all women (adult or child) to evaluate themselves based on their intelligence and awareness, not their make-up, fake eyelashes, and spray tans.

    • It’s a shame that all of that money that you made doing pagents didn’t buy you a better education. If it had then perhaps you would have been taught to write a proper letter!

  51. Gee what is wrong with the world today? God gives us beautiful creations such as little girls to love,nurture,guide,respect and keep safe and what are being done to some of them is child abuse in my eyes. Really if you have to put false teeth fake tan tons of makeup and make them dance around like strippers for you to feel like they have beauty your mind is really deranged. Sick and the fact that some of the moms are standing back snickering because their innocent little 5 yr. old has had to drink several red bulls by midmorning to be able to put on her best show is brutal!!!! Has anyone really pushed for televised interview over the fact that child protective services should be acting on this instead of letting sick people sit back and enjoy watching it happen on shows such as tots and tiarras? I bet God has a tear in his eye and punishment waiting for the parents and others that are participating in this kind of abuse to his little angels! If you like beauty pagents there are plenty of them that little girls go on stage with theit angelic natural faces,dressed like their age instead of prostitutes and do the sweet silly things on stage that little girls should do at this age …why dont you try them?

    • You are completely correct in my opinion. We fight to save the dolphins from tuna nets so why don’t we fight just as hard for child-advocating restrictions on juvenile pageantry?

  52. I am completely disgusted in the parents…we cannot blame TLC, the parents are the ones responsible for keeping their lil girls safe but they putting their little girls out there exploiting them in front of grown men!!! Why do we tolerate this as long as its someone else child? Then we shun the men (perverts) who go around snatching and raping our babies because they look sexually suggestive! When is someone going to stoop this nonsense, and America wonder why so many girls are lost…if they not learning to value themselves at home, who will help them before its too late and they end up on Teen Pregnancy

    • Cecelia says:

      YES!!!! you can hold TLC partially to blame.. they allow this crap… they produce it and show it..

    • rousant says:

      I can’t agree with you more. I’m so scared for these lil children on tv or stage or wherever being so “pretty” for these dang people that love lil kids.. as not a good thing! Show needs to come off the tv.. ban it! outlaw it! I don’t care just take it off.

      Heard that Discovery funds it.. more disgusting imho

      • i get why this show upsets so many, particularly mothers, yet after watching it a few times i can’t help but feel that TLC films its episodes as to particularly display the negative traits of these self absorbed and shameless mothers, as well as the tears and many blunders the girls suffer in the process….i really don’t think its promoting pageant moms and “ideals”, its doing the opposite in my opinion. i wanted to punch a ho after the first episode i saw (ho equaling one or more of the mothers!)

    • We can not control what decisions people make for their children but TLC does not need to give them a forum to do it. They are being handed all the attention and fame they ever wanted at the expense of their children. For all those saying it’s what the child wants, well my 4 and 5 yr old want a lot of things but it is my job as a parent to decide what they are old enough to do/be exposed to. So let’s just say it is the child that wants Botox, how about being a parent and saying no. The producers, the mothers, the fathers, everyone involved makes me sick. I can not believe that this has been allowed to continue for so long and it is the sick people that watch it that make it happen.

    • I too am disgusted with this show but I can not argue that it makes good TV. Train wrecks make good TV so of course they are going to follow around the most deranged mothers and the worst behaved children. Again I must say it’s ALL WRONG. Having said that, they are not asking to be raped! We SHOULD “shun the men (perverts) who go around snatching and raping our babies because they look sexually suggestive” don’t you think? Or is it all right? …cuz you kind of made it sound like it is, or that we shouldn’t shun rapists who are sexually aroused by child pageants since the Moms are exposing their children to it so, “Knock yourself out, perverts! Go ahead and rape the little sexually suggestive girls, they’re asking for it! We won’t judge you!”

      Who’s wrong now?

    • I completely agree with being angry with the parents and TLC for airing thus. But the blame and responsiblity lies in other areas as well. We
      also need to blame pageant promoters that hold these types of pageants. Also the judges that award the fakest girl there the crown. I entered my 4 yr. old daughter in a natural pageant with guidelines stating, natural, Easter or Sunday dress, no hair pieces, etc. The child that was awarded the crown was wearing a Cinderella style ballgown, hairpiece, and makeup. So this sends the message that this is what it takes to win!

  53. Jacqueline says:

    OMG, my boyfriend pointed this out to me while he was watching tv. We both think they should cancel this show because it is just eye-candy for pedophiles.

    • I agree with Jaqueline, wholeheartedly. I can just imagine them recording the episodes on their dvr’s so the can gratify themselves whenever they want, like porn for them. DISGUSTING!!

  54. Cecelia says:

    I think everyone involved with toddler’s and tiara’s should be charged with child abuse!!!!!!!!! They paint their daughters up like little street walkers and everyone involved with the show allows this….. when you see children crying because they are being forced to dye their eyelashes or wear two/three sets of fake eyelashes,bleach their teeth, not to mention the clothes and hair.. my God!!!!!!!! what kind of message are you sending these little ones.. it would be ok I suppose if you were allowing these children to compete with their natural beauty, but by painting them up like whores you are sending the message they aren’t good enough on their own… get a clue mothers and fathers.. I have 2 beautiful granddaughters and I can tell you.. if their parents even thought of putting them in a beauty pageant I would call social services!!!! love them….DON’T PIMP THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!

    • rousant says:

      When I heard of the tv show, I really thought they would have natural beauty.. becasue its funded by discovery channel.. then I seen pictures online and was.. exactly tv is pimping out everyone including children..

      I wouldn’t be shocked if their mothers are mental.. Heck they probably are >.<

    • By the way !!!!!!
      sarah palin
      kim kardashian
      chelsea handler
      Diane Sawyer
      Halle Berry
      Delta Burke
      Vanna White
      Mary Hart
      Michelle Pfeiffer
      Bess Myerson
      Edie Adams
      Susan Anton
      Leila Arcieri
      Charlotte Ayanna
      Carroll Baker
      Erinn Bartlett
      Kim Basinger
      Jaime Lyn Bauer
      Rebecca White Berch
      Halle Berry
      Caprice Bourret
      Bobbie Brown
      Anita Bryant
      Betty Buckley
      Gretchen Carlson
      Juhi Chawla
      Priyanka Chopra
      Linda Hall Daschle
      Yvonne De Carlo
      Donna Dixon
      Donna Douglas
      Lara Dutta
      Barbara Eden
      Phyllis George
      Kathie Lee Gifford
      Anne Gwynne
      Laura Harring
      Mary Hart
      Anne Heywood
      Mary-Margaret Humes
      Adele Jergens
      Lauren Jones
      Shirley Jones
      Nafisa Joseph
      Barbara Kent
      T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh
      Ali Landry
      Barbara Lawrence
      Cloris Leachman
      Eva Longoria
      Ashley Massaro
      Maureen McCormick
      Julie McCullough
      Robin Meade
      Maria Menounos
      Debra Messing
      Vera Miles
      Vanessa Minnillo
      Shanna Moakler
      Kenya Moore
      Lois Nettleton
      Gena Lee Nolin
      Nancy O’Dell
      Sarah Palin
      Kellie Pickler
      Keri Lynn Pratt
      Victoria Principal
      Aishwarya Rai
      JonBenét Ramsey
      Patsy Ramsey
      Michelle Reis
      Gloria Reuben
      Viviane Romance
      Roselyn Sanchez
      Diane Sawyer
      Seka Pornstar
      Sushmita Sen
      Sarah Shahi
      Nancy Stafford Sharon Stone
      Brenda Strong
      Tiffani Amber Thiessen
      Linda Thompson
      Thelma Todd
      Tamlyn Tomita
      Dayanara Torres
      Judy Tyler
      Mamie Van Doren
      Cerina Vincent
      Dawn Wells
      Bridgette Wilson
      Oprah Winfrey
      Judy Woodruff
      Gretchen Carlson
      Phyllis George
      Lee Meriwether
      Mary Ann Mobley
      Bess Myerson
      Lauren Nelson
      Vanessa Williams
      are just a few of the celebrities who have competed in child beauty pageants =) So maybe child beauty pageants arent as negative as you “outsiders” think you know just by watching this ridiculous show

      • Utter nonsense. Anyone with two braincells can objectively watch this and see it for what it is. Child abuse and exploitation. And if Sarah Palin is any example of the results of such “pagents”, God help these children.

      • Jonbenet Ramsey? Are you seriously citing her as a positive case? Or the many divorced, alcoholic, drug addicted women on that list? How about the ones there who have discussed their childhood sexual abuse? Or the one who is famous for being beaten by her husband? Or your integrity, for repeating names over and over to make the list longer? This list is another good example of the damage pageants do.

  55. banshee says:

    Every time I see pictures like this I think of Jon-Benet Ramsay.

    • rousant says:

      Wow.. yeah that’s why I’m so mad about all this.. I kept on seeing her face on magazines all “dolled up” and someone took her… was she on these shows or something similar as well?

  56. Right on, sister.

  57. Deborah Lang says:

    Shows like Todlers in Tiaras and Dance Mom should be turned into CPS, I plan to see what I can to make that happen, it is abusive period. You are pimping out these chldren just as much as the evil a holes that make children into child porn stars. Absolutely discusting!

  58. I do not care how the parents justify themselves. I have heard arguments for Toddlers in Tiaras and such and I still think the parents are f**ked in the head and causing irreparable and unnecessary emotional damage to their daughters and lining them up as food for pedophiles.

  59. How is this poor little girl getting her eyebrows waxed any different than putting hot sauce in your child’s mouth! Abuse!!

  60. We will not allow this show to be on in our home. I think it is sad that so many are entertained by this show. I watched the show for about 10 minutes once and it made me cry for these precious innocent little children who really have no idea what true beauty is. I have a 5 year old little girl and not for one second do I want her exposed to such false standards of beauty.

  61. I’d shut down my cable subscription some time ago, so I had no idea this crap was being touted to their subscribing audience. I have two daughters–now past the capricious and carefree years that these girls should be enjoying. It is absolutely disgraceful, nay, criminal to be sexualizing your prepubescent daughters, especially in a manner that is made public on such a scale. This “parental” behavior is more indicative of pedophilia than it is of nurturance.

  62. OMG watching that little girl scream about the hot wax made me sooooooooooooooo angry. I dont even like getting my eyebrows waxed for the same reason. Why subject a child to that? And to make it worse the mother is laughing at a story where the last time she was waxed the wax was so hot that it took skin with it? WHERE was that funny? A burn on our childs face with wax is funny? Dont parents go to jail that give their children cigarette burns, or burns from curling irons as punishment? I realize this isnt a punishment for misbehaving but its sounded like torchure to me.

  63. I fail to understand how the actions of the mother as presented in the video with the waxing are not considered to be child abuse.

  64. Nichole Trexler says:

    Every time I see pictures like this I think of Jon-Benet Ramsay

    And if that is not enough said… How about the Pretty Woman hooker outfit from a show? OMG If that isn’t wrong and exploiting children I don’t know what is! I refuse to watch the show and seriously thing that TLC is going to SHIT! Sister Wives is still on? A show that promotes sexing up babies?! Bleaching their teeth is bad for their growth! Dying their hair will make it fall out before their 30! DIETS??? Come on people?!

    Nichole T from Oregon!

  65. Pageants can be fun and even beneficial as one commenter lamented, but this how takes it to the extreme, and not all the girls are enjoying it all the time, sometimes it does seem they are being forced to participate, and some of the costumes are atrociously sexual for a young lady or toddler to be prancing around in on a stage.

  66. Oh, thank you for writing such a perfect letter! I have been disgusted with that show since it first aired. I couldn’t even watch an entire episode, it was abhorrent. It makes me so sad for those girls. I hope TLC listens. (Though I really think we could do without any of the reality shows that now dominate the TV.)

  67. This show makes me cry. Real, hard tears for those little girls being abused in this way. People condemn restrictive nations for their oppression of women, yet this abuse is glamorized and handed over to voyeurs who must enjoy the suffering and sexualization of these young girls. Please stop showing it. I know you can’t end child beauty pageants, but at least you can take a moral stand!

  68. Guess what? It isn’t TLC’s fault. It’s the viewers. Quit watching it and they will pull it. Use the power of the people to get what you want. The pen is mighty but the dollar is The Almighty.

  69. I think this show is for pedofiles.. And the mother allow their girls to be looked at as sex symbols.. they should be ashamed of themselves for showing their girls like this!!! If your going to have a childs beauty pagent, then do it on a childs beauty, not makeup, and skimpy clothes!!!

  70. This movement is what I was waiting for! I have a 7 year old daughter that sees all these images of beautiful girls like Selena Gomez, Miranda Cosgrove and Katy Perry and really looks up to them, just like any other girl. I want her to have a positive body image and high self esteem. How could any of these little girls in pagents feel good about themselves if there are more losers than winners. Beauty is subjective and beauty is from with-in. What are we teaching little girls if they see only the one’s with make up and a beautiful dress are the one’s who win??

    I tell my daughter no matter what she looks like, she is so beautiful and she really IS without all the makeup and glitz. Even in the morning with her little girl crazy cavewoman hair, she is still so pretty! 🙂

    I can’t wait until I can finally watch TLC without the promos for Toddlers and Tiaras.

  71. This is such a horrific show, I have watched about 5 minutes of it, but i don’t want my 4 year old to get any crazy ideas. It hurts my heart just watching the commercials. This show is such a demoralization of the United States’ precieved view of our children, it’s no wonder the rest of the world hates us! This show should never have made it FIVE seasons!! I hope these mothers one day realize that they are hurting their children, and that they are not viewed as anything more than bad, abusive and controlling misers. END THIS SHOW!!!

  72. I once tried to watch an episode and felt sick to my stomach. A mother had her two week old baby competing up on the stage in the baby category. And the mothers say that they do it because the children love it. How does a 2 week old baby love it?! Thanks for sending your letter.

  73. I have only seen about five minutes of this show, as I don’t want my 4 year old to get any crazy ideas. Just watching the commercials makes my heart ache. This show is such a demorilization of the precieved parenting of the United states, it’s no wonder the rest of the world hates us! I hope these mothers one day realize that they are not looked at as good mom’s, but mean, abusive, controlling misers. END THIS SHOW!!

  74. I am soooo relieved that I am not alone in seeing how sick, perverse, and harmful this show is.

  75. Everyone is different, everyone enjoys different things. Some people like reading, some like playing sports, others like to go out and party. This is a show about a group of people who live the same lifestyle devoted to pageants. You can watch it, or you can flip the channel to something else. I find it interesting, so I will keep watching.

    • Do you shut your ears when you hear a child screaming in the night or when you see a parent beat their child? Luckily, there are more people willing the stand up and say that a parent forcing a terrified child to have her eyebrows ripped out, inflicting collogen and botox injections on their screaming daughter, or brazillian waxing their 8-year-old’s pubis is abuse. This has nothing to do with children learning charm and poise and everthing to to with parents’ willingness to subject their child to verbal, psychological, and physical abuse for their own self-interest and money. If you’re willing to be entertained by that, then that’s your business. I, for one am more than willing to speak out to protect children from this abuse.

  76. This is absolutely disgusting! The clip of the mom forcing her daughter to have her eyebrows waxed while she screams and cries because she’s had her skin ripped off from waxing in the past?!?!?! That woman should be ashamed of herself. These parents are nothing more than pathetic losers who have so many internal issues with themselves that they have to live vicariously through their daughters by putting them in these horrific pageants. Also in response to ‘M’ and her post, times have changed and these pageants are NOT the same as they used to be, let’s also not forget that these are now being aired for the world to see as a reality TV show, this is attention whoring at it’s finest. Not mothers and fathers teaching their children how to speak, act like a lady, interact with others etc. Unfortunately we live in a world where, when something like this starts, it snowballs into something that is completely out of control. People can stop watching the show, boycott pageants, complain to TLC, whatever they want to do, but the sad truth is that this will likely just get worse. Let your kids be kids and stop forcing them to do something that they most likely don’t even want to do!

  77. I don’t know. I don’t watch the show, but from the commercials I think it might actually function as a critique of the whole thing. Same for Dance Moms. Just the commercials make me want to gag. But I repeat, I don’t watch either show.

  78. Dear Miss Melissa,
    I’ve read your letter and I’ve read the comments. Thank you for voicing the opinion of so many of us moms out there and not hauling any spiritual references into it. I have two daughters and a son who, thankfully, are of the age that they voice their opinions and reasons for their thoughts. We had flipped through the TV channels that they can watch will helping prep and clean for dinner and lo, there was T&T. My daughters, 12 and 14, were immediately concerned for the little girls stating, “…they don’t look like they want to be there. Why don’t their moms know them well enough to see they are sad?” and my son, age 9, just went straight to boy-ville and said, “I wouldn’t play with them. They’re having tantrums instead of walking away.”
    I’m not saying my kids are pollyanna perfect and have violins playing background music when they enter the room, but their instant insights summed it all up for me. My heart breaks for the little girls who don’t know differently from a perhaps well intentioned mom that carried an idea much too far. I hesitate to foist ideals on children of any age. My daughters do not eschew standard beauty norms: they shave their legs and enjoy getting the occasional manicure as a treat and put their hair up with all the “in” things at their school be it feathers or beaded ties. I have offered to let them begin wearing minimal makeup and getting their ears pierced and both have come back with “no thanks, I don’t need it.” They are secure in their personal inner beauty and it shines through.
    We’ve discussed these things in our GirlScout troop too, and that’s a diverse bunch! I have atheletes, a goth, a couple of bookworms, a pair of theater kids, and the rest still trying out everything to see what they like. We had a roundtable and not one girl thought it was appropriate to do anything that made them uncomfortable even with a monetary reward. The girls noted that they were on comfortable footing in their schools and homes because they weren’t afraid to simply be who they were. The idea of presenting a facade was repugnant to them.
    I hope the children that T&T has filmed will have female role models further down the road that teach them what’s INSIDE defines them, no matter what frippery they or others festoon themselves with on the outside. There’s a huge difference between highlighting your beauty, and trying too hard to be beautiful.

  79. I wrote this on September 6 and have blogged about the show on other occasions. Bravo to you for writing so eloquently about what needs to be done.

  80. I, for one, have never seen the show now will I ever. I wholeheartedly do not agree with what parents put their children through with these so called beauty pageants! In reading some other replies I see that some think that this is good for little ones to learn manners, how to speak properly – really? – and etiquette. Is that not the job of the parent to teach their children these things?
    Watching the video of the little girl getting her eyebrows waxed was heartbreaking, not only was she petrified, because she had her skin ripped off by another ‘beautician’, but she was in obvious pain. And what did Mom do? NOTHING! “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”
    There is a woman who recently had her son taken from her because he lied to her so she put a DROP (not fed him, like the media made it out) of hot sauce in his mouth and made him take a cold shower. Where are the authorities when this woman was forcing her child to be abused?
    I am with most others in these posts, please take this show off the air! If parents want their children to have money for college, do it the old fashioned way, start a college fund, have your child study, make great grades and apply for scholarships!

  81. I have never once watched this show and never plan to, but I’ve heard plenty about it — and nothing positive. I’d be curious to know what the ratings are for this show, because based on all the disgusted comments I’m seeing, I can’t begin to comprehend who would actually waste their time watching this nonsense and actually find it normal or enjoyable. I’d venture to guess that the only people watching and enjoying this exploitation of little girls are mothers just as crazy as those who are portrayed on this show; others who live vicariously through their children, forcing them to do absurd things. As someone who more or less had much of my childhood taken away from me when I lost my mom suddenly at a young age, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that these mothers are actually subjecting their young daughters to this and robbing them of normal, innocent, care-free childhoods. Aside from the fact that girls this age should NOT be made up to look sexy, what about the fact that they are being forced to do something so demanding physically, mentally and time-wise? Sadly, these mothers probably were never properly guided by their own mothers, suffered low self-esteem and never felt “pretty” or “popular,” so now they decide they will breed their daughters to be everything they wish they could have been. This is wrong on so many levels. It’s akin to the concept of girls having babies much too young and thinking it will just be a cute, fun accessory for them to tote around and show off. A child is not only a huge responsibility, but a gift brought into your life for you to love, protect, and raise in a respectable way. These women need to understand that their daughters are not, nor should they be, little beauty queens or models for them to peddle around to endless pageants and competitions. If any one of them actually took the time to ask about, or care, what these little girls actually wanted — I bet they would love to just be a normal child, play on the playground, play with dolls, have a tea party…what 3 or 4 or 5 year old wakes up and thinks, I really want to put on lots of makeup, get a fake tan, have my hair teased up, and strut around in a costume that makes me look like a showgirl? These mothers, and anyone who gets any kind of enjoyment out of this show, really need a reality check.

  82. The pedophiles out there must be loving this show. Take it off the air -it’s wrong on so many levels.

  83. Bravo, Melissa, Bravo!

  84. Fleurdelisgal says:

    A friend shared this link (and BTW – AMAZING LETTER! THANK YOU!!!).

    Disclaimer: I don’t have children (that window is nigh onto shutting and neither my boyfriend nor I want them – we’re too old and honestly, selfish to have ’em having finally found each other again after almost 30 years apart) – but I have some amazing ‘faux’ nieces and a couple of nephews (great friends’ kids) in our lives that we love and cheer on in life. As a former bellydancer who learned (in her 30s) to value herself via the dance and seeing little girls at shows thrown out on the stage in ‘split costumes’ (bra and belt/skirt – midriff exposed) to gyrate their 4 year old hips (such that they are at that age…) – my friend who’s a mom and myself were disgusted. Her daughter was born into the bellydance world – BUT her mom only let her watch and when mom felt she was ready to study – only let her study the more folkloric forms to begin with. The Persian style which was mostly hand moves and pretty steps – not so earthy – and the costumes were very conservative (no midriff showing!). Her daughter is now in her early teens – and knows to value herself not her image.

    As to this ‘show’ or rather visual excrescence – I watched it once in abject HORROR – is despicable in that it could have been an eye-opening expose’ of the cosmetically applied abuse that is widespread in the child “beauty” pageant industry – IF ONLY DONE IN ONE TWO-HOUR DOCUMENTARY. The fact that it’s a ‘series’ on for a few years now…?!?!? TLC/Discovery has become an accessory to the abuse and mistreatment.

    To the pageant apologists out there – don’t even. Like an earlier poster said “even 1% is too much” (or words to like effect). If they have to be around – give me a ‘pageant’ where the kids are wearing cute NORMAL clothes, no makeup, no added hair, no big hair – no SEXUAL-CONTENT. Have them show creativity instead of sexuality – sand castle building, decorating sugar cookies, have bins of funky old clothes that they are ‘judged’ on the cool outfits they assemble where their own childish ebullience shows instead of their wax-burns. A dance routine that’s no more than a simple ‘ring around the roses’ (yeah, I’m familiar w/the urban myths assoc w/the ‘plague’ and such). You get where I’m at?

    The money these parents gamble with via the exploitation and destruction of their CHILDREN’S INNOCENCE – when they’d be better off leaving the kids w/a good babysitter and flying to Vegas for a long weekend bender… Or, BETTER YET – SINKING INTO A SAVINGS ACCOUNT for the kids’ college!??!?!

    Yeah, I’m childless, but that doesn’t make my opinion less valid. I was a kid, I have children in my life.

    Wonderful blog! Again, thanks!

  85. Virginia S Callahan says:

    I don’t see these pageants as anything less then child pornography. I am simply horrified that any mother would choose to exhibit her daughter as a sexual object. What irreparable psychological damage is being inflicted on these young girls! Not only are they being taught to see themselves as an OBJECT to be sold to a panel of judges, they are also being taught to view other girls as competition for prizes and attention. How will they ever develop lasting friendships when this is how they see one another? And what skewered idea will they have, upon emerging into adult hood, of how men and women should behave towards one another?

  86. I could not agree more. I have never so much as watched an episode, but the commercials disgust me each time they are aired and this alone is offensive. These parents should be ashamed.
    There will come a day when these kids look back and feel nothing but resentment.

  87. Okay – so the show is awful, and we all agree that it exploits these children and borders on abuse…the fact is that people continue to watch – if people stopped watching it would go off the air…the real problem is not that TLC airs the show. The real problem is that these glitz pagents continue to happen in our neighborhoods. Why are we spending so much time crucifying the messenger….why are we not boycotting the pageants themselves when they come to our hometowns…why are we not calling these pageant familes out…why are we not reporting these mothers when we see what they are doing to thier childern in our neighborhood spas and salons….yet we attack a TV network….so much easier to fight in annonyimity than it is to actually take a stand against the real issue. Hmmmmmm –

    If you don’t like the way it looks, don’t watch
    If you don’t like the way it sounds, don’t listen
    If you don’t like the way it tastes, don’t eat
    If you want to sove a problem….address the problem, not the symptom.

  88. I am appalled by “Toddlers and Tiaras.” I don’t believe pageants are “bad” in and of themselves – but why can’t these children be shown in their natural state? Why do they need to be spray tanned, have false teeth, get their eyebrows waxed? To all of those who say this is a “healthy” activity for the children, can’t they learn about competition, fair play, and healthy self-esteem without false eyelashes?

    TLC should be ashamed for allowing this show to remain on the air. It constitutes child abuse, plain and simple.

  89. This show just panders to pedophiles and it’s a disgusting display of selfishness that is still being produced.

  90. Well written!

  91. Maybe it would help if, oh, I don’t know, maybe all the semi-sane folks stopped watching this rubbish? TLC wouldn’t be getting their ratings and would cancel the show I’m sure.

  92. Not_A_TLC_Employee says:

    Ahahaha. That’s cute; you think you can make a difference.
    It will air until it stops being profitable.

  93. i think its pathetic how the mothers treat their little girls ,if they dont do their routine properly ,or if they are tired etc…plucking their eyebrows ,yanking at their hair ,little girls bending over shaking the little butts to the world ,,,just crazy makes my heart break …my little girl is a natural beauty and you mothers who have little girls in these pagents should feel the same ….the mothers are more upset if their child don,t win ….. why dont you let your kids be kids and when they are grown up let them make the choice of wanting to get their eyebrows waxed ,hair did etc…your so busy making them look like adults ..look in the mirror and do something about your own image ..sorry if anyone is offended but i think this is crewelty to children ….!!

  94. Where are the CPS at? They go after a mom for “Hot Saucing”, why are not the CPS stepping in to save these precious little girls? They are all going to grow up with problems like Lindsay Lohan…They will become drug addicts and alcoholics, and we will read about their out of control teen/adult life style and then their tragic deaths… I see these judges are nothing more then paid pedophiles with the parents being their accomplices. Shame on these parents.

  95. Becky Thompson says:

    Good letter! I whole heartedly agree… that show disgusts me. It’s a pedophile’s wet dream :S

  96. TLC airs shows like Toddlers and Tiaras because they make money, and they make money from the commercials shown during the show. I don’t think public outcry will stop TLC from airing the show – the only think that will stop it is for advertisers to stop paying for the airtime for their commercials. I’ve never watched the show and have no idea who advertises during commercial breaks but I would happily stop using their products until they refused to promote a show like this. Advertisers choose what shows their commercials will air during. If they know their sales will suffer if they air during T&T maybe they’ll pull their ads. If enough of them do this TLC will stop making money on it, which is the only reason they’re airing a show this appalling anyway.

    It’s sad that TLC/Discovery can’t see how damaging their show is. Makes me lose all interest in the rest of their shows too.

  97. In New Mexico, a 72-year-old man got put in the federal slammer for watching child porno on his computer in the privacy of his own home.

    These people are openly making and broadcasting and profiting from child porno.

  98. I’d like to thank TLC for bringing this type of child abuse to light and now hopefully we can be the fighting voice for the lives of these young girls who have no choice but to succumb to their parent’s selfish desires.

  99. *****standing ovation*****

    I am going to share this on Facebook and my blog. The Mom-blogger sphere has created enough buzz to get t-shirts pulled from department stores and major news outlets to issue retractions and apologies for misleading articles. You’re absolutely right that it’s time for us to turn our attention toward this issue.

    Save the Toddlers!

  100. This program is boring and exploits children to an abusive and intolerable degree. The network should be held accountable in any financial settlement in addition to the sponsers who advertise their products. Please stop airing this program in the future.

  101. I have watched this show less than a handful of times. I was appalled at the way the parents pushed these pageants on the poor toddlers. I would never treat my child that way. I honestly felt so bad for those children. we should let children be children for as long as possible. There is enough crap out in the world, on television and in magazines and also in school to force them to grow up way too early as it is. I remember as a child playing with dolls at age 11. You don’t see that anymore. It is a shame. Lets let children be children and take that show that exploits our little girls off the air. It also taunts the pervs and pedophiles. I would be afraid one of them would find my child and do harm to her or him. These parents need to realize what they are doing to their children.

  102. Never have now never will watch that obscene show. It is child abuse as far as I am concerned. These parents belong in therapy along with the poor children.

  103. You have written my exact thoughts — especially regarding child abuse. This is a form of sex trafficking. We condemn it when it is done to children in another country, but then watch it voyeuristically when it is done through the medium of a reality show in America.

  104. sensible_mom says:

    I confess that I had no idea what butt glue was… let’s just say that I googled it and now I’m sorry. Anyway, the other day at a kids’ football game, (5-7 years age group) a mom actually spanked her kindergarten-age daughter because she said, “I don’t want to be a cheerleader!” The mom said, “You ARE going to be a cheerleader whether you like it or not!” and absolutely tore that little girl’s legs up. Seriously. Those girls were being encouraged/forced to go out in front of people in short skirts and shake their… pompoms.. and do suggestive dance routines for the crowd to watch. At 5 years old. I don’t really see how that is any different than Toddlers and Tiaras.

    I decided never to watch that show when I saw a quote from one of the moms who said something like, “She doesn’t only do pageants. Her activities are really very diverse. She also does tap, ballet, and modern dance!” Puh-leeze.

  105. Absolutely right! I will be writing a letter as well!

  106. This is just plain disgusting. Taking sweet innocent ‘baby’ girls and turning them into self-righteous nasty little snobs. This has GOT to stop. I’m looking at the picture of the 2-year-old with the CONE BUSTIER on this page!!!! Are you kidding me??? This is pretty darned close to a form of child abuse. These little girls couldn’t care less about these ‘pageants’..this is all for the glory of the almighty dollar and the huge egos of the nasty, viscious, greedy moms and dads who think little Suzie will rake in the bucks through this pathetic ritual.

    MAKE IT STOP…NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. I just e-mailed the producers a not so nice note on this, hope something will change, this has gotten too crazy, is very disturbing from so many angles.

  108. Horrified, outraged, this is utterly disturbing and undoubtedly sick. TV has become a dangerous tool, not only an entertainment asset. It appeals to our most basic instincts of voyeurism, and the audience is as guilty as the producers. I say boycott this show, nobody should watch it.

  109. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common way of life in some parts of the country. I grew up in the South, where fully half of our grade participated in pageants – including my cousin, who got started at age 6 and despised every minute of it. Her mom kept a trophy case in their entry way and my cousin would make it a point to bring friends in through the back door. Aunt tried to get me to do a pageant and I responded by not washing my hair the night before and wearing my brother’s Transformers t-shirt to the audition. :b

    Sorry, tangent there. Every pageant we had to sit through, you could tell the girls were *not* having fun. Spending your afterschool hours perfecting dance routines (in 100 degree heat) so you could perform for 15 minutes – it’s no wonder my cousin keeps those trophies in a box in the basement. Her daughters have no idea about her pageant days. Hopefully, these moms will get a clue (but probably not, they’re pimping their daughters on stage *and* on television).

    Take back childhood!!!

  110. I COMPLETELY agree with this letter. I watched a couple episodes recently to see what the hype was all about. I didn’t see one child that was happy. Pageants are just find for older girls who have A CHOICE in participating, but these girls I promise you didn’t say “I want to be a pageant queen” when they started speaking (and I’ve seen some children on there who don’t even speak yet).

    PLEASE cancel this show and stop giving attention to this practice.

  111. I have to admit I have watched it quite a few times but it was more like a train wreck, discusted but just can’t look away. With the outragous things I have seen this show should not be aired. Little girls hitting and yelling things at thier mothers without any discipline. Without the discipline these kids need, they are gonna be trouble when the grow up. But then again you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Think this show is making public the thin veil between these pagents and child labour.

  112. This is SICK that poor defenseless child is gonna end up with PTSD if she does not already suffer from it of another emotional disorder, and the beautician should LOSE HER LICENSE!

  113. Disgusted says:

    This show is stupid, why is there even more than one season??????

  114. i completely agree!!! i am so glad i found this and see others who agree as well. this show is disgusting and unfortunately our youth is the main target audience. this is exactly why there are pedefiles!!! this is why jean bennet ramsey was brutaly murderd. you can make a 3 year old look 20 its not cool… its nasty!!! i would glady sign a petition or join a campaign to add this sexualizing of babies

    heatherlynn morrison

  115. I agree with this letter as well. I am tired of seeing girls being primped fod a pagent by having makeup being put on, fake teeth, and the provocative outfits that they wear! One day they are gonna think its alright to dress that way, and then its gonna bite them in the behind.

  116. As women, we are sexualized from the time of birth by pedaphiles until the time
    of our passing by necrophiliacs. Throughout history we have been abused, molested,
    taunted and compelled to perform for other women and most of all, for sick and
    disgusting men.
    Men love to molest us as little girls because it gives them a superiority complex.
    So hey, that daddy wants to buy the diapers that make his little baby boy or girl have
    a sexy ass. As they get older, those nasty parents teach thier little girls and some
    times even little boys, how to put on make-up and how to start acting like adults.This
    gives the parents the ability to teach thier children everything they can in order to
    gratify thier sick and twisted love affairs of lust.
    Heck, my mom had me waxed down there when I was a toddler and I’m now in my
    twenties and I still don’t have any hair down there now but, when I was between nine
    and eleven years old, I was also raped because thats what daddy and his
    “business associates” wanted to feel when they abused me.
    But hey, my folks taught me how to dance like a stripper and they told me what
    what to expect and what I had to perform as such. But at least they taught me a good
    profession that I am good at despite the abuses and incest I had to go through
    to get here.
    So hey, taunting our kids may not be socialy accepted but it is still a reality that
    has existed from the book of Genesis all the way up to today. It has not changed,
    it will never change and despite all the protests and complaints, it still exists.
    So why complain?
    Kids have and always will be exploited, just ask Lewis Carroll or Oscar Wilde or if
    you are more up to date you can talk with Peter Townshend or Madonna, they all “love”
    kids and still no one cares. So is it really child abuse and child exploitation or is it just a
    social reality that we don’t know how to label?.

  117. greg bradley says:

    Please take this show off the air. It’s so wrong in so many ways.

  118. I feel disgusted by these parents and the whole concept of child-pageants. It’s child abuse and should be punished. Though I watch many shows on TLC, I think they should be ashamed of themselves for featuring this particular one as a glam show. It could have been a documentary to inform people, but this show seems to glorify these events. Shame on you!

  119. Melissa says:

    I would just like to say that I understand not everyone is happy about the pageant industry and that many feel that it “is a petri dish of sexualization” of our daughter. However, ask yourself this…is it not the same for those fathers who make their sons join the football league and all other sports the same thing? There are many boys out there that are pushed and coerced into sports that they do not enjoy, “often times forced by their domineering fathers”. Lets also look at the swagger and pompous attitude that these boys are being led to believe is socially acceptable! The majority of them walk around like the cock of the walk and figure they can have any “hot babe” they want, and become complete womanizers. Why then is it okay to teach our sons these traits and to feel entitled to “beautiful women” but it is not okay to make our daughters into confident women that can combat these males we have pumped into society?

    • no, i dont think its the same. Being forced to play a team sport or being forced to prance around and shake your bottom to please a crowd while wearing fake hair,eyelashes,teeth..and revealing outfits. Not even close. Abuse is abuse, wether it be a mean father or mean mother. Lets get one thing straight, this is not going to make confident women. how about when these girls loose these competitions? How can a mother deal with that? “sorry hunny, the other little girl was just better then you..she was prettier” Girls are already jealous and competitive by nature. These pageants just make girls not like eachother. I think pageants are the worst thing you could ever do to your daughters.


      Strippers dance infront of crowds with fake hair,eyelashes and globs of make-up.

  120. Hanny Maschke says:

    I just saw an infuriating preview of Toddlers and Tiaras. It was of a little girl,of course,in a Playboy bunny costume. I can’t even believe some sick person would even create a costume like this for someone under 18. Parents often argue back and forth how costumes they put their daughters in are not sexy,they are cute. In this case however,I do not think it’s debatable. The sole purpose of a Playboy costume is to be sexy. There is no two ways about it. Children are not sexual. Petioles probably watching the show,are salivating. It’s sick and twisted. Most men don’t even want to see their grown daughters in a Playboy costume. Playboy does not allow persons under the age of 18 to be in their magazine. The reason for this is because,IT”S AGAINST THE LAW! Also,what was that again? Oh yes,little girls are not sexual!

  121. If this show wins or gets nominated for a single Emmy, what a sad day that’s gonna be.


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