A Few Sweet Finds…

A few of the darling and friendly Candy Fairies from Helen Perelman's new series of chapter books.

 Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I have some sweet finds I’d like to share with you, and even some goodies to give away! I always get excited to share girl positive media  and products with our amazing Parent Community because I know you are always on the lookout for healthy, empowering items to add to your daughter’s life. When I find good stuff, especially good stuff created by women, I like to share….

I have several items to give away, so keep reading! 

Candy Fairies by Helen Perelman…..A new series of chapter books for girls. 

These darling ladies you see above are creations from the deliciously sweet series of new chapter books, Candy Fairies. Author Helen Perelman has whipped up a magical land full of sugary surprises just right for the imaginations of young girls. The stories follow the adventures of five fairy friends, a clever and get-out-of -the-castle kind of princess, and a salty old troll. A salty old troll! Helen Perelman’s stories are centered around girl characters that use their wit and talents to get themselves out of sticky situations. There were several points to these stories and illustrations that I liked: the five fairies all have different but wonderful personalities, friendship and kindness toward each other is championed, the girls rely on each other to solve problems, attributes like responsibility and telling the truth are the emphasis of the two stories I read, and by gosh, we have some precious illustrations for children that look like children.  

If you have a reader aged 6-9 years old, I think they would enjoy this series. If you have a story-lover who likes to be read aloud to, these stories will be a hit if your kiddo is good at following the dialogue of different characters. My 5 year old, Amelia, sat next to me while I read the books and flipped through the pages herself, pretending to read. I asked her what she thought about these girls, and she said they are “beautiful, glittery friends”. She is excited for me to begin reading our copy at bedtime tonight. Candy Fairies also offers a fun website for you to explore with your daughter, and offers recipes, word finds, e-cards, and coloring pages. www.candyfairies.com 

I have a copy of “Chocolate Dreams” and “Magic Hearts” with special bookmarks to give away, signed by the author. One book per winner, state your interest in the comments below with an email contact address.  

Two cards from the wonderful set "Love Yourself" by Cheryl Rainfield

 “Love Yourself” Affirmation Cards by Cheryl Rainfield 

Cheryl and I started talking on twitter one day about girls and self-esteem, and I was telling her how it hurts me, like physically in my heart, to know that so many girls out there are hurting, instead of loving, themselves. I’m a big believer in the idea “You can’t be what you can’t see”, and what I love so much about Cheryl Rainfield’s deck of affirmation cards is the way her original art reflects self-love and sisterhood. Each card in this deck of 54 has a front and back with organic art that show a diversity of beautiful women and girls. 

The cards come with phrases that all girls, and women for that matter, should adopt as truths: “I am beautiful inside and out” and “I listen to the wisdom inside me” and “I follow my dreams. They are worth believing in.” 

I think these cards are great for girls 8yo+, and are fun to hide in lunches, a birthday card being mailed to a niece, taped to your teenage daughter’s mirror, taped to a public mirror for a stranger to find, or used at home to inspire conversations, creative writing, and art projects. 

 I have one desk of “Love Yourself” cards to give away. State your interest in the comments below with an email contact address.  

One of the talented Junior vocal finalists for the Midwest Artist Network

 “2010 Junior Winners Compilation” cd by Midwest Artist Network 

Last spring I had the pleasure of being a corporate sponsor for the Midwest Artist Network’s Junior Artist Search. My contribution allowed for a scholarship to one of the contestants, and lo and behold she was one of the finalists and is featured on their amazing winner’s cd

The competition turned out to be all girls that year, and even included Jackie Evancho…maybe you’ve heard of her? 

I’ll be sharing an interview with you soon about the the mentorship process and songwriting skills that go into this project, because it is so important for women and girls to be creating their own media. The creative duo behind this project, Gretch and Mark Hladish, take great pride in having these girls be involved in writing, scoring, creating, and producing their own music. They truly craft these girls into experienced artists, and you can hear the authenticity in the music. 

And about this music — we listen to this cd all of the time in my car. It is powerful, right-from-the-heart, girl anthem kind of music. The cd features 11 original vocalists, all girls ages 9-17 years old, that belt out tunes you won’t mind your little gals signing along to. 

I have one copy of the “2010 Winner’s Compilation” to give away. State your interest in the comments below with an email contact address.  

Pigtail Pals Valentine's Day Package - a tee, hat, journal, school kit and gift bag!

  Pigtail Pals Valentines Day Package 

Includes a classic white tee of your choice (any design and size in stock), a ball cap, a journal, and a school kit stuffed with goodies like stickers and pencils and erasers. Includes a gift bag and tissue! 

State your interest in the comments below with an email contact address. 

So there you have it. Some girl positive goodness I wanted to share with you. Winners will be picked on February 8th, prizes mailed February 9th in time for Valentine’s Day gifts.  

Winners will be picked at random. You may enter for more than one prize, but only one prize per person. Don’t enter your cat.


  1. Hillary S. says:

    I think my 4 year old would love either of the books. It reminds me of Candyland and she loves that game. The Valentines Day Package sounds awesome too!

  2. Please enter me for the books and the Pigtail Pals Valentines package. What a great giveaway!

  3. I love the affirmation cards. What a neat idea!

  4. Laura Van Roo says:

    Love the affirmation cards and the books! And of course the pigtail pals valentine package!

  5. please eneter me for the books and the pigtail pals giveaway. I think my daughter would love the books.

  6. me too for the books (my daughter) and the cards (my niece)!

  7. Do we just comment to enter?

  8. I love the music cd! 🙂 Without a little one of my own (and with my neice being less than two years old at the moment) it’s the only one I can really use. I’d love to win! 🙂 littlebitofwonderful at hotmail dot com

  9. Please enter me for the books, the music and the pigtail pals package! (I would say affirmation cards too but I’m starting to feel a bit greedy. OK, a lot greedy! 🙂

  10. What wonderful finds – everything looks and sounds really positive and encouraging. I’d like to enter the draw for the affirmation cards. I think they are a great idea (and if I don’t win, I might just have to write some of our own anyway)!

  11. Mommy Nancy says:

    Hi! Thanks for sharing your “sweet finds”! Please enter my 2 sweet daughters in the drawing for the books, they would be thrilled! Happy Valentine’s Day to you <3

  12. Jenni Whipple says:

    I think my daughters would enjoy the books “Chocolate Dreams” and “Magic Hearts” , the 2010 Junior compilation cd or of course, the Pigtail Pals Valentines Day Package. Heck, they appreciate anything that says “you’re special” 🙂

  13. Oh, my girls and I would love the books or the Pigtail Pals package. Thank you!

  14. Please enter me for the affirmation cards and Pigtail package (movie director tee). Thank you!

  15. My 4 year old would love the valentines day package – and I would love for her to have something other than princess items!

    Thanks for the chance!


  16. I would love to win your Pigtail Pals Valentine package for my kindergartner — just found you today on FB via a link from Positive Parenting Solutions…

  17. I’d love the affirmation cards. Little Miss Kickboxer just turned 2, and every evening, when she goes streaking around the house, we stand in front of the mirror and point to all the body parts that are always pretty and lovely (like her tummy or her legs or her nose) … all because it’s 1. true and 2. in the service of helping her build a healthy body image.

  18. My niece has a birthday coming up and she is devouring every book she gets her hands on! I would love to be able to give her the Candy Fairies book series! Thanks!!!

  19. Please enter my name for the books and Pigtail Pals valentines set. I think my nieces would love them! Thanks!

  20. Please enter me in the drawing for the Valentine’s Day package. I ordered the Candy Fairy books for my 7 year old daughter as a birthday gift!! Thanks for the tip!

  21. What great prizes! I’d love to win the PP Valentine’s package for Big Kid Chloe!

  22. I would love to win a copy of the fairy book. My daughter is so into reading right now and I’m always looking for positive, strong girl books for her to read.

  23. The Affirmation Cards sound wonderful! Please put me on the list for a chance to win them 😉

  24. Jaclyn w. says:

    Having 4 daughters I look to your blog daily for great info! I would like to be entered to win the books, affirmation cards or pigtail pals V-day pkg. Those books look great I went to a bookstore last week to look for a book for a 7 y o and was kinda horrified by the selection. : /

  25. Please enter me for each of the giveaways. My 7 year old wants to be a pastry chef and I know she would enjoy the books. The PP Valentines package would be perfect for her, and I love the idea of the cards. Thank you so much for speaking up for girls and helping them to keep their voices strong.

  26. Tab Martel says:

    Wow great prizes!
    Please enter me in the draw for the books, and the valentines gift pack!
    Thanks so much!

  27. Felissa Covin says:

    Please enter me in for the books and teh Valentine’s Day set!!! Thank you!!

  28. The Valentines Package or the music would be great for my daughter.

  29. Please enter me for each of the giveaways. I love your ideas (especially a Guerilla Love Attack with the cards) and would really enjoy sharing these bounties with the awesome young women in my life (including my teenaged sister, toddler daughter, and muddling-through mama).

  30. Please enter me for all of the giveaways. These items are so priceless and beautiful. My daughter would love the books. The V-day package would be great for all of us. The cards are amazing and I would love to share them with the other women and girls of my family.

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  31. What a great givewaway! My three year old loves having me read chapter books to her before bed – and she’s totally into anything fairy. Those books sound wonderful! We’re all about dancing in the livingroom (and bopping in the car) to some tunes- girl anthems? Bring it on! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  32. I would be interested in the books and the cd for my 7 year old daughter. She would love one of them!

  33. Jacki sabo says:

    Please enter me in the Valentines package, either of the books and the Love yourself cards and the cd. I have 3 daughters and they would love all of it! Your items are always wonderful!

  34. I would like to be entered for the Valentines package & the CD.

  35. Those affirmation cards are awesome! I could use them myself! And my daughter would love the Pigtail Pals Valentine package.


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