Review: TGR Body

TGR Body creator Tracee Sioux believes labels matter.

I love being outside. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I just want to be outside when I’m doing it. I also love protecting my skin, and putting healthy products on my body. Same holds true for my children, because I know how important it is to keep toxins, carcinogens, and hormone disruptors away from their tiny, developing systems.

So I’m delighted when my colleague and fellow powerhouse blogging mama Tracee Sioux of The Girl Revolution contacts me about this new line of organic, empowering body, skin, and hair care she’s developed. TGR Body was launching soon, and I replied immediately saying please send me samples.
Then I remembered it was February. In Wisconsin. It would easily be six weeks before we were outside playing and needing sunscreen. Sigh.
Fast forward to mid March…and we get our first day of nearly 60 degrees! My kids are outside, half naked in the backyard mud like white on rice. I manage to catch them long enough to mist their faces, backs and tummies with TRG Body’s Natural Beauty Sunblock Mist with SPF 30. They report back to me the spray makes them feel “fizzy”. I have no idea what that means.
While they wallow in the mud, I grab my laptop to check out Tracee’s blog post about labels, and what inspired her to create the TGR Body. The images on the labels are awesome. And unlike anything you’ve ever seen on a beauty product. About labels, Tracee says,“I wanted to use images that are bold and powerful. Images that show girls doing what girls do: swinging, biking, snowboarding, hiking. I wanted to use images that allow a girl to put herself in the image, rather than some trumped up, over hyped beauty ideal that has almost no relationship to girls’ reality. So, I chose bold and powerful silhouettes of girls doing active things for the TGR Body labels.”
I love it! Really love it. I misted some TGR Body Natural Beauty Sunblockon myself and went outside to play. The product felt light and clean and applied easily. There was the faintest hint of the summery-beachy sandy-towel aroma. The kids and I played outside in the sun from 11am-2pm, they were shirtless (I was not). They came inside covered in mud and grime and went straight to the tub, and once scrubbed clean showed no signs of “getting sun”. While they were flopping around in the tub playing killer whales, I was looking at the label again. I love the emphasis on natural beauty – both in having it and protecting it. I turned the bottle around to read the organic ingredients, and was struck by the products instructions:
Protect your natural, inherent beauty by preventing sun damage and skin cancer with this sunscreen. Spray it on exposed skin, especially face and hands. Look in the mirror and say, “I am naturally beautiful.”
Whoa! So I’ve seen plenty of products that tout organic ingredients and not being tested on animals, which I think is really great, but….
when was the last time you bought a beauty product with the instructions to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are naturally beautiful?
TGR Body is doing some really incredible stuff – with messaging, labels, environmentally responsible ingredients and packaging. I think I’m going to enjoy being a customer for a long time.
TGR products have an average price point of $15.00 and I highly recommend you try them out. Now if only Tracee could develop a potion that encourages my daughter to comb her hair.

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