Buy A Skirt For Your Daughter That Attracts Boys

If there is a contest this summer for out-of-touch advertisements trying to capture the buying power of moms by wrapping a product in cheap Dollar Store wrapping paper, I would nominate this from Skirt Sports. (Thanks Lauren K and Kim S for the heads up.)

I have to seriously question the idea of using really tired and lazy stereotypes to sell athletic apparel to women, and I have big questions about why a company would position a child’s garment as having the selling point of attracting members of the opposite sex. And why the video of the little girl shaking her bottom? I thought these skirts were for running and playing? Because that’s what the ad says, but talks about pretty colors, looking pretty, feeling like a Princess, and attracting boys. Huh?

I think this is one skirt and one company my family can do without. Because when I’m running, I hate to be underestimated, and so does my little daughter who doesn’t give a damn about looking pretty or Princesses or attracting boys.

Skirt Sports is in need of a quick chat about gender stereotypes.



  1. kristin says:

    You know … I like the product, and even liked it on Facebook. I own several of the adult versions. BUT I didn’t read the ad — just looked at the product. Now I’m upset.

  2. Pedestrienne says:

    Good grief.

    Based on imagery I saw regularly as a little girl I developed a mental connection between women exercising and men drooling over their tight outfits. I began to feel that women exercising would all be seen to just be doing it in order to attract men, and to this day I feel uncomfortable exercising in public. I don’t want assumptions like that made about me!

    I have often wondered how many other women made that same mental connection and if it has also contributed to their health later in life.

  3. This is disturbing- My daughters never cared to feel like princesses or attract boys, they just wanted to run and play, learn and be creative- we don’t need to be sexualizing our cildren- we are sending them the wrong messages right from the start..and this is so detrimental, not only to our daughters, to women, but to society…We strive to be more than our appearance..and we should be reinforcing that in our daughters.

  4. my bad. I guess I’m the only one that LAUGHED at the article like it was intended to be written. Maybe people should do something better with their free time then try to over analyze a sports clothing brand. feeling like a princess doesn’t have to mean “oh I’m a girl, I can only be a princess” like the PP said. I took it to mean feeling spoiled. Feeling like I’m *worth* having nice things. Something else we should be striving in as the PP said.
    and seriously? Attracting little boys? I really don’t think they mean that as “oh man. start breaking out the condoms parents!!!” When I read it I was like oh nice. I remember that growing up. Boys thinking they’re better than girls because they’re wearing skirts. Too bad they’re mistaken!!
    I’d be more upset at what the ad was saying THEN, about how wearing a skirt is some how negative and how little boys are being taught that. Not over some supposed “girls can’t POSSIBLY feel girly in their life” without it being negative by SOMEONE mentality. for shame.

  5. appleseed says:

    “Buy A Skirt For Your Daughter That Attracts Boys” is very creepy and objectifying. i don’t want to be judged based on how my body looks i want to be admired for what my body can do as an athlete, a dancer, AND a girl.

  6. What I love is your kickass response to it: “Because when I’m running, I hate to be underestimated, and so does my little daughter who doesn’t give a damn about looking pretty or Princesses or attracting boys.”

  7. It seems that this add was altered. In my viewing of their shopping page, the company removed the bottom section with the Warning. Perhaps this was a result of the activism from this and other sites. I hope so! Fight the good fight!

    • Hi Drew –
      What you see on my blog is a direct screen shot of the Skirt Sports website at the time I published the blog. They have since removed the end part with the “Warning”, and kudos to them for doing so.

  8. I just started reading your blog and love most of what you have to say and what you are doing. I am a strong athletic woman and love feeling pretty for myself not for anyone else. I have had the opportunity to wear a sport skirt while crossing the iron man finish line. There is something to me that shows that I do not have to look like a boy or wear boys clothing like the woman twenty years ago did when they ran a race , oh yea they even had to pretend they were men because they could not even enter the race. I love this product and know the woman behind this product. She is everything you would want your daughter to be. Athletic ( winner of many iron mans, competitive swimmer) smart ( started this business from the ground up) and strong. In my jnteractions with her, in no way would she have ment this comment but in good fun. She believes that woman are to be respected.

  9. I think there are a lot of paranoid schizophrenics out there that seem convinced that a video of a kid dancing is evidence of some evil conspiracy to sexualize children. Does anyone remember the Coppertone ad? Get a grip on reality.


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