Submarine Pop Quiz!

Grab your magic markers! It is time for a Pop Quiz!

I was told my Deborah Soriano of Submarine Kids yesterday that she did not have the time to respond to our concerns. She also said I would be hearing from her attorney. I have yet to hear from her attorney, so to pass the time….

One of these these really truly SHOULD NOT be like the other ones, but it really truly is. It isn’t the suit, it is the sultry facial expressions and pose, the “Come hither” body language that has no business on an eight year old. This particular suit itself is age appropriate. Very unfortunately, the model is being sexualized in order to sell it.

Please circle the model you think is marketing Submarine Kids swimwear. There is only one correct answer.

Okay, I know it is tricky, so I’ll give you a hint: The images are from Victoria Secrets, Playboy, Submarine Kids, and Maxim.


  1. Dang! Why can’t I be her lawyer and get paid a couple of hundred bucks to write an empty free speech/art/commercialism letter????


  2. I’d also like to talk with the parents of the models for Submarine. My child would be pulled from that shoot so quickly, it would make everyone’s heads spin.

    And, to be clear, Submarine has cute stuff and an amazing website, just make the models pose age-appropriately and they’re set. I truly can’t understand why they’re getting so fired up. Your pictures above should settle the debate instantly. They should thank us for making their products appealing to a wider audience.

  3. I don’t understand why youre going to hear from her lawyer. Is it against the rules to have a negative opinion on child sexulization? What an effed up world…

    • Hey Melissa, congrats, and welcome to the club! It’s a modicum of success imo, as one who has been trolled, threatened, verbally assaulted and lambasted ad infinitum from corp hacks and PR legal beagles out the wazoo…Just ask Lisa at PEM too!

      But guess what? As long as corps don’t see the problem, much less be part of the solution, tongues are gonna wag…and it’s our RIGHT to not only call ’em out, but to raise our kids without the commodification of childhood causing damage to their psyches.

      For more on the harmful impact of early sexualization/objectification, here’s my post on APA findings/PackagingGirlhood from 4 yrs ago, and it’s gotten worse multifold!

  4. That suit is not completely inappropriate but the posing is spot on copying sexy. Most of their swimwear and products ARE NOT age appropriate. Bikinis belong on bodies that have breasts, imo. They’re prosti-toting those child models.

  5. Anna-Catherine says:

    I want to hear what she has to say…of course she can’t say much without an attorney. Bring it on! I want this on the national media and quick! Richelle Carey did the story on HLN but I want to see it all over! This is my first time at this site but believe me it won’t ne the last time. I don’t even have kids of my own!

  6. If her lawyer contacts you with a claim that has ANY merit, I’ll send her a Yeti skin bikini w/ matching sarong.

  7. I’d be interested to see what her attorney says to you. Likely just a “stop being a meany pants” letter. It’d be kinda cool to see this go to court where you get to convince a judge that this is inappropriate sexualization.

  8. Melissa,

    I hope that the commenters on your original post who didn’t seem to get the sexualization aspect of those adds take a look at your photo spread. And well done–clearly you hit a nerve.


  9. Have you looked through their catalogue? The models remind me of that old Wham video ‘I Want your Sex’. It is seriously messed up.

  10. I was foolish enough to click on your embedded link to Submarine Kids and now I feel like I’m going to throw up.

  11. Charlene says:

    You really have a lot of time in your hands to come up with such ridiculous “quiz”. You are an embarrassment. Putting a child wearing a beautiful swimsuit and comparing her to Maxim & Playboy. Really? Shame on you! YOU are giving pervs ideas. What is it? Naked kids? Is that what you are aiming for? People like you shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. Your kids will grow up to be as ignorant as you. Too bad for them. You are sick in the head and should get treated. Good luck with your desperation on getting attention from the media.

    • LMAO.
      It’s impossible to even take you seriously. When someone is so desperate that they resort to insults and name-calling, that’s when you really know they have no argument.

  12. Wow…. I find this so disturbing. First of all, I’d like to say I had never heard of this website until I searched for Submarine on facebook. Shame on you people. This is a great line and the pictures are beautiful. I don’t feel turned on when I look at these girls and whoever does, should seek medical help. SICK!
    I’m sure someone misunderstood something, somewhere.
    I happen to love this line and totally disagree with all of you.

    • Loryn –
      I don’t feel turned on at all by Submarine Kids marketing photos. I feel sick to my stomach. Sexualization of children does that to me. Sick to my stomach.

    • It sure is SICK! Why would anyone take photos of little girls that are sexual? It’s soft-core child porn! You are so right. It’s absolutely SICK!

  13. Jessica says:

    Wow, that is just disgusting. It should be classified as child pornography, period. There is no excuse for the photograph and I would love to see what Submarine Kids has to say to justify their absolutely distasteful image.

    I wouldn’t pay .96 for a swimsuit for a CHILD and I sure as hell wouldn’t pay $96 for anything marketed at the cost of sexualizing children.

  14. if i wasnt already on your side, this post would change my mind about if these photos of kids are ok or not.

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