Submarine Swimwear Sexualization Post Brings Police To My Kitchen Table

On June 22nd I wrote a post in the form of an open letter to Deborah Soriano, CEO of Submarine Kids, a swimwear company from Miami. The post had over 14,000 views, 220-some comments, and I couldn’t keep track of how many of you told me that you had contacted Submarine to express your disgust.

I never heard much from Deborah, just a vague threat about “hearing from her attorney”. I was never contacted by her attorney, but was emailed three separate times by her business partner and the company’s social media manager, Charlene Friedrichs, to address such issues as my hair, my weight, my ugliness, my daughter’s ugliness, my bitchiness, my ugly website, and my poor husband who she hoped was blind.

My ugliness aside, Submarine didn’t seem to be understanding the issue — the sexualized images of the young girls they were using to aide them in the selling of their swimwear. Deborah Soriano spoke to CNN reporter Richelle Carey when they ran this piece from my original blog post, and Deborah went on public record to say she didn’t realize the images were offensive, and that they were just little girls playing dress up. I quote, “…girls having fun, playing ‘grown-up’ with wigs and make-up and nothing more.”

Hey Deb? When little girls play dress up, they don’t elicit comments from pedophiles about how their pursed lips are so sexy they just jerked off, and that the child would be good at oral sex and then desired for anal rape. Because that comment? That comment came in to the blog over the weekend because of the image below. And yesterday I had a police officer at my kitchen table, reviewing my blog, a screen shot of the unpublished and profane comment and IP address it came from, and  your website for Submarine Kids.

Image on homepage of Submarine Kids

Now, Debbie, I don’t know how y’all at Submarine Kids do business, but if that were my company getting that kind of response from men who want to rape little girls because of the photos on my website turned them on? Well, I’d feel like a real shithead. Of course Submarine Kids has no legal liability or responsibility over the perverted creep who wrote the comment….or do they?

When will we start to take corporate pedophilia seriously?

How is the sexualized marketing of our children and childhood products blurring that line of taboo between kids and sex? 

Candies or Abercrombie, want to weigh in? Mattel, do any of your Monster High characters have anything to say? What was that, Bratz? No? Nothing?


Well, Debbo, if it were me, I’d sell my bathing suits this way. And I’d sleep at night, knowing I didn’t put children in danger or disgrace the beauty of childhood while trying to make a buck.

This is how Pigtail Pals would advertise swimsuits for girls.

My swimsuit marketing photos would show little girls playing, not vamped up with pursed lips and Lolita eyes.


  1. Hurrah for you. This absolutely needs to be said. I will never, EVER buy clothing for my daughter from any place who a) fails to acknowledge their wrongdoing in sexualizing little girls, and b) fails to change their marketing to let little girls just be little girls once again.

    My daughter will look like a boy before she looks like a sex goddess. Sorry, Big Name Companies. I’m onto you.

  2. I have to say… of the three photos (the submarine one and then the two you posted), the one with the two girls jumping and smiling makes me want to buy a bathing suit WAY more than the submarine shot.

    I think next summer Pigtail Pals should launch a bathing suit line 🙂

  3. How could anyone with half a brain and one eyeball not see how disturbing these pictures are? The owner is full of crap. At some point someone told her “sex sells” and she went for it with gusto.

    Good for you for taking this on Mellissa!

  4. I’m sorry, I may not have any sense of fashion, I may be a big fuddy-duddy and old-school, but I don’t even think they should be making suits like that for little girls.

  5. Those photos are so disturbing and it sounds like the owner is just trying to remove the heat from herself & her company. Good for you for keeping up the fight.

    It will only be with people like you who are fighting for this cause, that change will start to happen!

  6. I absolutely agree! While we’re on the topic, though, what were the PARENTS thinking, letting their child be photographed like that?!?! If someone asked me to photograph my Caroline looking like that, their next phone call would come from a hospital bed. These companies need to be held responsible to a degree, but so do the parents who willingly let their child become a sexual object for pedophiles.

  7. Hear! Hear! Well said. I was disgusted when I saw those photos. Good on the police for getting ‘involved’.


  8. Oh, UCK! What a disturbing comment! I’m so glad you have proof in hand of what kinds of responses these ads can generate. I would do *ANY.THING* to protect my children from those kinds of perverts … including boycotting companies who stimulate that kind of thought. Wake up, marketing teams! Most of us mama’s want our kids to stay young, sweet and innocent! We don’t care to see them as pint-sized grown-ups and we KNOW they can’t handle the grown-up world yet. Instead of awkwardly defending themselves, Submarine Kids has a great opportunity to open their eyes as well as the eyes of their customers and walk a higher moral line to promote healthy, child-like joy through their ads and products. Who wouldn’t want that?

  9. I agree with your post. Frankly I am uncomfortable with bikini’s for children- period. I don’t want anything drawing attention to my children’s boobs (or lack thereof). Some people just don’t get that not all adult things can be made child size.

  10. While I agree that the submarine shot is disturbing in the extreme, I’m seeing an implication here that paedophiles ONLY go for these kind of images. I think that’s probably naive. Any photograph of a child – clothed or unclothed, sexualised or not, could end up being sleazed over by a pervert.

    I had a conversation with someone a while ago and they seemed to think that a paedophile would likely have specific things that “set them off” – blonde pigtails, maybe, or “adult attire” or even a gingham dress and patent shoes. Many are turned on by girls (or boys) wearing stuff you or I would think is “appropriate” and not “sexy” at all. I don’t know for sure but this makes sense to me. There’s probably some sick paedo out there getting off on your “clean”, wholesome, utterly appropriate photos! It just feels like a trick is being missed somewhere……

    • Hey Sam, thanks for your comment. While I never actually said, and didn’t mean to imply, that pedophiles only go for images like this, you can certainly see that when a wolf sees meat, it licks it’s chops. When little girls act like sexy older women, or suggest they are ready/willing to perform sexual acts, it blurs the line for people about where adult sexuality starts….and where it has been improperly and artificially placed far, far too early.

      You raise a good point, which is why I don’t talk about pedophiles a lot on this blog, but rather how sexualization directly impacts the children – warped sexuality, low self-esteem, poor body image, substance abuse, early promiscuity, etc. I used to work as a criminal investigator, and once assisted in the trial of a guy who had a fetish for boy’s shoes. High top sneakers, to be exact. So yes, anything can and does turn them on, and there isn’t one equation or group to lump them all into.

      BUT. But when we serve up our kids on a platter as sexually objectified images, when we live in a culture that allows a high amount of sexual inuendo within children’s products… can see where someone who already has a prediliction for children thinks it is that much more okay to view them as sexual partners, and that it isn’t as culturally taboo as it should be.

      • Thank you for that! I was thinking the same thing Sam was, and your succinct reply reassured me that it is not merely pedophiles who should worry us when we see sexualized children.

  11. That Submarine site? One of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in a long time. And I can’t believe they threatened you with a lawyer and then sent catty emails. Clearly incompetent business people. I’m not their target audience (not being a pedophile myself) but I would never buy their crap after hearing about this.

  12. Keep up the good work!

  13. I’m completely horrified by the comment you received and good on your for calling the cops, but strangely enough that isn’t what is so shocking about this post. I can’t believe the unprofessional manner in which you were treated by someone that worked for that company. That’s like a bunch of girls gossiping and then trying to cyber bully someone. Really? What are they? 12? If she was unhappy with your post and disagreed with you they should have at least stated their views in a professional manner. That just blows my mind. And if that business is ran in that unprofessional of a manner then you won’t have to worry about them posting trashy photos for very much longer.

  14. I can’t believe their response to you. Clearly you have hit a nerve. Keep it up!

  15. Thank you! What horribly inept people at Submarine Swimwear. I dearly hope they read this post!

  16. Thank you for carrying on the fight Melissa! You are awesome and as a father of a teen daughter, I’m so glad that there are people out there like you fighting to create an environment where our daughters aren’t goaded to grow up faster than they ought by glossy marketing. Thank you for turning me on to this Submarine girls mess, I’ll be putting up a post on my own site with a link back and getting all the dads who follow to speak up about this as well!

    People like the CEO you mentioned need to know that there are moms and dads out here who will stand together and with a loud voice call them out for mess like this!

  17. Thanks for this! I sent the company a complaint and will be alerting all of my mommy friends.

  18. Well, I also called the company via the number from your first post. I told the woman who answered the phone that I felt the advertisement was very inappropriate and that the girls look like they are playing dress-up as porn stars. Her response was “then you should go and rent one”. Okay… I’m even more compelled now to spread the word.

  19. Kick ass post. Submarine should be ashamed of themselves.

  20. You’re AWESOME!

  21. What does your looks, your daughters looks or the weight of any of you have anything to do with their pathetic attempts at advertising? It’s curious when the only response they have is to attack you personally instead of addressing the issues. I can see where your hair caused them to put up such blatantly sexualized pictures of young children. Oh wait, nope, that was their stupidity.

    I love the pictures you took, I love the idea of letting kids be kids. Now those are swimsuits I’d buy!

  22. I have no problems with girls playing dress up or even playing with make-up, but I know when my sister and I played with my mom’s make up as kids, we were lucky if we could get the lipstick on our lips straight – we certainly didn’t look like kittens on the prowl! (although maybe a little more like clowns!) No. This is disturbing and the retailers comments in the news story are back peddling, big time.

    • Bingo!

      Child-directed dress up is wonderful free play that children benefit from. I don’t mind when my kids play dress up, or even when they use make up. It is children *practicing* at being adults.

      It is another matter entirely when the children are made up by adults to look like sexy mini-adults. That isn’t dress up, that is sexploitation to drive a company’s sales. And it is despicable.

      cc: commentor @LL

  23. Maybe I am missing something but I don’t see anything wrong with the photos? Little girls like to dress up like grown ups. Should I tell my 4 year old that she shouldn’t dress TOO grown up because she might get raped?! Should I raise her in fear making sure her skirts cover up enough flesh & her makeup is not too “Slutty” so as to prevent “provoking” adults to pedophilia(sp?)?! What kind of culture do we live in where it is ok to dissect every damn thing women & girls wear & pick them apart & accuse them of being too THIS or not enough THAT. If you ask me this attitude that little girls have to live within this rigid dress code and act a certain way, its just causing the low self esteem, etc. that you claim these photos are causing. My baby should be able to walk down Sunset Blvd in her birthday suit without a single adult having a sexual thought! Who cares if a little girl puts on a bikini & a wig & makes a kissy face? I didn’t interpret that as sexual its a child for goodness sake!!! And idk cuz I didn’t read the original comment but did u think that just maybe the “pedophile” that left that comment might have just been some sarcastic douchbag trying to make a point that no matter what a six year old does or wears it does not excuse an adult interpreting that as a sexual gesture? Pedophiles & rapists need to be held accountable for their actions. Period. The problem is NOT and never was little girls or women dressing too “sexy.”

    • Yes, LL, you are missing something.

      • Do enlighten me …

        • LL-
          You are right that little girls (and boys) like to dress up, and like to dress up like grown ups. These photos aren’t “dress up play”, LL. They are sexualized images of little girls made up and posed, objectified in a very Lolita sort of way. Your 4yo girl doesn’t look like this when she dresses up. THAT is what I want you to see the problem with, that this isn’t natural dress up or play for girls. This is adults dressing little girls up, and making them look sexy.

          But little girls don’t know how to dress up like grown ups who are dressed down and infantalized to look “sexy forever young”. Look at how much of porn fetishism uses childish images: lollipops, pigtails, Uh oh! faces, knocked knees, knee socks and school girl skirts…..It’s like a no man’s land, and our kids are caught in the middle.

          As for your other comments about your daughter getting raped because of how she dressed up….that sounds to me like victim blaming. (“She had it coming, look how she was dressed.” “She was dressed like a slut.” “Can’t rape a whore.”) Children are raped when they are allowed access to people who have gained their trust and hurt them, or in instances of violent crime. What they are wearing has very little to do with it. But images like this, what she is wearing and how she is posing, the Lolita eyes and puckered lips and starfish near her hips, DIRECTLY fuel sexual desires for children from pedophiles, and slides the bar of taboo that it is okay to want to f*ck kids and that kids want to be f*cked. There is a very big problem with young girls dressing to sexy, when they are too young to understand the messages and sexual cues their dress/actions give off. If you want to excuse that as dress up, I can’t help you much.

          As for the comment, and you questioning if it was left by a ‘sarcastic douchebag’, no, I don’t think that. Because of my years of experience as a criminal investigator, focusing on sex crimes, I think that when someone leaves a detailed description of how he masturbated to the image and then wants to rape her, I think that goes beyond ‘sarcastic douchbag’.

  24. Cakes and Other Goodies says:

    do children really need to be in the picture in the clothing for you to choose it for them? measuring the pieces and measuring your child will certainly suffice.

  25. AmyAmyAmy says:

    Melissa, you rock. Seriously.

  26. I always wanted a daughter & was blessed with 3 beautiful boys-no daughter for me. This is one of the times when I’m actually glad I don’t have to contend with this ugly sexualiztion. Who really in their right mind would even consider buying clothing (if you could actually call it that) from this company? Marketing, by design, is supposed to get the consumer to think, “if I buy this item my life will be like the life in the photo…my house will look like this if I buy this furniture, I will be so much happier like the people in the photos if I take this vacation, I will be so much cooler like the model in the ad if I buy this car”. Seriously???? Who would ever WANT their daughter to look like this poor exploited child model? This is not Abercrombie trying to sell sex to my 13 year old son raging with hormones (that’s entirely bad enough), this is the closest legal thing I’ve seen to child pornography. I can’t believe anyone can’t see that-much less go to the lengths that they have to defend it. Are you sure something isn’t going on behind the scenes at that company? I went back & looked at the picture again-I can’t see how any person with a level head could think that photo is appropriate.

    Good for you, Melissa, for taking a stand & sticking to your position even when things got ugly!!! If we had more people in this world willing to stand up for what is morally right, this world would be a much better place!!

    • Don’t forget that boys are affected by sexualization too!!!

      • Boys are absolutely affected by this. It is a children’s rights issue.

        But….do you ever see marketing like this using boys? I don’t. That is why I focus on girls, because they are used as a commodity and I will not stand for it.

  27. Damn, you rock!

  28. I clicked the link (before seeing the picture here) thinking I would see some dumb over the top stuff like those horrible pageants they force little girls intp, but this stuff was beyond my imagination. They appear to be standing in the street by themselves, the camera is at their level, which makes them seem much bigger than they are, and they’re blowing me kisses! It’s insane.

  29. The Divine Ms Beth says:

    Good for you. Don’t take crap. You’re standing up for girls everywhere. 😀

  30. I have two daughters and am grateful that there are folks looking out for them like you. My girls like to play dress up and the toys sold for this purpose seem quite inappropriate as well. When I was a kid (how often do you hear that;-)) I dressed up in my parents’ old clothing, not skimpy little satin/sequin minis and high heels in kid sizes. It’s SO hard to explain this to well meaning relatives who just see what’s in the toy store and want to spoil the kids. I end up seeming neurotic or over controlling, when in fact I am a pretty relaxed parent who simply wants her girls’ childhood to stay a childhood. Adulthood comes soon enough and lasts a long time, why rush things.

  31. Thank you for having the courage to stand up on this matter and make others aware of it! I am an ex-pat, so I don’t see these ads where I live, so thank you for drawing it to my attention. I will never buy from this company or any like it.

  32. Melissa,

    As usual, I am cheering your fierce stand for our daughters. I am so sorry that you had to cope with that response, but I respect you a tiny bit more than I already did for taking it to the police instead of simply deleting it.

    As for the unprofessional comments from Submarine, they had already lost me as a potential customer. Now they have convinced me to be an even more vocal opponent. Hang in there!


  33. WOW! I spent some time on the Submarine site, just to see if this kind of theme carried on throughout…and, not surprisingly, it does. Some of the suits themselves are okay (and others, well…not ones that even my 13 yr. old would want to wear, thankfully)…but what strikes me the most…is the unnatural ways in which the girls are made up for the shots…wigs, make-up,long,dangling earrings, etc (which even a Lolita would not wear for swimming)….I see objectification in more than a handful of images. And in some of the poses, it’s just not the way a kid would stand/pose. I suppose some could say, “You are reading way too much into this…this is all in your SICK mind”…but having worked with kids who have been objecified, sexualized and sexually abused (on more than a few occasions)…I have to say that this is unsettling. I’m not suggesting in any way that any of these children have been abused or harmed in any OBVIOUS way. But, they have been objectified and sexualized. Why stick a flower over a kid’s head, cover up their entire face and show just their body in a posed fashion? Why not just put the suit on a headless mannequin?

    Dress-up play is one thing. I see it all the time while doing mental health observations for early childhood programs. The game changes when adults step in, provide wigs, apply the make-up and suggest the poses. NO…this is definitely NOT child’s play. NOT at all.

    Preserve childhood. Save our children!

    Oh, and those suits that are “suitable” on this site? I wouldn’t buy them, now. You couldn’t pay me to have my daughter wear one after I heard how they treated you and your daughter. Playing nice counts…in how we treat children…and in how we treat each other.

  34. I’m horrified by these ads, as you are, and am so thankful for your site and your willingness to call this company out. I’m also shocked that the SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER would actually type and send such juvenile and insulting comments~shouldn’t she know more than anyone how that never goes away? Wow….
    I’m sure glad she acted like an idiot, though. It highlights the unprofessional conduct of this company in so many ways. I also was shocked by the response one follower had above when she phoned the company to complain about the ads. Holy smokes, batman! The whole company needs a revamp. Maybe you should apply for the job? =)

  35. Keep up the good fight. If I had a daughter, I would never let her wear those suits because of the objectifying this company has demonstrated.

    Though in my opinion, Submarine know exactly what they are doing and are going to continue to do so to sell to their customer base, those “trendy” parents who shop at the best specialty stores. Which to me equates to parents who have no problem spending tons of money on top designer labels just because it’s designer labels. The parents who buy these suits likely only care about one thing, objectifying their kids to be figure pieces in their social circles.
    Which as one person started to catch on above, the other segment of their clientele are the Pageant baby parents. Those images are exactly what they are trying to make their kids into and will do what ever is necessary to win.

    And LL above definiatly miss the point. By saying that the rigid dress code is killing girls self esteem would imply that letting them wear this would let them have high self esteem. The problem is that images like this will effect a girls self esteem, that they have to look like this or they don’t look good. I do agree with the one aspect on the dress code, they should be learning that it’s not the clothing that gives high self esteem, they should be able to feel like they look good in what ever they wear. The girls who want this and the parents who buy this are not trying to have a choice of things to wear, they believe that they need this outfit to look good. While wearing it, they may appear like they have high self esteem because they can wear this, but it’s just a facade because they can’t wear anything else.

    That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  36. Will definitely check out the company — don’t want to even write their name and thereby give them a single byte of publicity!

  37. Vanessa says:

    I wrote a letter to a CEO of a huge company a year ago to address the problem that I had with their filthy and sexually charged advertisements. I went so far as to call them disgusting. My letter was heated, because I felt that this company – who is so well known that anyone and everyone would recognize their name – was using material that was completely inappropriate. I too received a response. An extremely professional one at that. The letter was so well written that it almost made me feel guilty for how rude I was.

    They thanked me for expressing my concerns. They acknowledged that not everyone agrees with their form of advertising. They expressed gratitude for living in a country that allows freedom of expression. While they regretted that I did not favor their advertisements, they sincerely hoped that I would take a look at their other more family-friendly ads. And, of course, they promised to stand by their high standard of customer service should I choose to do business with them.

    Wow. I was taken aback by that letter. Over a year has passed, and I still think about it. Whoever wrote that letter is that company’s most prized asset because that individual recognizes one thing: While they market their business as they see fit, when disapproval is targeted at them, they will handle it in a courteous and professional manner. For the record, that letter led me to do business with this company. They provide a service I use daily, so I chose to go with them over a competitor BECAUSE OF THAT LETTER.

    To personally attack you and your family was extremely immature of Submarine Kids, and by doing so, all their social media representative did was further associate the company with integrity-deficient and lewd behavior. As for the CEO, her threat to involve an attorney is mind-boggling, considering that HER ACTIONS could very well contribute to crimes against children. What will her argument be? That someone did not like that she made children act like future Hugh Hefner playmates? Excuse me while I submit her nomination to the Guinness Book of World Records for the Least Amount of Common Sense.

  38. Couldn’t agree more with Vanessa (above post.) I am not sure how a personal attack on you is considered appropriate. Thank you for taking a stand to protect our children from the onslaught of over-sexualized advertising and inappropriate messaging.

  39. I’m so glad you spoke up about this and shared the response. That response from the company was so unprofessional, juvenile, and frankly laughable. Great post, and great topic.

  40. Good for you on voicing your opinion and being brave enough to do what not many others would! I applaud YOU! The word sexy, in my opinion, should not be anywhere NEAR, Little Girls…… children need to remain children…. and as for the men with their comments … they need to be caught and names and shamed (a lot more I would like to do to them) but the Lord says ‘ vengence is mine’. The will get their due, if now now, one day!

  41. teresa ackroyd says:

    It’s bad enough that my teens have to be told almost every day that their clothing choices do not meet the school dress code and need to be modified. At least they have an understanding somewhat of the messages involved, after all our clothes are humans’ version of feathers and raised hackles. Can’t stand this kind of exploitation. Damaging and unnecessary.

  42. I just went to check out this site & I was SHOCKED!!! They had things on there that my 18 year old daughter wouldn’t wear. To see the full catalog, I would have had to download it & I DO NOT want that kind of garbage in my computer. Praises to you for standing up for our children. Keep up the good work.

  43. IrishBrat38 says:

    Kids are already in a hurry to grow up fast. They don’t need ADULTS pushing them to get there even faster…oh say, by 5 years old! For those of you who seem to see no problem with this I say if you’re slathering the child in make-up and false eyelashes and making them pose “sexy” for the camera…THAT ISN’T dress up people! Not to mention, dress up is played in the safety of their own homes without the public’s scrutiny. Is it a wonder that our kids are having sex at younger and younger ages? They are the victims here. Ads like this confuse a little girl into thinking a “healthy relationship” is defined on how you look and what you’re willing to do instead of showing them there worth as people. Keep up the good work!

  44. IrishBrat38 says:

    Oops that should say their worth…Dah! This just makes me so angry!

  45. I went to their website to see for myself, and am in complete agreement with you! I have sent them a message in hopes that if they hear from enough people, maybe it will make a difference. GOOD FOR YOU for doing what is right!

  46. Jamie williams says:

    i just went to their website clicked the contact us button and gave em a piece of mind. and i think everyone should do just that. disgusting!!!!

  47. As someone who has done child advocacy lobbying, I am appalled by this marketing ploy. The integrity of the children is being sold out, to sell a product. The fact the company is responding with hate and anger, over the vocalized concerns of adults, for these children, is an outrage. Every response they give that is not a professional and appropriate response given the concern raised, goes to show they are more interested in protecting the product rather than the integrity of these children.

    My other concern is, where are the parents of these models being used?

    I think for every call made to the company, a call should also be placed to a local authority that can do follow up on the marketing practices of this company. Get their lawmakers involved. I’m pretty sure they’d be just as appalled and can provide a bigger and more local voice to follow through with the concerns.

    • I totally agree. But my beef isn’t as much with the company as with the parents of these children.

      I mean seriously – that’s your daughter you’re parading around!

  48. The first swimwear picture makes me sick. I’m so glad you’ve spoken out. On behalf of my nearly nine year old daughter who has to live in this world pushing girls to grow up too fast, thank you.

  49. This is a subject dear to my heart. Thank you for writing it, and for bringing it to the attention of so many people. That is how we create a movement of change, bringing all of us together.

    Just like the group of 15 year old girls who stopped A&F from selling those t-shirts.


  50. christine says:

    I’m on FB. My friend linked to this blog post a few days ago.

    I was reading Regretsy today and found a post about…a similar example of disturbing advertising.

    Like, makes me physically ill similar.

    If you want to tackle this issue again, look into Yelo Magazine and their “kid” photos.

    • Hi Christine –
      I actually had someone else on facebook share the Regretsy link I think you are discussing in regards to Yelo Magazine. I will look into it for sure.

  51. Just wanted to say thank you for standing up on this issue! We can all learn from your example and change the way that America thinks about advertising.

  52. great post, and i couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote. skechers, forever21, the list of companies putting women and girls FAR from first is just soooo long.

  53. I’m so sad. I was so excited to find Submarine swimsuits online at a boutique…they weren’t the kind you have shown here. They were a 50’s cut, one-piece, with short legs built in. The material was nice quality, thick so it didn’t show through when it got wet. I bought Juliana 2 of them, on clearance, at over 30 bucks each. Decided the modesty was worth it. Sadly, our little girl has just grown out of them and I was hoping to find them in a larger size than 6…….couldn’t find anything but 2-piece, and ran across your page. 🙁 My little girl will not be wearing anything from this company in the bigger girl sizes. Shame on you, Submarine……..let our little girls remain modest and innocent.

  54. I showed the pictures to my 13 year old and her response is that the pictures were inappropriate.

  55. Holy crap, I had no idea about this subsequent post and what sparked it. Gross, gross, gross, and gross. So sorry you had to read it, so sorry these idiots at Submarine can’t see the forest for the trees. But every time I bring this subject up lately, I feel like all I get are “oh it’s no big deal,” and “some girls just like pink.” GAH. Very frustrating.

  56. I am going to launch a swimwear line for tweens in November called Tangerine . I just saw this site. I could not believe it! My line is all about modesty with fashion for these young ladies who are in between girls and teens. A line that appeals to the girl and their mothers.
    I hope I can compete without these disgusting marketing strageties. I guess if Iit does not work then the girls and i still have our integrity left.

    • Victoria –
      I would love to talk to you about your line, see a sneak peek, and help you promote during your launch. Best of luck to you!!

      You are very correct, you only get one chance to lose your integrity.

      Please email me at info (at) pigtailpals (dot) com.

  57. Sadly, this photo is still up at their website.

  58. I came across an adorable Submarine Swimsuit at a consignment shop for my baby girl who was a year old at the time. Ruffles, boycut, 50’s style. SUPER cute. So the next summer I went looking for another “Submarine” swimsuit. I was outraged and appalled at the way they did their models up. I certainly will NOT be purchasing from them again.

  59. I seriously became physically sick. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Where the he** are these kids’ parents?!! What is wrong with this company?! What kind of nasty person buys from this company?! These poor kids are probably being viewed by pedophiles every day on their website. I looked at it and it just gets worse! I e-mailed them a piece of my mind. I also e-mailed the Miami news station. I can’t believe that with Aeropostale and American apparel getting blown up in news for their advertising methods and push up swim suits that THIS site isn’t either. This is absolutely disgusting. I wouldn’t take one of their swim suits for free. There needs to be a child protection law. I’m still in shock that anyone would do this to a child for a product and that any parent would let their child do this. I just can’t help wondering how many pedophiles are physically around those kids in their immediate family and the companys’ workers. Who else would advertise like this? Not normal people with a moral backbone.

  60. I love Submarine swimwear but have always felt that the photos & poses they used with these kids was extremely inappropriate. I’ve always felt uncomfortable with how the suits are portrayed on these girls. And I’m the mother of 2 girls myself. As much as I love the swimsuits, I won’t be buying them being advertised this way.

  61. Oh & the swimsuit I did purchase was like another mum above – it was a 50’s style one piece with boyleg & ruffles. Really cute & I bought it from an online store – they only showed a photo of the suit not one with the suit on a model. Some of their suits really are beautiful & well made. It’s a shame that aren’t portrayed more innocently. Sunshine & having fun – not garish, overtly sexual imagery that makes you feel like you need a shower after looking at them. Ick.

  62. Wow! Although their response was very unprofessional and appalling, I don’t see anything wrong with their marketing personally. I think they are cute ads myself. I guess one would have to have a personal idea of pedophilia in their own mind to get those disgusting ideas. The thing is, that is what a pedophile does so no matter if they use their marketing or yours, a pedophile will get the same impression because they have a sick mind. As a matter of fact, the more “young and innocent” a child looks, the more “turned on” they will become. I know you are putting yourself up on a pedestal and feel more “superior” to those “other” marketing strategies, and I think your ad ideas are just as cute, but a pedophile will get the same disgusting ideas no matter which image they see, and sadly, probably more so from yours.

  63. These kind of photo shoots are STILL being done for this company! March 1st, 2016 a male photographer by the name of Michael McCabe photographed girls ranging in ages 10-13 in very provocative poses in the everglades for this company, and in one of the photos, SHARED BY THE MOTHER ON FB, it showed one of the girls appearing topless, with her hair covering all of her top. It’s disgusting, and this man shoots TONS of young girls in this manner!! Disgusting, and I only hope CPS finds out about it and comes down hard on photographer and parents, alike.


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