Book Review: The Happiest Mom

"The Happiest Mom" by Meagan Francis

I view motherhood as a privilege. I think it is very special to be responsible for two little people, and show them what life is all about. I had a hard time getting pregnant, difficult pregnancies, and childbirth was no picnic. So while I don’t necessarily enjoy making humans, I really enjoy raising them. I think kids, especially mine, are fantastic.

Most of the time.

Mommyhood is, well, really hard work. I’ve been known to say it is a ‘no bullshitter’. But being a mom means you get to experience childhood all over again, this time through the eyes of the tiny people you love the most. At what other time in life do you get to be wildly excited about things as amazing as the Tooth Fairy, googly-eye art projects, new sneakers, and learning something new every day?

The trick, of course, is for parents to find a way to enjoy the hard work and not lose yourself during the years of diaper changes and midnight feedings and runny noses and sibling fights and dinner needing to be made. Moms need a way to find the joy, and put the nitty gritty stuff into perspective.

I love Meagan Francis’ book “The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood”. It is a fun and quick read, which is perfect for moms who need some reflection without having a lot of time to do it. Her chapters are full of really sound advice, and it should be noted that Meagan is a mom of five, so this gal knows a thing or two about raising a crew of kids. As Meagan says, “We can learn to deal with the hard stuff, let go of what doesn’t matter, and enjoy our lives as mothers.”

“The Happiest Mom” is simple, honest, and funny. I think that is a spot-on description for a great mom, too. Simple. Honest. Funny.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran mom, a new mom, or a mom who knows someone about to have a baby, I think y’all should grab this book and make a commitment to be happy.

*Excellent baby shower gift!*


  1. If all moms in the world would be happy finding the joy of running nose, the world will be a great place to be 🙂 Thank you for this article and great blog! evviva la mamma 🙂

  2. Melissa,
    I think you are AMAZING! I just discovered your blog and after reading ‘Waking up Awesome’ I was in tears. Thank you so much for reminding the masses that it TRULY is an honor and a privilege to be a parent.
    With love,
    Zev’s Mom

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