Kiddie Crotchless Panties

Yeah, you read that correctly. They really exist. 

I know, my head exploded, too. If ever three words did not belong together, they would be it.

Here’s the back story, in case you haven’t heard: A new store named Kids N Teen opened a couple of weeks ago in the Greeley Mall in Colorado. A mom and her 7 year old daughter were shopping there when they came upon crotchless and thong panties, in children’s sizes. Nick McGurk from Channel 9 has a great report here.

We’re going to hear directly from the mom and her little girl in a bit, specifically about the moment when one of the store owners, a man around 40 years old, told the 7 year old girl the price of the crotchless panties and asked if she wanted a pair. Yes, you read that correctly. I know, my head exploded, too.

I was told about two conversations had by two different people with one of the owners of the shop, who justified the selling of crotchless panties in children’s sizes with this:

1. Approximately 25% of their inventory is dedicated to teens.

2. Parents take their teens shopping at Victoria’s Secret, and Victoria’s Secret carries them.

Putting aside the argument that crotchless panties are not appropriate for teens shopping at Kids N Teen, and the small detail that the legal age for consent is 18 years old….I wanted to check up on the Victoria’s Secret claim, because crotchless panties are usually considered an adult bedroom novelty and NOT sold at places like Victoria’s Secret. They are sold in sex shops. And, apparently, Kids N Teen.

So I called my local Victoria’s Secret — nope, they do not carry crotchless panties and never have.

Next I called the Victoria’s Secret in the Greeley Mall, just down the way from Kids N Teen. (Also, I told a little white lie…)

Victoria’s Secret salesperson: “Hello, Victoria’s Secret. Can I help you?”

Me: “Hi, I have a bachelorette party this weekend, and I’m in charge of buying the bride some racy panties. Do you carry anything like, um, crotchless panties?”

VS: “No. We don’t carry items like that. We have lingerie and thongs, but those are usually found at a place like Spencer’s Gifts, or maybe like a novelty shop. Usually the really racy things like crotchless panties or edible panties are at the novelty shops.”

Me: “Oh, I see. ‘Novelty shop’, do you mean like a sex shop? But nowhere in the mall would carrystuff like that?”

VS: “No, probably not. Usually you have to go to a novelty shop for those kind of racier items.”

Me: “Huh. Okay, this is the weirdest phone call I’ve ever made. Thanks so much for your help.”

I’m not really in the market for crotchless panties, but now I know I can get them at sex shops. Or, Kids N Teen, right across from the toddler play space, if I live in Greeley Colorado.

I am sending someone to the store today to confirm the crotchless panties are gone. I hear they are still selling the thongs. They are hanging next to the animal-print strappy heels in children’s sizes, and the slinky bathrobes.

If the owners of Kids N Teen ever answer their phone, I’ve got a list of questions for them, including who manufactures kiddie crotchless panties, why Kids N Teen purchased and stocked them, and why Kids N Teen is attempting to sell them to minors.

I’m going to go scrub my eyeballs now.


  1. Wow, this store is so FINISHED. On the edge of my seat to read more updates on this. Seriously, he asked the 7 year old IF SHE WOULD LIKE A PAIR??! SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’ve gotten so jaded I automatically assumed this would be some creepy toddler ‘convenience wear for wiping’ remarketed/repurposed under the guise of some other design need (like ice skating tights or gymnastics wear, which is what I was told by LimitedToo when they stocked thongs for tweens and I confronted them w/”wth” incredulity way back when).

      Alas, huge elephant in the living room continuing to leave me gobsmacked: WHO are the people purchasing these items w/mini-me cues dialing down age compression to diaper stage? The “throwing acid on their innocence” Sen Harkin quote definitely applies…

  2. This is sickening … it has pedophilia written all over it. I hate that it even exists but I’m glad you are on top of it. I have to go shower now …

  3. Yuck. Just yuck. I can’t even begin to understand the thought process there.

  4. Thank you for telling this story. Disturbing to say the least, but much more an eye opener to what we shouldn’t trust as far as children’s/ teen retailers.

  5. first. I am 42 years old, and have never considered myself middle aged until I read this blog post. *sigh*

    Second. Holy f*ing that guy should be ARRESTED FOR SOLICITING A CHILD!!!!

  6. Can a police officer be sent to tell the shop owner that the taxpayers will pay for the price of his orange jumpsuit and ask if he needs to come along right now and try it on down at the station?

  7. I can’t even put into words how disturbing this is.


    Seriously, how did that mom not start screaming when some dirty old man asked her 7yr old is she wanted those???? This is sick…. So sick, I can’t quite wrap my mind around it.

    • If any sales rep was to approach my 7 yr old daughter and ask if she want’s a pair; the police would have to be called in extreme short order as I would throttle the person ON THE SPOT. And then press charges against sales rep for solicitation. there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING asides from a pedophile agenda that would make even remote sense. That store deserves to be boycotted if they still carry that product.It doesn’t even matter if the item was made in China where prior to the Olympics in Beijing there was something close to crotchless pants, but you had to squat for that to happen, they almost looked normal when you were standing. And that issue was resolved by the rest of the world donating millions of disposable diapers.

  9. Disgusting!! Gives me the creeps just to think of it.

  10. As a grown woman, I’m somewhat familiar with lingerie stores. Frederick’s of Hollywood sells ‘racy’ panties, but their XS has a waist of 25″ – much larger than your average seven year old. However, while mothers do take their teenaged daughters to Victoria’s Secret, Fred’s is usually not on the ‘mother/daughter shopping trip’ list.

    • Agreed. As an adult, I love Frederick’s because it’s, well, awfully trashy sometimes. But I wouldn’t dream of bringing my kids in there.

  11. Tab Martel says:

    disturbed, disgusted and horrified..

  12. The news report said that the panties were for TEENAGED girls. WHEW, that’s MUCH better. That’s what I tell the girls in my life–no crotchless panties ’til you get your period, girls! Then, WHOOP IT UP! Seriously, W.T.F.!?!?!?!?!

    • There are no words.

    • Seriously!!! It’s disturbing that so often in these types of situations we hear “oh, that’s not for kids; it’s for teenagers.”

      Well, guess what, retailers, teenager girls shouldn’t be wearing sex undies, either!

  13. Stephanie Alford says:

    Just …. no … what manufacturer thought that was a good idea?

  14. I’m lightheaded and nauseous right now. That is just… oh my god. I can’t believe he suggested that to a 7 year old! I would (and will) never frequent that store, especially now! Ugh.

  15. So seriously, I would not be surprised if you come to find that the manufacturer–or whoever it comes down to as the person who made this decision and got it started–IS and actual pedophile. I really think that.

  16. ??!!??!!??!?!?!?!??!??!??!!??!!??!??!??!!!??!??!?!!!??!??!!??!!??!!??!!

  17. HOW is there not a protest outside this store already? I have no problem with adults buying whatever they want, but the very name of this store is “Kids N Teens”! There is no adult clothing; only clothes for minors. This is not appropriate for any minor to wear, and is inappropriate for younger children even to be exposed to. I’m sure the mother who discovered these has had some conversations she hadn’t expected to encounter for quite some time. I would not buy anything from this store.

  18. What type of man offers that product to a little girl… just saying.

  19. TheNextMartha says:


  20. OK, I consider myself a pretty open minded person..but are you kidding me..kiddie crotchless panties?!! How and what do you say to child about crotchless panties?!!OMG! Why the H, E, double L would a “CHILD” have any use for crotchless panties anyway?!! I don’t believe there is ANY logical reason for this! And why is a 40 yr. old “MAN” doing trying to sell a 7 yr. old “GIRL” a pair of crotchless panties?!! I would have lost my mind AND my mouth on that man! Aren’t we supposed to protect the innocence of our children as much as we can?? SICK!!!!

  21. There are no words is really all I can say.

  22. My husband, my husband’s unit and his best friend are just about ready to do a recon mission on this store. I have a 7-yr. old and this just makes me sick!

  23. Mike French says:

    I’m Mike French the out raged parents whom where on channel 9 News about this issue. Victoria secrets do not sell chotchless panties. They sell tasteful products, and still require being accomied by an adult. These sicko’s should not be deflecting thier moral depravvities

    • Hi Mike –
      Thanks for the phone call tonight. Your family? Is full of awesome. Thanks for speaking out against this. We need more parents like you guys to bring some common sense back into this world!

    • Hi Mike,
      I went to college with Erin and have been trying to find her. I don’t know if you will still see this feed, but I’d like to get back in touch with her. I am on Facebook and I’m sure she remembers my last name. I also still have the same phone number. If you could pass along this message, I would sure appreciate it.

  24. Actually, the age of consent in Colorado is 17, but that doesn’t excuse selling crotchless panties at a store for CHILDREN!

  25. Hi there, my name is Paige. I am the one that was offered to buy crotchless panties at the new store in the Greeley Mall. And let me remind you I am only 7 years old. When the man first came up to me and tried to sell me the panties I didn’t know what to say, because I didnt know exactly what it was. I’ve never seen undies like that before. After my mom explained to me what they were, I felt disgusted and sick to my stomach. I would want to see this store closed down eventhough they took the panties off the shelf. I will be writting more to Melissa and giving her a picture of me. Thank you for reading. -Paige F.

    • Hi Paige –
      I got to talk to your mom and auntie today while you were at school. Your mom was telling me about how awesome you are, and the things you said about your reaction to your trip to the mall. I’m really proud of what you said to that man, and how mature you are for understanding how wrong this is. There are a lot of moms and dads tonight across this country that are so proud of you three for speaking out against this.
      I’m really excited to read what you write to me, and I am really proud of you, your mom, and Aunt Erin.
      🙂 Melissa

  26. OK, I admit, for a moment I was sure it was just a misunderstanding. I’ve had friends who practiced ‘elimination communication’ with their babies, and they used special pants that were split at the crotch to allow for easy pottying. I thought for sure that’s what this story was going to be about! I was wrong though! If they really are marketing pants like that to teens, that’s just inappropriate and gross!

  27. The employee you spoke to from VS is full of crap
    I’ve SEEN crotchless panties right along side their nipple less camisoles/bras

    That being said that store that sells that crap tO kids should be shut down

    • Marie –
      I spoke with two different Victoria’s Secret stores, and had it confirmed they do not sell crotchless panties. Maybe you were looking at garter belts? I have been a VS customer for a long time and have never seen them in stores. None the less, we can agree that they should not be made or sold to kids.

      • I have never seen any at VS either. I am pretty sure they do not sell that, as the VS employee informed you. Even their lingerie is tasteful and not that “slinky.” Products like crotchless underwear are sold at novelty shops.

        I cannot believe this exists for teens/kids. I just don’t get it. That should be heavily regulated and NOT allowed in any way to be sold to ANYONE under the age of 18!!

      • Hi- I know this is personal, but I have purchased crotchless panties at VS. In the store at the Mall of America in MN for valentines day a few years ago. However, I do believe that is the only time I have seen them there.

    • VS does sell nipple-less bras and crotchless panties; but RARELY in their stores. It’s in a special catalog that requires an age check to even sign up for. Also, I’ve been to VS’s in which the employees refused to sell the “scanty” lingerie to girls who were definitely under 13. I’ve even seen one employee ask a girl if her mother knew what she was buying; turned out the girl just needed a new bra, was too embarrassed to bring mom along, and just grabbed the first one she saw without understanding the implications. The employee was kind enough to explain to the girl that underwear shopping is nothing to be embarrassed about and offered to help her find something “more practical”.

      Point is, despite people complaining about VS “promoting unhealthy body types”, “objectifying women”, etc., I still find them relatively tasteful when it comes to selling lingerie. Also, their models aren’t all the stick-thin types; makes their bras seem more credible in quality.

  28. Call or Protesting that store or that mall isn’t the only thing that should be done. Someone needs to find who manufactures these. Maybe get a picture of the package ( please don’t purchase) to post. It’s almost unbelievable because it’s so hanious. Also every store has a ” buyer” who picks the season products, for this you’d gave to go to coorprate (if it’s a chain).
    Does anyone have connections to a larger news station to get this out nationally because this is the most horrendous thing I’ve heard of in a long time.

    • I agree Jessica! Bill O’reilly definitely would talk about this and probably encourage a boycott of manufacture.

      Is this really that surprising, Walmart sells thongs to teens, so why would stores think selling crotchless panties to teens is that bad. Is there a crotch with thongs?

  29. I am disgusted and engulfed in motherly protective outrage!!

  30. Is that not illegal?? It should be! That is beyond inappropriate. There are no words. No words. How awful. This is like a sick joke, but it’s real 🙁

  31. I hate this. Makes me nauseous. Our daughters are under attack by creeps and it is pervasive throughout society and most marketing.


  32. Heather – it doesn’t need to be illegal. Do you see the reaction here? All we need to do is get the word out, and that store will go out of business REAL soon. No one will shop there! People will protest. The news channels will continue to cover the story. And store owners will learn very quickly that it is not in their best interest to do anything like this!

    • Agreed, Mary! We (women) don’t realize the power we have…85+% of consumers are women. Time to put our money where our mouth is and send the unequivocal message to manufacturers, advertisers and the media that we ARE DONE with their reckless, harmful, irresponsible, immoral, depraved antics. ENOUGH. DONE. NO MORE. They cannot have our children and they cannot have us!

      • Amen! If there was a like button I would like it, Im tired of the perversion peddled to our kids!


  33. Good morning This is Debbie Paiges mom I want to speek out this morning to tell you what I had experianced with the Greeley mall manager yesterday. I went to speek with her and asked her if I could have a moment of her time she said sure what is this about? I then told her It was in reguards to the crotchless painties and an store owner was trying to push them on to my 7yr old daughter she then cut me off and said she nothing more to say to you people! I said I am only needing you help in tring to find out who the manafacture is of these painties and she exclaimed im done I will not talk to you about this any futher, she told me the people who run this store also rents out 3 other stores in this mall. So to me this looks like a money issue. So I took it upon my self to go ask the owner of Kids and Teens if they would be willing to give up the name of the manufacture and she said no thats my supplier.Then after speeking to the mall manager I was then followed around the mall by her and three mall sucurity people hahah like I was the criminal. How I would love for this mall to close down! Thanks for all the support you have given to my daughter on this Debbie <3

    • Thanks for all of that info, Debbie. You are awesome for going back to the store and asking the questions we all want answered. Big thanks to you and Paige for standing up for girls everywhere!

  34. I really hope this marks the end of both that store and any potential market for such things. People who would buy or sell these items really need psychological therapy. And great job, Debbie!

  35. From Mommy to Mom says:

    I looked at the Greeley Mall web site directory of stores list, and didn’t see this Kids N Teen store listed. Maybe it’s not up yet, since it’s so new?

    Anyway, here’s the directory, and you’ll see the mall telephone number here, too. Phone call campaigns work, folks. 🙂

    • I have made numerous phone calls to both the store (which is only two weeks old) and the mall’s front office. They either do not answer the phone, and messages have gone unreturned for days.

      The store has removed the crotchless panties, what we need to do now is figure out the manufacturer of them. Problem is, no one associate with the Greeley Mall is willing to step up and help us figure out who is making adult sex novelty items in children’s sizes.

  36. What disturbs me the most is not that some gross man offered them to a seven-year-old girl…hmm, ok, wait, maybe that DOES disturb me the most. I guess what I mean is that, while it shocks me, it doesn’t surprise me that pedophilia-type behavior occurs (at least not anymore).

    The weirdest thing, though, about this story is that this is a STORE selling these items. The store isn’t motivated by inappropriate sexual urges toward prepubescent children. The store is in business to make money. So why in the @#$! do we live in a world where the owners thought that it would, in any way, be a good BUSINESS idea to sell children’s crotchless panties?? Why did they expect them to sell? Why didn’t they anticipate the outrage that followed? And, more to the point, how the heck did the boundary lines of our society get moved to such a point that nobody noticed that this was wrong?

    It’s so very, very warped. It’s like enough lines have been blurred or washed away entirely that some people can’t even tell what is socially appropriate. For all we know, the skeezy store owner isn’t even a pedophile; he’s just some not-super-bright person whose job it is to sell stuff to kids. And enough of the basic social contracts have been broken for him to think that suggesting crotchless undies to a 7 year old in front of her mother would be a reasonable idea. (Or, maybe he’s a pedophile.)

    I guess my point is that, while this specific story is horrifying, it is symptomatic of some, much broader, social ill. And fortunately, Melissa, that this is what your blog deals with every day (thank you, by the way!!!). What REALLY disturbs me most is that, while we keep seeing these instances of the symptoms, I still don’t understand what the CAUSE is. Where is this all coming from?

    • Maybe if most of the women in that city and those that were in driving distance protested in front of that mall,(instead of just making calls and emailing the mall) it might wake store owners up. Unless women make a public fuss about this more instances will likely happen and maybe even worse. Is any women in & around that city willing to stand up and say NO MORE is the question?

  37. This is so sick; it should be illegal. I don’t know what I would do if I was taking my daughter shopping and her innocent eyes had to see that garbage…

  38. My jaw pretty much dropped when I read this. I then promptly showed my friend that I live with and her jaw dropped as well. Her response? “People like that are going to hell. I’m sorry, but they are.”

    I can’t quite wrap my mind around why on earth someone thought that selling crotchless panties to young girls would be a brilliant idea. What’s even more baffling is that the news story said that the product was selling! WHO BUYS CROTCHLESS PANTIES FOR THEIR DAUGHTERS?!?!!

  39. That’s creepy! I wouldn’t even wear them! So I will definitely won’t let my daughter wear them as well!

  40. Okay, are you seriously sure this truly happened? I’d need to see the photo she took with her mobile phone (as mentioned in the article) before I’d begin to give this credence. And even if the story about the shop selling them is true (ick if it does), the comment from ‘Paige’ does not sound like any 7 yr old I’ve ever heard. Or any parent “After my mom explained to me what they were, I felt disgusted and sick to my stomach”. Yeah right, as if any decent parent would actually have explained to a little kid in detail enough to make them ‘sick to their stomach’, I don’t think.

    • If you click on the link to the story by Nick McGurk, the news report shows the images that they took. They basically look like tiny, adult-style, crotchless panties (complete with black lace and pink leopard print — classy!).

      When I Googled the whole thing, there were a whole bunch of news stories about it, so I think it’s pretty much a confirmed thing. I agree that what the little girl says sounds a little strange, sort of like she’s trying to say what she thinks the adults want to hear (I imagine most 7-year-olds would respond to crotchless panties by saying, “wow, that’s dumb — underwear is supposed to COVER UP your privates”), but I think that’s probably a result of witnessing her mother’s reactions to it.

      • Hoshiko2000 says:

        ‘I agree that what the little girl says sounds a little strange, sort of like she’s trying to say what she thinks the adults want to hear (I imagine most 7-year-olds would respond to crotchless panties by saying, “wow, that’s dumb — underwear is supposed to COVER UP your privates”), but I think that’s probably a result of witnessing her mother’s reactions to it.’

        …Or that her mother wrote her comment for her :x. Respect still to the little girl and her mum, but I seriously doubt that any of that was actually her own words, but rather her mum writing ‘her’ account for her.

        But that aside, yes, I agree, this is absolutely sick. As other people have put it, it’s like a sick joke that’s actually reality. I’m just kind of stuck between disbelief and horror. This is the most disturbing story I’ve heard since the one about high heeled ‘fun shoes’ for babies. It’s just awful.

        And the manager who tried to sell the pants to her needs to be reported to the consumer complaints commission (or some equivalent) if not the police. I would be worried if I found someone trying to sale baggy white knickers to my 7 year old, let alone heavily sexualised adult ones. The guys a sick pervert, and what he did sounds pedophilic. A strange *adult* should not be engaging a child in any conversation regarding underwear or undergarments, especially not to persuade them to *buy* it. A strange adult shouldn’t have any *interest* in a child’s undergarments, present or future. I don’t like to think what was going through the guys head when he was trying to persuade that little 7 year old to buy sexy adult panties. And doubtless she will not have been the only one. This man needs to be reported. Even if it turns there is actually nothing sinister behind it, then this is still highly, highly innapropiate.

    • Dana –
      Because it is so important to me that I provide my community with accurate information they can use to best parent their children, I confirmed the story with both women involved in the shopping incident, the reporter who interviewed the women and store owners, and mall management. All five people had the same story, same information.

      From what I hear, Paige is extremely bright for her age. I tend to give mothers, and their very intelligent children, the benefit of the doubt as opposed to criticizing the decency of their parenting.

      • Thanks, Megan – I see – the video failed to load last time I looked at the page, so I didn’t see that, just the text. That is sick.

        Melissa, I’m sorry for doubting your research – it sounds thorough enough. I didn’t intend to criticise the decency of parenting. Because it seemed so unbelievable that the comment on your comments page came from a seven year old (even a very bright one), I was completely sure that that part of the story was untrue, so I assumed I wasn’t insulting real people, just someone’s sock puppet. I apologise if the comment is real. Obviously the people in the video are. However, the comment still does not ring true after listening, and I do hope that it is fake in any case, as it would be disturbing if it were genuine.

  41. It happens again:–rich-boys-thong-for-little-girls

    Not exactly the same, but it might as well be in my book. This is absolutely disgusting. Even saying it’s for “grown women” still makes it disgusting. I don’t care if stupid corporate males are desperate to get some. They need to get it through their thick skulls that females are not all air-headed, gold-digging, superficial bimbos!

  42. I have a huge desire for a shower right now!! Then I want to cry!! Beyond that I don’t know what else to say!! Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    • You want to hear this kind of stuff?! Just be the parent and do the parent’s job and your children will be as safe as mine. My kids cannot access anything that is not screened by me, they cannot send or receive pictures on their phone, their conversations are recorded and reviewed for age appropriate content, and they are not allowed to roam unattended in public places.
      May seem over baring but I don’t care, my kids will be taken care of and safe. I will teach them the horrors of the world, I will not let someone else do that for me, you never know what wrong information they may otherwise get.

  43. Did anybody ever consider that they made a mistake, they thought this product would sell to there teen market and it didn’t you all are pissed off about something that you can simply tell your child to stay away from. Rather then trying to shut down a small business how about unplug your computer and be a parent who cares what everybody else is doing you all remind me of Helen Lovejoy from the Simpsons “wont somebody please think of the children” your 7 year olds don’t even know what crotch less panties are much less what sex is and if they do then you have nobody to blame but your selves. So how about everybody just leaves this business alone and if you chose not to have your children shop there then that’s your own personal choice.

  44. (also shows phone number and fax number)

    email for leasing office is:

    Anyone up for a letter writing campaign, flooding the phone mailbox, and flooding the fax with only good messages of disapproval??? ETC????

    • No you are not allow by law to conduct a denial of service attack against anyone no matter what your issue is. Criminal activity is not the answer, good parenting like controlling your children is the answer. I costs money for some organization to produce such things as mentioned in the article, if parents were doing their job, they wouldn’t produce these products because they would only loose money with nothing to gain. Again, don’t do it, just do your job as a parent and control your kids, supervise appropriately, chaperone your children appropriately and control the content you allow your children to see. That is the answer!

  45. Really!?!?! Instead of making laws for them to monitor and open the internet to watch what everyone is doing and monitor what kind of bedsheets and curtains people are buying… They should make laws protecting our children from these people who are manufacturing and selling these items. The people who think this is morally and ethically right for these items to be sold n manufactured should be raped by an elephant and burned at the stake! Someone needs to stage a front against these people! Post this story everywhere and bring these companies to the ground…

    • Laws are not the answer. Good parenting is!!!!!! Don’t let the government do your job of parenting lest you’ll loose your right to control and guide your children.

  46. This is downright horrifying! Thank you for being so active in stopping this. Omg

  47. For what it’s worth, I absolutely have seen crotchless panties for sale in Victoria’s Secret. It was in Orlando Florida, probably 10 years ago. It was part of a whole section of “racier” stuff.

  48. I am a 57 year old granny from Australia. I thought I had stumbled onto some diabolical child abuse website. I too was horrified. Is there no end to what people will do to get their way with the most precious possessions of all, our kids and grandkids everywhere. Deeply disturbing.
    I read of a woman here in Australia who is campaigning to have certain T shirts banned with slogans that sexualise kids. e.g. ‘my mum’s hot’ and other slogans. Might seem innocent fun to some people but from where I am looking, it is terrifying to think our kids are at the mercy of these people if we don’t all stand up and be counted as concerned citizens, feminists, women, grandmothers, mums, aunts.

    • The only thing that can protect kids is parental guidance and supervision! Lets stop relying on the government to supervise our kids by do the job a parent is supposed to do like: Supervision, parental guidance, caretaking, monitoring activities of our children, chaperoning our children correctly.
      Never rely on the government to be the parent, this is why parents get into trouble when they discipline their kids or control their child’s privacy! Unattended children are the ones doing nasty stuff on the internet via computers and phones. Unattended children are the ones victimized by lack of parental supervision!!!!!

  49. Victoria’s Secret V-string – It’s really a Crotchless Panty.

    I read recently that a 52 year old woman here in the United States is suing Victoria’s Secret. The reason? While trying to put on one of their V-strings, some decorative metal item popped off and ended up giving her corneal trauma. Her name is Macrida Patterson, she’s a Los Angeles Traffic Officer, and she’s wanting unspecified monetary damages.

    Now, I consider myself a bit of an authority on lingerie, and I had never heard of a V-string. So, this article piqued my curiosity more from a technical perspective. What on earth was this garment she was trying to put on?

    I found my answer when searching on Victoria’s Secret’s website. a V-string is just is just their clever new name for a crotchless panty. Or, to be more specific, it’s a split crotch panty – most crotchless underwear on the market today is in reality a skimpy panty with a vertical slit going down the center from the front to back. Though all but one style has now been taken off their site, I find it interesting that Victoria’s Secret has the little secret of selling rather erotic lingerie, and soft pedals it by calling it something else. Given their primary customer is in her teens and 20?s, exposing this fact in Officer Patterson’s lawsuit might just cause VS to rethink their marketing strategy.

  50. Actually Victoria’s Secret did carry them in 2007 at least. I worked there for a year and we sold them so that person was either brand new or didn’t know what she was talking about.

  51. This is the worst what are we trying to do to our little girls? I think this whole world is in for trouble promoting these things to little kids, I mean don’t we realize what we are promoting here? It seems to me that sexual predators are now going to be on the prowl even more, This is just wrong, and sad.

    • Keep in mind that sexual predators have always been on the prowl since the beginning of time. This won’t make that worse, but it does leave to question who thinks of this crap anyway. We want our girls to look pretty, not sexy! As I state to everyone; children should never be left to roam a store alone! No matter what the store sells!

  52. Seems everyone wants to chime in about this. Not trying to play this down any; it is still sick! but isn’t it a good idea to not let your children roam a store of any type unattended. Where was the mother when the child was addressed by the store owner. When children come into my store, I only address the adult with them. I don’t even sell clothing of any type, but still only address the adults! Parents get a clue, your children need to be supervised at all times!!!!! One of these days, our society will stop being so selfish as to leave children roaming store by themselves.


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