Girls Build Giant Cake Out of Legos, Which Is Not The Same Thing As Baking Lego Cupcakes


Remember my little pal Callie, the young girl who wrote the amazing letter to Lego regarding their sexist Lego Friends line?

I’m hoping when members of SPARK meet with Lego next month, they show the execs the contrast in these images.

Apparently awesome runs in Callie’s family….check out the birthday cake made of Duplo blocks that Callie, her grandma, and her cousin built for their great aunt’s birthday.

The women in Callie's family celebrate a birthday with an amazing Lego Duplo cake.


Not quite the same building experience you’d find, say….. at Lego Friends “Stephanie’s Outdoor Bakery”.

Lego Friends "Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery" marketed to girls.

I think Lego needs to change the way it thinks about our girls. I think Lego needs to Redefine Girly.


  1. Awesome! As for boys wanting to build and girls wanting to play, phooey. In my Lego League experience, some kids build something simple and then quickly move on to playing WITH it. Others spend the whole time refining what they’ve built. It doesn’t seem to matter what their gender is. Just today, I had 3 boys for the first time. They immediately asked where the people were.

  2. Seeing the ‘Outdoor Bakery Set’, I have to wonder: What is the ‘price per brick’ in these things? Do ‘Lego Friends’ kits have a similar ‘price per brick’ compared to the other kits, or (as I suspect) are they charging extra for the ‘privilege’ of having Legos made especially for girls?

    • While I’m guessing that LEGO does not have a standard “price per brick” for most of its sets, I think you’re probably right on that they charge extra for the privilege of having a themed set. You’ve hit on an interesting thread.

      • I’m pretty sure lego does have a standard price per brick formula that it uses and the lego friends collection is comparable to same prices for the same size collection in boys. I have one girl and two boys and I don’t find that lego charges more to have girl pieces or themed pieces for girls than it does for boys, now it is harder to find the girl colors second hand than the boys. Point in case disney princess duplo sets went on a 50% off sale just before easter while duplo disney cars sets did not.

  3. That’s a pretty awesome “cake” and a cool idea, but, man, looking at all those tea lights on those wobbly duplo stacks, I can’t help but think fire hazard!

  4. Yeah, it was pretty crazy! We didn’t leave the candles lit for long, and the stacks were actually pretty stable. We couldn’t figure out any other good way to fit in 60 candles!

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