One Slice of the Pie

Childhood is a time of discovery, exploration, snuggling, storybooks, and play. It is a beautiful, beautiful time of life. Let’s not limit it.

Pigtail Pals is not anti-princess. We’re not anti-pink. We’re anti-limitation. We want our children to have all the room in the world to be who they love to be, and the room to define what that is. We need to agree to give them that space.

Playing princesses is fine. But it’s just one slice of the pie. Let’s teach our children that life is a marvelous feast. Let’s give them idea after idea to devour. Imagination is a hungry beast. 

Let’s allow them to be a princess one day, a pirate or explorer the next….whether they are a boy or a girl.

Let’s get out of their way, and allow them to be children.


  1. I loved dressing up as a princess, but I knew who had the real power: the queen. For Halloween in the 2nd grade, I wasn’t a Disney princess; I was Queen Elizabeth II.

    As far as playing make believe went, my brothers & I turned our big bunk bed into a pirate ship, a cruise ship, a castle, a tent in the woods… I played princess with my friends, but I was a spy, a pirate, a cowgirl, everything with my brothers.

  2. Yea! Girl Power! Meet Starabella, a superheroine rock star – a courageous little girl with autism who leads ALL children to A Bright New World of friendliness.

  3. what a profound thought ‘Let’s teach our children that life is a marvelous feast’ I guess we all are forgetting this as we all try to match the pace with life! I remeber we had such an easy childhood with our parents having so much time for us..I myself feel bad when i am unable to give time to my kid..

    Loved your post!

  4. Melissa, what a wonderful blog post. The phrase “anti-limitation” is so rich and empowering. There should not be any limitations to what children can do because they are capable of doing everything! As you said, lets get out of their way and let them be who they are!

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