You Be Someone

“Mom, there is a lot of trash around the playground and in front of school. Somebody should pick it up.” -6yo Original Pigtail Pal Amelia

“Somebody? Who is somebody?” -Me

“It makes me sad. Just someone should do it.” -OPP

“Someone like you should do it.” -Me

“But I…” -OPP

“No Ma’am. There are many things in this world that need fixing, Amelia. If a girl like you sits back and waits for someone else to do it, then you give away the chance to be a leader. How old are you?” -Me

“I am six.” -OPP

“Is six old enough to tell your friends about a problem you saw, and form a group of buddies that wants to help fix the problem?” -Me

“Yes. I could ask my friends at lunch.” -OPP

“That is called forming an action committee. I will meet your committee behind school today with the wagon. In the wagon I will have trash bags and a cooler of popsicles. I’m sure you folks will be able to figure out a plan for what needs to be done.” -Me

“I can do that!” -OPP

“Smalls, when you see something that needs to be changed, don’t look over your shoulder. Look inside yourself to be the someone to fix it. Just figure out what needs to be done, and then set about to do it.” -Me

“I can totally do that.” -OPP

“Yes, you totally can.” -Me


  1. You rock!! May many more parents out there follow your example!

  2. Oh gosh I love this.

  3. Any time I catch myself (or a friend/family member) saying, “Someone should _____.” I have to pause, remind myself, “Waitaminute! I’m *someone*. Why don’t *I* do it?”

    Sometimes there’s a good reason why not. But most of the time, it gives me the impetus to get stuff done. Or add another project to my ‘to do’ list. 🙂

  4. Such a great lesson, both for my 5 year old daughter AND for me.

  5. Lesson learned. I am going to be a fixer not only talker. Thanks.

  6. Who made this mess? “Nobody.” Is s/he related to “Ida Know?” Cartoon fodder for generations of Dennis the Menace/Family Circle folks…Love how you flipped the script. Could “you be someone” follow “full of awesome” in your tee line? 😉 High fives and hugs!

  7. With a mum like you, and a cooler of popsicles, Amelia is going to change the world!

  8. Now THAT is an excellent lesson for us all! YOU are Full of Awesome!

  9. I love love love love your blog!! It’s a new discovery to me this morning but I have just spent an hour reading out huuge sections of your writing to my daughters (7, 5, 2, and the three month old who isn’t yet paying much attention)! I just wanted to thank you.

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad you found Pigtail Pals, and that you shared with your daughters. I won’t hold it against the little one 😉

      I hope you find the Facebook page as well, we’re always haven’t great convos there! Welcome!!

  10. You are so good – what an inspiration. My daughter is 3 and I know there are things I could do to encourage action instead of complacency. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

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