Cannonball! A new line for boys and girls.

Our new logo!

A few weeks ago I announced a big change for my little company as we expanded to include boys in our work. So much of childhood has boys and girls separated for reasons I cannot understand. I want my company to reflect childhood as it ought to be, not how it is currently marketed and depicted in the media.

In my mind, childhood is full of awesome, colors are for everyone, children are whimsical and curious, and children redefine the stereotypes that exist around them.

My company is Childhood Inspired. I wanted and needed to create a new line of designs that showed boys and girls playing together. I cannot recall seeing a shirt like that anywhere, as the sexes are so segregated in the current marketplace. I wanted to give families, but most importantly children, happy and joyful designs that show kids being kids.

I want my son and daugther growing up playing and making memories with a great variety of friends. I’m really excited to introduce Cannonball!, our new line for boys AND girls. This line is “childhood inspired”, and was created from suggestions from our Facebook and Twitter communities.

I decided to call the line “Cannonball!” because when I think back to my own childhood and that delicious, excited feeling kids get in their tummies while completely lost in play, I think back to doing cannonball after cannonball off the side of the pool. And sailboat. And quarry wall. I remember working as a nanny in college, and teaching my little three year old fella how to do cannonballs. He would scream “CANNA-LOPE!” and hurl his little self into the water. I wanted that moment, on a t-shirt.

Each season we’ll be releasing some new designs for this line, and all will feature boys and girls playing together (usually outside). Childhood is supposed to be big, bright, and bold. Let’s keep it that way, and support the businesses that allow your children the chidhood they deserve.

You can buy tees HERE!

Cannonball! line logo.


Some ballcap buddies build a sand castle while other friends enjoy the sun and waves.


This group of friends enjoys everything the perfect swimming hole has to offer.


Five pals enjoy the summer twilight at their fun campsite.

You can buy tees HERE!


  1. Awesome!!

  2. Melissa,

    I love everything about this. It reminds me of when my two youngest (daughter/son) were smaller. They were inseperable. They did everything together. From playing dolls, school, hockey, making mudpies and MORE! Beautiful designs…childhood so joyfully captured!

    Wendy =)

  3. Oh these look awesome! And they can be handed down to little brothers!!

  4. Pete From Oz says:

    Melissa, I think you’ve poured a whole tankful of AWESOME into these designs! They TRULY show that kids – regardless of whether they’re boys or girls – can have loads of fun just being who they are – KIDS!

    Won’t be too long and all 3 of my younger kids will be in Cannonball Tees here in Oz!

    Love it!!

  5. LOVE it!!!!

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