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A few weeks ago there was a story ALL over the press about a young teen from Maine, Julia Bluhm, who was asking her favorite magazine (Seventeen) to print one photo spread a month of natural, unretouched girls. There were tv interviews by the plenty and complete coverage on the blogosphere, and that is fantastic for Julia and all the other young activists who worked so hard on that campaign. GREAT job, Ladies!

But during all of that press, there was a HUGE hole in the story. There are magazines out there getting it right, featuring authentic girls and stories that fill up brains and hearts. There are magazines that are already ad free, and don’t run articles on how to achieve the perfect shine on your gloss so that your beloved will want to kiss you. No one talked about the good magazines, so I will.

There are already magazines of quality for girls, and they were missing during all of that reporting. One of those magazines, my favorite, is NEW MOON GIRLS.

Nancy Gruver  and Joe Kelly created New Moon Girls for her twin daughters in 1993. I have spent time with Nancy, and I adore her. You should know how passionately she believes in the messages that NMG gives to its girl readers. It comes off of her in waves when she talks.

New Moon Girls has always been ad free, and 90% of the content is written and edited by girls. There is a print copy of the magazine, and an on-line edition. I could not love this magazine more. Maybe if it had more baby animals. But really, it is perfect. My daughter Amelia is getting a subscription for her eighth birthday, and in every year to come. Though my nieces are little, this will be part our annual Christmas present to them when they are big enough (NMG says ages 8+). It is a perfect magazine for girls and young teens.

I believe in New Moon Girls so much, I was willing to affiliate them with my brand (and we all know how seriously I take that!). I began to carry their beautiful, inspiring posters in my online boutique. Click here to see this gorgeous artwork.

New Moon is based on the belief that girls need to express themselves and need to be respected. New Moon’s mission is “To help girls discover their unique voices and express them in the world.”


New Moon Girls now needs our help. For nearly 20 years, NMG has inspired, honored, lifted up, and given voice to thousands and thousands of girls. But the recession hit hard and they are getting beat by the big guys. Like Seventeen, full of harmful ads and airbrushing. They are losing out to beauty industry-saturated Teen Vogue and to the thirteen year olds reading about delish sex positions in Cosmo. C’mon, Parents. Really?

I encourage you all of the time to put good media in your home. Do this. Do this with New Moon Girls, and help support a media company that has ALWAYS supported our girls. Your girl. My girl.

New Moon Girls has a legacy of being amazing. Let’s keep them going. I just bought a subscription for my daughter’s elementary school’s library, since my daughter is still too young for NMG. The way I see it, they are all my daughters, and I want them to shine. From the inside out. And as brightly as the sun.

You can order New Moon Girls for a daughter, granddaughter, niece, school or church library, hospital,or women’s shelter by clicking HERE. Pool your money with a like-minded friend or two. Post this post on facebook or twitter and spread the word. Send it to your feminist aunt who is loaded. Tell your girlfriends you are staying in on Friday night and instead of spending $60 on martinis, you’re all staying in for mani-pedis and each getting a subscription for a girl who is just like you were not so long ago. Ask your boss to match your subscription. Have your partner ask his/her boss to do the same.

Do this for our girls. They are worth it. Really, really worth it.
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  1. Done

    • Thank you, Jen!

      • Great article/support Melissa…I’ve tapped into every ‘tween scene’ pal I know to try to spread this word, and am realizing parents get washed like waves through the ages and stages of their own kids’ peers; so as much as I keep trying to tap younger siblings, they’re even ‘aging up’–Gotta get back to schools/YMCA after-care style environs but will meanwhile change my FB cover etc to support so thanks for going the extra mile for their worthy org.

  2. Thank you for the info. I read a sample issue and decided I wanted to support them, but I don’t have any girls in my life who fit the age group. For those who want to be a sponsor (basically donate without subscribing to anything), this link works the best: .

  3. I first saw the magazine at my local library and thought it was amazing. I had to wait a few years before my daughter was old enough and I just got her a subscription for her 8th birthday this past April and I will be getting another for my good friend’s daughter for her next birthday.

  4. Thanks for the reminder! I’ve been meaning to donate a subscription to our local library, since my own girls are too young for it, but hadn’t gotten around to it. Now it’s done!

    • Susie R. says:

      That is a fantastic idea! My niece is too old, my daughter and other niece are too young… but my local library could use some resources!

  5. Christine says:

    I wish I could afford the magazine for my 3 girls (recession has hit us hard, too) all of whom have bought into the media ideal already. They want makeup, bratz dolls and too skimpy clothes that little girls shouldn’t even be offered to wear! It’s a battle between Mom and Media, and Media is winning 🙁

    • Just wean them off media and into other activities. What they don’t see everyday will soon have less power over them. It really does work and will benefit them in the long term. In media-devised beauty, they will never be able to win. To be “enough”. I like a concept I think of as “reassuring beauty”. Beauty that is just clean and simple. And it doesn’t require anyone to be a certain size or shape or type. It’s non-threatening to other girls and approachable to boys. It’s win win. Take care and don’t give up. 🙂

  6. Done. My girl is only 6.5, but helping NMG is a compelling reason to start her early 🙂 Thanks Melissa!!!

  7. My daughter has a subscription. She loves the website and the magazine. It is so positive! I am giving a subscription to my niece for Christmas.

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