Forget What the Media Is Telling You About Your Body

I need 4 minutes and 34 seconds of your day. I need you to watch this — every woman, man, girl, and boy — and I need you to absorb it.

I need you to give yourself permission to start loving and enjoying the body you have been given to live this life with. All of the advocates and bloggers and celebrities in the world cannot do that for you. YOU have to do that for you. Whether you are a parent, a friend, a mentor, a teen….you have to start appreciating your amazing body. It will impact how you live the rest of your life.

Forget what the media is telling you about you. There is nothing wrong with you. YOU write your story. In that story, make sure you are awesome.

Please watch this with your boys and girls. Share it with your classroom, your sports team or Girl Scout troop or church youth group. Share it, because we are spending way too much time thinking about what our bodies look like in life, instead of LIVING LIFE.

Go live. You look amazing.


  1. Thank you. I needed that.

  2. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I love that it is young person friendly so we can have those sorts of discussions.

  3. TheOtherSide says:

    And yet, on the other side, I have family members who do not take care of themselves and are obese. As a ‘trim’ individual, how can I address that? One member is only 9.

    • Everyone should eat healthy and get exercise. But what does the fact that we should be eating healthy and exercising have to do with the above video? The media projects very exaggerated images of what it means to be beautiful- especially for women. These barbie dolls… and have you seen a recent music video by a pop star lately? Outrageous! You can eat healthy and exercise but that doesnt mean you need to be thin with large boobs, have fake hair and wear a ton of makeup. Or spend 2 hours on yourself every morning, or spend every evening at the gym. There is a difference between living a healthy lifestyle and being obsessed with your face, hair, and body. I think the message that I love the most about this video is that if you spend too much time obsessing over your body, you are missing out on more important things.

      Also I want to add that there are lots of skinny people who are not healthy by the way. Being overweight is only ONE sypmtom of being unhealthy. The majority of the people I know eat the SAD (standard american diet) and they are not all overweight.

      • i disagree look at actresses like melissa mcarthy who people praise for being over weight. The media if anything is catering to over weight people look at actresses like jennifer lawrence people say she is soo beautiul and she is a thicker girl(not skinny with fake) I have been builled by my family and society for being too thin(no fake hair or boobs by the way) so can attest that it happens.

  4. Melissa, I am having trouble viewing the video. Could you email the youtube link? Thanks!
    You’re an inspiration!

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I have young nieces who think that negative messages about women/girls is a joking matter. It’s not and this is something I want to share with them to at least make them aware. Thank you.

  6. This is a great creation of yours and gets the message across in a creative, yet solid way. I strongly endorse that all children ate 9 and upwards see this.
    continue your great and necessary work.
    all good wishes

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