“At some point you have to wonder if this crap isn’t purposeful. And then you have to wonder why they’ve chosen to do this to our little girls.”

–PPBB Community Member Miranda Lollis


In response to the image below, from this post about Barneys NY and Disney teaming up.

Disney's Minnie Mouse we know and love.

Disney's new unrecognizable Minnie.


  1. Yeah, those photos are so elongated that they don’t even fit on my screen at one time. The legs are 50-66% of the length of their bodies, and wisp-thin. Awful. Not even supermodels are like that. Kind of awful.

  2. Ack! They murdered Minnie! It looks like they got her hooked on heroine and stopped feeding her.

  3. Are you kidding me? This makes me so incredibly mad. How could they take away her heft, her smile, her girlishness and turn it into this barely smiling toothpick? Awful!

  4. Uhhhhhhhhhh……….. Huh. Wow. There are a lot of troubling aspects to this change, but in addition, I am forced to wonder: do they really think that will sell? Because damn…that is one ugly mouse.

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