Repackaging Princesses

I’ve been saying for four years that I am not anti-princess, I am anti-limitation. Princesses (and knights and castles and kings and queens) as one piece of the pie in childhood is super great. Princess Culture, and the limiting scope it puts on femininity with a big focus on external beauty and materialism is not great and not healthy for girls.

I love when parents repackage and widen the definition of “princess”. Take for example, this fantastic drawing and story from PPBB Community Member Hannah Wahl……

“My daughter loves princesses right now, and asked me to draw her a castle scene. I made “Princess Reads-a-lot”, which she liked, but felt wasn’t really “princessy” enough. So I drew “Princess Adventure”. That sparked a story and we went on to make a queen chef and a king astronomer. I tried to placate her need for a maid with a magical cleaning prince, but she insisted that castles need maids. So I drew a unisex scuba diving maid cleaning the moat. She loved it and went on to draw her own pictures of the inside of the castle!”

Nice work, Hannah!

A princess drawing by Hannah Wahl and her daughter.


  1. I quoted you in my post on princesses! I absolutely love being a princess (I will be wearing a tiara with my sundress at my wine & cheese birthday party in a few days). But I’ve always done the whole princess thing MY way.

    Belle, the Disney Princess

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