Pink Pumpkin: Colors Are For Everyone

A little story from our home over the weekend to let you all know that even at PPBB World Headquarters I have to give my kids reminders about pushing out marketing/cultural messages on gender and encourage them to be their own people.

So we were decorating seasonal gourds…..

“Mom, Ben is painting his pumpkin pink. Ben, pink is a girl’s color.” -7yo Pigtail Pal Amelia

“Ammeereeuh! Colors are for ebberyone.” -5yo Benny Boy

“Smalls, pink is a great color. Benny chose it as one of his colors for painting. Pink isn’t a girl color, today it is a Benny color. Colors are for everyone.” -Me

“I know. I was just reminding him what people might say.” -OPP

“Ammeereeuh! You are headed for trouble!” -Benny

“Smalls, what other people say about Ben’s pumpkin is none of his business. Kids can choose whatever colors they want. There aren’t rules to follow.” -Me

“Well, anyway, I’m painting mine purple and yellow to look like monster guts.” -OPP

“I’m painting mine pink to look like a jellybean an den dey will bite an der teef will fall out!” -Benny

“Guys, sometimes there is a lot of pressure on kids to only like certain colors because of some ideas adults hold. But kids shouldn’t have limits like that and the fake rules about colors that adults hold are ridiculous. And then they teach those fake rules to kids, which is even more ridiculous.” -Me

“Yeah. Iss really ridiffilicous.” -Benny


Colors are for everyone.

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