CVS You Are Blowing My Mind With These Gender Stereotype-Smashing Diapers

The packages are still pink and blue, but in this case I can wrap my head around that because of the physical differences in the ways little boys and girls wet a diaper or pair of training pants.  The gendered pink/blue coding does make for a simple system in which the sex actually makes a difference in a product for small children. In fact, this may be the only time it makes sense because nothing else about early childhood has anything to do with genitals.

So when PPBB Community Member Abbe Cohen Dvornik sent these photos to me I was really impressed with CVS and the messages on their packaging. What a nice balance of the idea that there are many ways to be a girl, many ways to be a boy, and a young child’s job is to play and explore.

Girls playing sports. Boys cuddling and hugging.

In a marketplace where we rarely see girls being shown as active and strong, or boys as sweet and snugly, this packaging is a welcome and refreshing change of pace. You might be thinking, “Lady, relax. It is a package of diapers.” But here’s the thing — What if we saw the gender binary blended together like these examples that show a truer reflection of how diverse our kids can be. Not diverse between two genders, but diverse as individuals. What if young parents adopted these messages very early into their parenting careers and learned to reject the gender stereotypes we see in the omnipresent pink and blue aisles? What if parents learned early on never to limit their kids because of gender? What if what is marketed to kids (and their parents) actually began to resemble something closer to what childhood really looks like? 

I asked Abbe what she thought when she saw them and she replied, “It seriously cheered me up all day, and I bought a package, too. Thanks CVS for helping to shake up our stereotypes!”

Selection of CVS brand training pants with some awesome packaging.

Selection of CVS brand training pants with some awesome packaging.

High five, CVS!

CVS trainers CVS training pants IMG_20140224_133527

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