Powerful Female Characters Inspire Powerful Girls

I had to snap a quick photo of this drawing the Original Pigtail Pal made for a friend at school because it sums up perfectly why we need to demand more empowered female characters in children’s media.

This hand belongs to Elsa, the inspiring queen from the movie “Frozen”. We didn’t get into Princess Culture when the OPP was younger but when Merida came along I said “More please!” The film “Frozen” gave us two more daring, smart, kind princesses (one becomes a queen during the film) and if these princesses can continue to fit my expectations for a positive and empowered female character for my kids to enjoy then I’m all for it.

I noticed that the OPP’s drawing wasn’t of a sparkling dress or pretty face or fancy castle. The drawing was of was of Elsa’s hand, and for those that have seen the movie you know why this is significant. Elsa’s hands become the source of her strength and magic, which you can see swirling about in OPP’s picture.

I asked the OPP about her drawing and she replied with this,
“Oh Mama. Elsa is just SO powerful.” She sighed dreamily and went back to coloring.

Powerful indeed. More please!

Elsa Hand

Drawing by Amelia Wardy, 8yo.


  1. Amelia, this is wonderful, because Elsa’s hands keep her magic warm and she can reach out to others and herself.

    And they break the ice!


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