Today In Mommy Summer School We Learned The Word Fuck

This picture appears so idyllic and is the mental image I have every time I am crazy enough to briefly entertain the idea of homeschooling. I’m sure homeschooling works great for some families, I am just not a candidate.

I thought handwriting worksheets would be simple enough. I thought wrong.

I thought handwriting worksheets would be simple enough. I thought wrong.

During Mommy Summer School (quiet time during the day that I have the kids do educational stuff) the kids were working on handwriting worksheets when my daughter looked up at me and said, “Mom, when people say ‘shut the front door’ they are trying not to say ‘shut the fuck up’, but they should NOT say that because you should NEVER say ‘shut up’ to someone.”

:head desk: :head desk: :head desk:

She thinks “the bad f-word” is “frick”. She doesn’t know that it is ‘fuck’ and she doesn’t know what ‘fuck’ means. What she does know is that as a big sister she possesses more worldly knowledge than her brother two years her junior so I can absolutely count on her repeating this statement to him, ‘fuck’ and all. And then he has a knack for being that kid that says stuff in public that sounds terrible out of context but makes sense when you understand how insane our family is.

So I had to explain to her that while ‘shut up’ is disrespectful and unkind to say, the word ‘fuck’ can also be a problem. I felt an obligation to teach them how and when (which is never for them) to appropriately use the word ‘fuck’ and it turns out there are about eleventy different ways to do that. We stuck with ‘oh fuck’ (in anger, surprise, pain, danger, and during Steeler games), ‘fuck you’ (because they know there is something up with that middle finger), and ‘shut the fuck up’ (in disbelief, in anger, in jest, when you want someone to keep talking).

Today when my husband comes home from work my children will proudly announce, “Mommy taught us to say ‘fuck’ today because THAT is the bad f-word!”

Somebody go put a sticker on my Winning at Mommyhood chart.  :head desk: :head desk: :head desk:


  1. Kimberly Herbert says:

    The way you explained it was honest and simple. You didn’t make it forbidden fruit.

    I once had a parent maintain I was a bigot for punishing her child for calling me a F****** B****. Since they talked that way a home, I had to accept the daughter talking that way at school. It was their culture.

  2. You win at parenting for being straight forward with them and not just freaking out on them or ignoring it. Great parenting in my book!

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