Warrior Kacy Catanzaro Has BIG Things To Prove

Powerful. Determined competitor. Just amazing. So strong. No limit to what this warrior can do. Incredible strength. Such a strong competitor. Fantastic effort. Rewriting history books. Not human. Greatest competitor, man or woman this course has ever seen. There is no limit to what this woman can do.

Those are just a few of the things we hear the two male announcers say as they lose. their. minds. as Kacy Cantanzaro DOMINATES the American Ninja Warrior course. She is the first woman to do so and the first woman to move to the next stage of the competition, Mt. Midoriyama.

#MightyKacy – No doubt!! Watch below as she explodes through the ninja course!


Competitor Kacy Cantanzaro is absolutely incredible.

Competitor Kacy Cantanzaro is absolutely incredible.

At just 5 feet tall and 100 pounds, Kacy not only makes this grueling course look easy, she takes it all in stride as the crowd of men and women go completely crazy cheering for her. She remains focused, strong, and humble. Everything an athlete should be. Men and women compete on the same course here and Kacy shows us that women who come in little bodies can have unbelievable strength and BIG things to prove! 

I’m not a fan of reality television, but ANW feels different . Executive producer Kent Weed told the Hollywood Reporter, ““It’s the stories of the people that separates us: how people overcome adversity to achieve their goals. Whether they’re doing it for a friend who is ill, a mother that had breast cancer or whether it’s a personal achievement they’re trying to overcome — weight loss, beating drugs or alcohol — it’s personal human achievement, and it’s something that audiences can identity with.”

Kacy Cantanzaro is a great role model for girls and boys alike, you can learn more about her story here.

Be sure to show this to your little ninja or gymnast at home!

Good luck with the rest of the competition, Kacy!

(Hat tip to my friends Charlie and Courtney for the link!)


  1. I think American Ninja Warrior is right to applaud her for her athletic accomplishments. It is an extremely difficult course that even the most in-shape athletes can easily fail at. The show seems to appreciate all competitors and value their unique backgrounds and skills. However, it made me cringe to hear one of the hosts refer to her as “Not human” not once but three or four times. I found it to be so negating, like it didn’t fit into his schema of what a woman is capable of, and through his cognitive dissonance he concluded that she must not be human. When a man succeeds at the course, he is praised, just as Kacy Catanzaro was, but he will most likely not be called out for “not being human”.

    • Melissa Atkins Wardy says:

      Ms. S –
      I think the “not human” remark means she is super human, like having super hero strength, and while I haven’t watched the entire series I think they would say the same about a man performing at the same level. In other clips we see guy after guy falling off the course but #MightyKacy made the course look almost easy. I think that is the framework that comment was coming from and it wasn’t meant to be sexist.

      • I agree. The comment was not intended to be harmful or offensive. I actually watch this show all the time, and they always do a great job praising and uplifting every competitor. However, the comment did strike a chord in me, and I still feel she could have been praised in a way that embraces her full womanhood and humanity at the same time. It’s a fine line, truthfully, and since everyone has their own viewpoint, what strikes a chord in one person may not in someone else.

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