Curious Crickets: For our wonder full boys

My Benny Boy

This is my guy, here on the left. He makes my heart pitter patter. It was love at first sight. I think he is handsome and kind and smart and very funny. I can’t stop smooching on him. He is my three year old son, Benny.

My dino-jammied, Spiderman-obsessed, motorcycle-loving, unicorn-riding, kitten-loving, art-inclined, caped super guy. Crooked mask and all.

I wanted Pigtail Pals to carry a brother line to our girls tees; a line to honor Benny’s childhood. A line to honor all boys: sweet, charming, imaginative, curious, adventurous, snuggly, and playful. We talk about girls issues all of the time, but I recognize my son will face gender stereotypes and sexualization and all the things we talk about with girls, just in a different manner.
I wanted a line of tees for boys that reflected the intellectual, creative, and caring side to their nature.
These tees will be available in the online shop tomorrow, Friday June 10th. They will come in sizes infants through Boys 6x. And colors? Colors! Red, Butter Yellow, Lime, Kelly Green, Sky Blue, Sea Blue, Navy, Lilac, Pink, White, and Black. (You will be able to put any design on any color tee.)
I would like to introduce to you Curious Crickets: for wonder full boys.