Candie’s Response: Thongs for 10 Year Olds

I’m not ready to go with the full post yet, but last night I found this comment from Candie’s waiting to be approved:

While the Candie’s demographic can scale to as young as 14, we target 16-21 year olds as the core customer within Kohl’s and many of our loyal customers are over 30. The Candie’s thong underwear is not available in sizes for the younger consumer and we have never included thongs in any of our marketing. An entirely separate line of styles and sizes of Candie’s underwear is produced and available for younger girls.

Well, I looked at both the Candie’s and Kohl’s websites, and while I’m not going to talk about their marketing (yet), I do have several follow up questions for them. Several.

Here’s what I found for the underwear that Kohl’s shows on their website from Candie’s. I’m still confused as to which of this  is for the ‘younger girls’. Remember, the thong was sold within inches of the training bras (most girls start wearing training bras long before the 16-21 year old deomgraphic Candie’s states in the quote above). I found no examples of underwear of Kohl’s or Candie’s site that I would purchase for my under 18 year old daughter.

Candie's Underwear style also sold directly next to training bras at Kohl's

That doesn’t look like underwear for a young girl, does it? On a 21 year old, fine. But on a 12 year old? The style above was also sold directly next to training bras, the main demographic for which is 9-13 years old.

Have a follow up question of your own for Candie’s? Post it in the comments. Candie’s didn’t leave a contact name or email address for us to further the conversation, just

Wordless Wednesday: Thongs for 10 Year Olds

Child's Thong: Candie's thong purchased at Kohl's next to training bras.

Sooo…I can’t be entirely wordless about this one, mostly because I’ve shown this to a couple hundred moms, and watched a couple hundred heads explode. This little unmentionable is made by Candie’s, a junior’s line that advertises in teen magazines (whose readership is more like 10-18 years old). Please take note of the suggestive and sexual print ad, not to mention that is Miss Britney Spears as the spokesmodel.

Most moms felt teens should not be wearing thongs, but here’s what I noticed: This thong is really marketed to and fits an 8 or 10 year old child as it is sold (at Kohl’s) within 18 inches of training bras (yep, I carry a tape measure in my purse & I measured). If you look to the right of the crotch of the panty, you can clearly see “8T” on the dress form. This is the dress form I use to display my 6/8 Girls sized t-shirts. I had no problem fitting the thong onto the form that has a 29″ hip measurement (US standard hip measurement for a 10 yr old girl is 28.5 inches).

In our opinion, this is a major FAIL, both on the part of Kohl’s and Candie’s, who should not be marketing and selling such sexual material to girls who are FAR too young to be trying to navigate such issues.

Let me hear your thoughts, then I encourage you to let Candie’s and Kohl’s hear it!

Candie’s Customer Service: Couldn’t find customer service info. Anywhere. But here’s their Facebook Page. Leave them a message. And check out the average age of their fan.

Kohl’s Customer Service link

We need to change the way we think about our girls.