Book Review: Super Tool Lula

Super Tool Lula by Michele Yulo

The new children’s book “Super Tool Lula”  is for boys and girls in the early elementary grades. The story introduces us to Lula, at spunky ten year old girl who loves building things with her dad and skateboarding and science. Lula has a great group of friends, but Lula discovers she is meant to play a bigger role in protecting kids who are mistreated by bullies. Lula is given some magical tools and the power to show all kids that being kind is cool.
Michele Yulo, author or “Super Tool Lula”, has a little girl who redefines girly and is the passion behind her work. There is more than one way to be a girl, and I appreciate and respect Michele’s voice and work in the area of girl empowerment and fighting gender stereotypes.
Michele says, “Gabi was from the age of two, reading stories of Hercules and Spiderman, without any real female super heroes of her own. So, I decided to create one. But it was a process–coming up with the idea, finding an illustrator, writing the story. When I thought about what kind of super hero Lula should be, I knew that dealing with bullies was going to be her strength; after all, there is a connection between gender stereotyping and bullying. I knew this because I saw children who really didn’t know how to react to Gabi and I realized that stemmed from their ideas about what a girl or a boy is supposed to be. My thinking is that if we can begin to breakdown those beliefs—we can begin to prevent bullying. Honestly, I didn’t need a study or research to tell me that—I was living it.”
Michele’s hope is that the Lula character and stories out of the Good Builders Club become a way to instill in children the need to be “good builders” both in their deeds and their character. The book also has an informative afterward for parents from educational consultant Lori Day. I think Super Tool Lulua would be a great addition to any home looking to teach about bullying to youngsters and frame the issue in a positive light. Go check out the Super Tool Lula website for coloring pages, original songs, and how to buy the book!

Join Me & Katie on Dec 16 for Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars

My buddy Katie, known around the world as the Star Wars Girl.

Last year I was introduced to one of the coolest girls I know. Her name is Katie. Dozens of people sent me her story, saying I had to reach out to her. I read the story and instantly wanted to offer little Katie support so I reached out to her mom and said I’d like to send Katie some Pigtail Pals stuff for her and her sisters. Many emails and phones calls since that time, I now consider the family to be good friends, and Katie is still one of the coolest kids around.

You might know Katie….you know, The Star Wars Girl? Her story went viral about a year ago, and people all over fell in love with the darling little girl with a love of Star Wars. Katie was in first grade and being bullied by her boy classmates for, of all things, having a Star Wars water bottle. She was told girls can’t like Star Wars. She told her mom, through tears, she would just take a pink one instead to avoid being harassed. Her mom told her to follow her heart, and that it was okay to be different. Katie’s mom, Carrie, wrote a blog post about the situation and in days thousands and thousands of comments offering Katie support came pouring in.

Join us on December 16, 2011 for Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars. Last year the Internet held a day of support for a little girl who was brave enough to be different. Pigtail Pals celebrates all girls, and we’d love to have you and your kiddos participate!

Celebrate this day of anti-bullying by wearing something Star Wars or science/science fiction-related. Show your support of girls who love science, adventure, and are brave enough to be different from the tide of pink and pretty surrounding them.

Katie’s family has also suggested  donating a Star Wars or science fiction toy to a child in need this holiday season. PLEASE put a post-it note on the new, unwrapped toy specifying that it can go to a girl or a boy; otherwise, these traditional “boy toys” will be given only to boys. You can bring the toy to a hospital, a shelter, or drop it off with any organization collecting toys.

I’m off to go find an Ewok t-shirt so that I can support my buddy Katie, and girls everywhere just like her.