Why Sexing Things Up For Kids Is Stupid: A Study in Illustrations

The mainstream is the litmus test for society, right? So when this is the mainstream image children get of females while they are in childhood, what are we saying? What do we value? Does that help our children, in correspondence with their development? Or does that harm?

My new favorite person, David Trumble, made this amazing cartoon (BELOW) with co-conspirator Lori Day to make a satirical and pointed display of how unnecessary the sexing up of Merida (and really, all of the princesses) was by giving similar makeovers to famous members of women’s history.

Take in the big picture and write down your guesses of who the women below are, but do this before reading his post on the satirical “World of Women” princess collection.

Once you figure out who is who, the way Disney does “female” becomes so blaring and obvious….

David Trumble's new crop of princesses. Brilliant.

A PPBB Community Member said on facebook: “I guessed only two correctly. David Trumble’s work here stripped away the uniqueness, the power, and the greatness of these women by turning them into Disney princesses. They’ve been stripped of their identities, of their individuality that makes them all so inspiring. Extremely powerful. Kudos to David.” -Whitney Lundy

Also, you should take 18 minutes to listen to David’s Tedx talk. Listen with your tween/teen if you’ve got one.


But we are SO used to seeing women look like this, both in illustrated form for children and video games and in advertising. Do we even see it anymore?

Does Batman help?

Questions you should be asking yourself (and your kids!) while taking this in: Would we ever see a man posed this way? Do any women you know in real life stand this way? Why is this the version of femininity that is taught by the mainstream to our kids?

Matthew Bogart did a splendid job of this, and his post is a great read.

My seven year old daughter has finally figured out the mechanics of sex, and that I had sex with her father to create her. She is horrified by this concept. And isn’t that how seven year olds SHOULD think? I’m a big fan of “Everything in its time” but the problem is, our kids don’t get their “time” anymore.

Stop with the sexy for the kids. I mean really. It isn’t necessary. It isn’t healthy for them. And it isn’t needed to turn a profit. Do better.

It is disheartening to think that I am raising my brilliant, vibrant children in a society so obsessed with tits and ass. We seriously need to find something more meaningful to do with our time.

And we need to stop including our kids in that obsession.