Full of Awesome Necklaces are here!

 One of the things I love most about my job is supporting other small businesses owned by women. Sisterhood in entrepreneurship, I like to say. When jeweler Jaclyn of Jac and Elsie, an Etsy shop, contacted me about how much she loved my “Waking Up Full of Awesome” blog post and wanted to create a beautiful necklace inspire by my words, I thought it was a fabulous idea.

Jaclyn came up with these little beauties, featuring a brass star and steel tag, customizable with a choice of Czech glass beads that come in 12 different colors. One necklace is $17, a pair is $32, and a trio is $42.

When Jaclyn and I discussed the project, we wanted this to have bigger impact, so we agreed that $2 from every necklace sold would go to the Geena Davis Institute for Gender in the Media.

In her own blog post, Jaclyn describes a photo of she and her best friend at age 12, being silly and goofy and full of awesome. Jaclyn and I want all women to feel this confident and happy and awesome every day. I love the necklaces, they are so simple and beautiful.

You can purchase the necklaces HERE. I hope you find them as beautiful and inspiring as I do. I actually sent mine to someone who needed it more than I do right now, so I better go order a new one before you all buy Jaclyn out!