The Case of the Missing Pink Pencil

The other day my six-year-old first grade son was very annoyed with me as we walked through the toy store following his visit to the ER to check on a possibly broken arm. I let him lead the way through the store, saying he could pick out a small toy as a reward for being so well behaved during our long hospital visit and because the nurse who had promised him a lollipop and sticker if he was good didn’t make good on her words.

Ben led me through the toy cars, then the Barbie aisle and then over to all of the Elsa and Anna merchandise before we made our way to the arts and crafts. He zeroed in on boxes of Crayola colored pencils on the shelf and I could tell by the look on his face something was brewing…..

“Mom, the other day we were coloring cotton candy in on our worksheets. Can you guess what color mine was?” -Benny

“Hmmm… love cotton candy so I’m going to guess rainbow or turquoise blue?” -Me

“I had to color it purple because my box of colored pencils did not have pink.” -Benny

“Oh. But can’t cotton candy also be blue? Or, whatever color you want it to be?” -Me

“You are missing the point of my talking, Mom. My cotton candy couldn’t be pink because my box didn’t have pink. So pink wasn’t in my choices for me, but it should be because you say colors are for everyone. Why didn’t you buy me a box with pink?” -Benny

“Well buddy, I didn’t intentionally buy boxes without pink. The supply list said ’24 colored pencils’ so I bought two boxes of twelve because that was the cheapest way to do it.” -Me

“But two boxes of twelve is the same twelve colors both of the times. Those twelve colors don’t include pink. So, no pink for Ben.” -Ben

“So, do you think we should buy the box of twenty four pencils that comes with the pink pencil?” -Me

“I think we should, and I think when you buy me things you should just wait and think ‘Does this have pink?’ because you never know what my imagination can do.” -Ben

Colors Ev FINAL

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Pink Pumpkin: Colors Are For Everyone

A little story from our home over the weekend to let you all know that even at PPBB World Headquarters I have to give my kids reminders about pushing out marketing/cultural messages on gender and encourage them to be their own people.

So we were decorating seasonal gourds…..

“Mom, Ben is painting his pumpkin pink. Ben, pink is a girl’s color.” -7yo Pigtail Pal Amelia

“Ammeereeuh! Colors are for ebberyone.” -5yo Benny Boy

“Smalls, pink is a great color. Benny chose it as one of his colors for painting. Pink isn’t a girl color, today it is a Benny color. Colors are for everyone.” -Me

“I know. I was just reminding him what people might say.” -OPP

“Ammeereeuh! You are headed for trouble!” -Benny

“Smalls, what other people say about Ben’s pumpkin is none of his business. Kids can choose whatever colors they want. There aren’t rules to follow.” -Me

“Well, anyway, I’m painting mine purple and yellow to look like monster guts.” -OPP

“I’m painting mine pink to look like a jellybean an den dey will bite an der teef will fall out!” -Benny

“Guys, sometimes there is a lot of pressure on kids to only like certain colors because of some ideas adults hold. But kids shouldn’t have limits like that and the fake rules about colors that adults hold are ridiculous. And then they teach those fake rules to kids, which is even more ridiculous.” -Me

“Yeah. Iss really ridiffilicous.” -Benny


Colors are for everyone.