Support This Amazing LEGO Female Minifig Series

Alatariel's amazing girl power minifig series. MAKE. THIS. HAPPEN.

VOTE to encourage LEGO to build this series:

A dad on twitter (waves to Simon!) sent me a message about supporting this LEGO CUUSOO project so I took a look because my kids, but especially my daughter, love LEGO. Morning, noon, and night these kids play LEGO.

I clicked the link open, and found EXACTLY what I was looking for when I wrote to LEGO last year over my let down with the Friends sets (their second round was much improved).

Let me be clear — I would buy every one of these designs. For my kids, for my niece, for birthday party presents all year long. LEGO gets a lot of my money.

But LEGO needs to take a serious look at the gender equality in their sets, and in a girl power household like mine, LEGO Friends is okay but not the full package.

What Alatariel has done here? Her sets are amazing. AMAZING! I’ve reached out to her and am hoping to speak to her soon. In the meantime, her project needs 10,000 votes for LEGO to consider making it. Let’s do this.

Project Link:

1. Click “SUPPORT” button

2. Sign up your email to vote.

3. Hop over to your email to confirm, and then log in to support Alatariel’s fantastic project.

Three easy steps, a BIG way to advocate for our girls. This is exactly the kind of media the PPBB Community advocates for. Make this happen!

Being Choosy About Princesses

Someone asked me the other day why I hate princesses. I don’t hate princesses at all. I hate the way their stories are being told. I want a different narrative for my daughter.  I want princesses who don’t give away their voices or freedom, whose end game is marrying a prince. I want princesses who define their own stories, not sleep peacefully waiting for a magic kiss.

When I first picked up the Merida doll at the Disney Store (first ever purchase from there, 6.75 years into parenthood) I was annoyed Merida was in the dress she was stuffed into by her mother to await her fate and see who would win her hand. Darn it! I thought, that goes against the whole point of the movie. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the dress had been torn in the places Merida had needed to break free, loose her arrows, and determine her own fate. Purchased immediately!
Media aimed at my daughter will tell her to beautify herself, quiet herself down, and be well behaved. It will tell her to look a certain way and she’ll accomplish a huge feat in life – attracting a man. Whether she is four or fourteen or twenty four, this is the message media will try to send to her.
That’s just not how we roll. So it is not that I hate princesses. I’m just really choosy about the ones I introduce to her. Here are three princesses she received as gifts for her birthday last night – Cinder Edna, Princess Smartypants, and Merida.

Empowered princesses for my empowered girl.