A Thank You to Teachers

Dear Second Grade Teacher and Kindergarten Teacher,

Today you allowed my little girl to shine, and for that I am grateful. While she is a wild woman in situations where she feels comfortable, she has a lot of anxiety around school and specifically speaking in front of groups of people. Today you adjusted schedules and allowed her to walk down to her little brother’s kindergarten room and read to his class about a mouse who makes a mess in the kitchen.
Today was about more than just reading a story. You also helped her heart grow two sizes bigger, and while I appreciate the math problems and spelling words, it is the heart stuff I value the most. Because she’ll forget how to spell a word or what 9 x 8 is (who ever uses that one?), but she won’t forget the people who allowed her to do the things that made her feel brave and become bigger than her worries. That isn’t on any test and you won’t get the much deserved pay raises for it, but many times in life the best taught lessons cannot be quantified and because you are teachers I suspect you already know that.

So thank you, from the mom of a very proud second grade girl.

The post below has been shared over 1 million times this week and you’ve probably already seen it. But I wanted it to be a part of our community because it is just so, so good. If you’ve ever loved a teacher, if you’ve ever reached out to the lonely kid, or if you were the lonely kid, read this. And share it. Because this is the good stuff right here. This is what makes us better as people.

http://momastery.com/blog/2014/01/30/share-schools/ by Glennon Doyle Melton