There Are So Many Ways To Be A Girl

Pigtails Pals was launched almost three years ago with the idea that girls needed to be presented with more positive imagery and messages on apparel. I wanted images showing girls doing smart, daring, and adventurous things. With close to 25 girl-empowerment designs that have gone viral and been shipped all over the world, I feel really good about accomplishing what I set out to do. There is always room to do more….

I introduce today a new design that I’m really proud of. This design was created by our facebook community when I asked the question, “Tell me ALL of the different ways your daughter is a girl.” I took notes on all the descriptions given by our amazing parents — sports and dance and various shoe styles and artistic interests and messy hair and fancy pigtails and love of color. This design is YOUR girls, because my Pigtail community knows there are so many, SO MANY, amazing ways to be a girl.

You can purchase these tees HERE.

A brand new Pigtail Pals design!

Every single detail in this design (illustrated by my wonderful artist Katie) represents a girl in our Pigtail Pals community. There is no limit to who our girls can become, and having a girlhood rich in diverse experiences and friendships will show our daughters just how incredible this world is, and how much is out there waiting for them.

During the discussion, the idea was suggested that “little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything Full of Awesome”. One mom even posted a photo of her daughter, looking like a true Pigtail Pal: colorful outfit, hair messed from a hard day of play, and a big smile on her face. (Thank you, Penny Collins, I’ll be sending your little lady a gift tee!) I liked that phrase so much, I added it as a second option for this design!

A second version of our brand new design!

 I have more designs and some surprises coming out during our Birthday Week beginning May 6th, but I just couldn’t wait on these!

I hope you love them just as much as I do! And a huge thank you to Katie, my artist, for turning all of my notes and scratches into something beautiful for our girls!

You can purchase these tees HERE.

As always, these designs are offered in sizes Toddlers – Ladies, with fourteen color choices. Enjoy!!