Jess Weiner Gets Honest About Her Body

The smoking hot and healthy, Jess Weiner.

In an all-time first, I’m going to ask that all of you read an article in a beauty magazine. The reason being, I think a lot of women are not being honest with themselves about their health. We are getting so many mixed messages – a culture that prizes thinness, a media that warns about an obesity epidemic, a group of advocates teaching body acceptance, and our own inner voices, more often than not telling us we are not good enough.

The problem with all of this is that this is all focused on weight, and very little focuses on sustainable health. Most people who read this blog are women. A great many of us are mothers. I absolutely understand how easy it is to stop caring for yourself when you have a family and household and maybe a career that require so much from you. Even with all those demands on our shoulders…it isn’t a voucher to stop caring for the health or our bodies.
If we don’t have our health, we aren’t living as authentically as we should be. We aren’t caring as well for our families, giving as much as we can at work. I don’t want to live life at 88% or 52%. I want to be 100%. I want to raise my daughter and son to care for their healthy bodies, to eat nutritiously, enjoy exercise and sports, and be able to listen when their body tells them something is off.
So what happens when you are a well-known author and body image expert, and you realize your ‘body acceptance’ was actually putting your body at risk? While healthy human bodies can come in many shapes and sizes, that does not mean an individual body can be healthy at any size. When Jess Weinertook a trip to her trusted doctor and discovered she was at risk of being pre-diabetic, she got a big wake-up call.
Jess took the steps and life-style changes necessary to bring her cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides, and weight back to healthy numbers that allowed her body to function at its metabolic best. Because I know Jess well and watched her as she did this, I think that was the easy part….
Being honest about it, and going public with it, is a different story. Jess knew she would have critics. Jess knew she would have people who would say hurtful things. Jess published her body weight for the world to see, which I think is a number most women give way more importance to than is needed and would be scared to do.
But the thing is, Jess got honest and Jess got healthy. So here’s what I want to know…Can you?
Get fit, Mamas. Get healthy. Go to your doctor and get a check-up. Eat healthy. Exercise. Get yourself on in for that Pap smear. Make an appointment about that lump before another 6 months goes by. Go. To. The. Dentist. Be a health role model for your children.
Love yourself and let your family see it. Your daughters are watching, taking it all in. My hope is that you are leaving them a legacy of HEALTH.

Review: Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer

Judy Moody unveils her double rare idea for summer.

*Disclaimer – I am not a film critic and this review is going to be biased*

I’m always looking for media to show my five year old girl that has compelling female characters. They are few and far between, which is why I was so excited upon seeing previews for Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer. Amelia and I counted down the days until it was time for our date to the theater.
If you’ve read the books, you know the plot: Judy finishes 3rd grade and is all set for an amazing summer with her three best friends when half of her plan falls apart before it even starts. Add to that Judy’s parents announce they are traveling to California without her, and her Aunt Opal (who has just returned from traveling the world and living in Bali) is coming to take care of her and her little brother, Stink. Judy doesn’t take well to the news, but ultimately shifts her expectations and ends up having a marvelous time as she spends the summer days trying her best to earn Dare Points.
There is plenty of adventure, misadventure, imagination, vivid color and creativity, day dreaming, art, and lessons on friendship to keep your kiddies interested as they munch on their popcorn. There is real world issues like intense sibling rivalry, squabling between friends, and having feelings hurt. The film shows our main girl Judy sorting through all of this and going through some growing pains.
I think it is a great summer flick for ages 5-6 years old and up and here’s why:
  • Judy Moody is very much her own unique, creative individual
  • Through the entire film girls will see Judy’s imperfect hair, imperfect teeth, and mismatched perfect-for-a-10yo outfits
  • Judy Moody has the most interesting collection of socks I have ever seen
  • Judy Moody never shies away from adventure or getting dirty
  • We see strong friendships between boys and girls
  • Judy Moody goes frog catching, creek walking, Big Foot-trap building, and chases down an ice cream truck
  • Judy is shown failing at some of her grand plans several times
  • The entire film feels like an homage to the spirit of childhood, believing nothing is impossible and creating entire worlds of adventure
  • Aunt Opal is a messy, imperfect, understanding, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants world-traveling unconventional fun artistic aunt we don’t often see women portrayed as
  • Stink, the little brother, continues to adore Judy even when she isn’t very nice to him and his obsession with Big Foot and his little brother antics are pretty funny

In an age where we see very few girls carrying the lead in a summer adventure flick….In an age where a movie offers  girls having nothing to do with shopping, fashion, being mean to each other, or romance…..In an age where girls receive messages left and right to act perfect and look perfect at all times…..In an age where childhood creativity is boxed and sold as licensed characters or foam sticker “art” sets…..

Judy Moody is a refreshing change and feels like a cool, tall glass of summertime lemonade.

 Amelia and I found the movie to be for mega totally serious top-off-spaghetti double rare. I hope your family enjoys it too!