Wrong Pitch, Wrong Lady

When I started blogging about gender stereotypes and sexualization in childhood, I really didn’t understand how deeply I’d be diving into Raunch Culture. I never thought in my life I’d be exposed to this much porn, but I feel like in order to understand this pestilence, I have to get to the root of the source. Because I write about corporate pedophilia, there are post tags on my blog like “kiddie lingerie”, “g-strings”, “crotchless panties”, “pornography”, etc. all relating to products made for and sold to children. That alone should make your head explode.

But those keywords cause companies disinterested in doing any marketing research to send me pitches like this:

Sexy clothes are still rage of the for today’s young generation. No matter where you are sex appeal stays in constant demand.
Our site provides a huge selection of sexy wear uniquely suited for readers in search of erotic attire. A review of our product line may offer subject matter that could be of interest to your readers.
We could work out a affiliate agreement that would give your site a percentage of the sales your link generates.
Eddie Fowlks,

I have no problem with grown women celebrating and enjoying their sexuality, and I have no problem with adult lingerie or erotica. I do have a problem when it sounds like a company is trying to sexualize the “young generation” with their adult products. Sex appeal stays in constant demand because that is the marker with which our culture measures women. But when that marker trickles down into girlhood, when we blur that line of taboo by rushing our girls to be sexy and infantilizing our women to look like prepubescent girls, there becomes this continuum that sends girls and women the message that their only job is to be hot, young, and fuckable.

I think we are worth so. much. more.

Maybe Polethongs.com should do some research before they gob up my Inbox with a product that clearly has no fit on my blog. I do not support the commercial sex industry. I don’t do reviews of stripper wear. And I don’t have any problem publicly exposing companies that try to sexualize, exploit, and harm our children.

Wrong pitch, wrong lady.