TOMS Reacts With Lightning Speed to Consumers Voicing Concern Over Gendered Messages

This morning @morandifan1 tweeted a photo to me of a troubling message from the usually progressive brand TOMS. On their website’s kids landing page was a trio of three photos, one suggesting boys’ “Playtime Approved” shoes and the other suggesting to “Little Ladies: adorn their feet for spring” with a bubble gum pink background.

TOMS original landing page.

TOMS original landing page.

Girls are definitely more than adornment. Thanks @morandifan1 for using your voice to call this out.

On the PPBB Facebook page I posted:

Really, TOMS? Girls are not ornaments we adorn. Girls play, too!

Your website says, “A simple idea can make a big difference.” Here’s a simple idea for you: Please regard girls’ feet as the vehicles for climbing, running, jumping, chasing, twirling, skidding, sliding, and tumbling. Girls are children, active, wild and full of energy. Little girls’ feet do the very same things little boys’ feet do.

See girls for the instruments they are, not the ornaments our culture tells them to be!

TOMS post


That was at 1:15pm or thereabouts, you can read the thread here. I also sent out a similar tweet around the same time:

TOMS tweet
In no less than two hours TOMS had responded on the PPBB Facebook page with this statement:



The update to their website now reflects a more gender inclusive message, inviting customers to check out “new arrivals for kids”. A marked improvement from the earlier suggestion that boys do playtime while girls sit pretty. We know that message doesn’t align with TOMS branding or how they view their customers, and I was so pleased to see how quickly they acted once made aware of the misstep.

Pink shoes, patterned shoes, glitter shoes, ice cream shoes, rhino shoes, stars & stripes shoes…..thank you for making all shoes for all kids and recognizing girls AND boys like dress up shoes and playtime shoes. Thanks TOMS!

The update to the TOMS website this afternoon.

The update to the TOMS website this afternoon.


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